January 11th, 2007

Fatty Goldfish

odd question here...

all moralities against self change and plastic surgery aside,

does anyone know if there is a procedure to get rid of ones gag reflex?

scince and medicine today can make a man a woman, change your nose, make your tounge longer or shorter, correct your eyesight, remove all your hair, and even staple your stomach.
it makes sense to me that there MUST be a procedure out there that can get rid of, or at least dumb down, ones gag reflex.

ive always had a rather powerful gag reflex, to the point at which sometimes i cannot swallow food, or feel like ive forgotted how to swallow without gagging!

i have always been curious about this, and would like to know what you guys think ^ ^

hope to hear some good answers :3

just a heads up, regardless of wether or not i want to GET the procedure done, ive already looked into hypnosis, meditation, sword swallowing, the like.

im really JUST interested in the actual medical procedure in which they RENOVE the reflex, in full, or partially.

all the websites google has been turning up are on OTHER medical procedures, where the gag reflex is just a biproduct of something else, and isnt being very helpful *shakes finger at google*~

anyone got any MORE ideas?..
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I’ll be going back to school this fall, I’m interested in becoming a dental hygienist. PCC, Mt. Hood, and Clark College all have dental hygiene programs, but I need to take my required courses first. I’m wondering if any of you had any opinions of any of these schools? Which school would you attend? Should I take my required courses at one school and then apply for the dental program at another school? Any advice is appreciated!
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HELP!!! Desperately seeking milk crates!!! Oh please help!!!

Okay, I know this sounds silly, but I'm desperately seeking milk crates, both square and rectangle...

Here's the thin, I just moved into an apartment and I have no furniture, and I'm a rather gypsy-ish sort of person, moving and traveling a lot and I'm also addicted to books so... What better furniture than milk crates, you can use them as book shelves and dressers and night stands, etc. and when you're ready to move again it's a simple matter of ensuring that all the breakables are properly protected, turn it on it's side and away you go...

So... if you know any secrets to finding, or better yet people hoping to get rid of milk crates, please please let me know. I live in NW and don't have a car or anything at the moment so... but... if you have any advice, oh please please let me know... I'd really like to get everything off the floor...

Thanks :)
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I checked memories and search. I saw pics of the chips at that place on Alberta from over a year ago, not what I want.

I want chips. GOOD chips. I want chips like at the Irish Bank, in San Francisco, where they come with salt already on them in long rectangular shapes, not wedges. Even better if they offer them with curry on the side.

Edinburgh Castle, also in San Fran, runs a close second here. Why are they all SOUTH? FEH!

Light, crispy chips with goodness inside and if a few are a little soggy on the bottom, all the better.

Not thick cut like Horses Brass.

Anywhere in the Portland area you love the chips? Share with me!

And yes, it's way to early to be up obsessing on this.

uptight broads

So I posted an ad on Craigslist for babysitting, and some bitch emailed me saying that she forwarded my ad to the state department to see if I was liscenced; she said:

" ...You may want to know that it is illegial* to watch children and NOT be a licensed child care provider. We do not want some freaky person in our house who is not licensed.What is your full name and phone number and your registry number with the State of Oregon?
We are forwarding your email to the State of Oregon to contact Craigs list to make sure your are licensed.. "

It's babysitting, you stupid stupid cunt. 15 year olds have been doing it for below minimum wage under the table for years, since the age of cave men and cave babysitters. I am forwarding your email to the State of Stick Up the Ass.

Anyway. Should I be worried about this? I'm pretty sure the state/craigslist has better things to do than worry about my post, like the craigslist prostitution and whatnot. I'm not starting a sweatshop front/bootleg babysitting enterprise, I'm just a wide eyed college student looking for work. Geez. I do not intend on replying to her email.

edit: I know she is probably has nothing better to do than uselessly patrol craigslist and get all net vigallante up on my ass.

*she spelled it wrong, not me.
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Snow post... my first ever

So my boyfriend is having a fit about me driving in the 'weather'. We live up on Mt. Scott - on the West side, 112th and Flavel, basically. So has anyone driven down that unruly hill yet? You know, 110th, or whatever it is - goes past the cemetery, U pull it, some tattoo shop, and a mini mart - takes you right down to Foster. Anyway, if I can get a first hand account of what that hill is like he'll cool his jets. Thanks in advance.
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got snow?

Well, I for one, like the snow posts. Those of you that don't feel free to scroll on by...

So here's an invitation to post your snow pictures! Comment with your favorites from today!
Here are some of mine. (Oh, and we're out in Troutdale - I hear there was less and less snow as you got closer in?)

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Comet McNaught

"Watch for comet tonight over Portland
Northwest sky watchers may get a view this evening and Friday night of the brightest comet in 30 years.

With clear skies expected, Comet McNaught should be visible with the naked eye low in the west-southwest sky after sunset, which is a few minutes before 5 p.m. Binoculars will enhance the view, which will last about an hour.

The comet is below and to the right of the planet Venus, the largest bright object in the sky. A clear view of the western horizon is essential, as the comet is only about 10 degrees above the horizon – the equivalent of a fist held at arm’s length.

The comet will disappear after Friday as it rounds the sun.

Visit http://spaceweather.com for photos and updates. "

Portland: Women & Trans D.I.Y. Eating Disorder Support Group

This is a non-professional, non-hierarchal discussion/support group for people in
all stages of recovery. What we hope to achieve with this group is to have a place
of support where we can be honest about these issues without fear of judgement
and/or ridicule. Strictly confidential, anonymity is respected. Open to everyone
who feels like this speaks to them, regardless of gender or sexual orientation.
Open to all body types.

This is a radical group, meaning totally do-it-yrself and unprofessional, but this
is not an activist group. Our first session will be Sunday, January 21, 2007. If
you would like to RSVP or need more information, please e-mail jenny@notsorry.org

Please re-post this to anyone interested or tell your friends.


There's been a plume of heavy smoke billowing out of *something* all day, just north of St. John's, I think. It's a lovely shade of dark blue-grey-brown, and is drifting south-east. Anyone know what this is? I've never noticed it before.

EDIT: My husband has informed me that I'm an idiot and the smoke is there every day. Must just have been the direction the wind was blowing today that made it catch my eye. Still, I wonder what it's from.


For those damnportlanders who use Netflix, how long does it take to get a DVD once you order it? Are there any surprises/things to watch out for?

*Edit* Has anyone used RentAnime.com before?

Portland, Here I Come!

I shall be leaving my native Minneapolis to visit your fair city in March. I was just wondering if I could get any advice from the locals in regards to:

1. Cool thrift and second-hand clothing stores (nothing too expensive)
2. Interesting neighborhoods
3. Gems of the city - i.e. your favorite places - aquarium, gardens, museums, sculptures, stores, restaurants, cafes etc.
4. Where could I find a list of shows or cultural events happening.
5. Lastly, how is the public transit there?

Thanks a lot. I really appreciate it.
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Animated Kitty :)

MLK day!

So, I'm off work for MLK day next week, and I was wondering if there are any free activities going on in Portland that day. I called the Art Museum to see if they're doing another free day like last year, but I was told no. Any other ideas? Free and/or cheap ideas are appreciated!


Sir Mix-A-Lot

Now that we are all euphoric over ZOMGFSNOW!!! and Prez. Bush's address, it's time to get your love on :) Yessiree Bob, I need DP jukebox lovin' folks to help me spin some tracks. I have long forgotten the fine art of making a mix tape and my skills are rusty. I plan on gifting a new lady friend tunes that will make her giddy with excitement. Soo...what tunes would you risk your loverboy/girl rep on and put on tape for posterity for your baby boo? Lend me your ideas...funny, cute, sappy....the best of the best,baby! All you guys get a big hi five :)
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So... the check engine light in my console popped on today. I recall an auto place that would check the code that triggerd the alarm for free but I don't remember the name. Anyone know? I'd rather go there first since my dealership charges $80 for that service (despite the fact that my car is still under full warranty, those assholes).

Horns Smirk

Thankful Thursdays, Portland-Style!

I'm in New York City this week. As much as I love being here in the Big Apple, there are some things about Portland that makes me glad that I live in the Rose City....

1. Abundant bike racks located throughout the city.

2. Realizing that most Portland bars carry more than two local microbrews on tap (although I did enjoy the pint of Brooklyn Ale).

3. Relatively affordable rent and housing prices--even in spendier parts of the city.

4. Having nationally-renowned music scene (imagine my surprise when I saw a poster for the Decemberists on the front door of an indie record shop in the West Village)....

5. Awesome damnportlanders who are feeding and taking care of my cats while I am on vacation.

6. Buster's Biscuits from Foster & Dobbs artisan gourmet store--they make wonderful gifts for Manhattan dog owners!

7. Availability of many fine Pacific Northwest wines in Portland area (the hosts here loved the bottle of Dunham Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon)....
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Art Emergency!

Hey there DPers, I need some help. Where in Portland (preferably in SE) can I find lots and lots and lots of colored feathers sold for a low price? They can be chicken feathers, turkey feathers, peacock feathers any type of feathers (but not down...too useless for my purposes) I've looked on the Oriental Trading Co. web site, but i'd really like to look at said feathers before I purchase them if possible. Help!


I was just posting to let you guys know that there is a really cool (new) site out there called Brickfish, and I really think you should check it out. Every month this site hosts several different types of contests to bring out the inner artist in each user, and the prizes are fantastic. It is easy to sign up, and lots of fun to use. The site has just been redesigned, so it is also very easy to navigate.

To sign up, click the picture (of their logo), or the link.

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Shane *Drool*


To all damnportlanders,

If you wanted to purchase a nice, sleek motorcycle that was easy to ride, and had sufficiently good gas mileage, which brand/model would you purchase [under $6,500]? Dealers in the Oregon area to buy/not buy from?

Also, what would be the easiest way to "learn" how do ride a motorcycle? Classes? People you know?

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