January 10th, 2007


Free Wii

If you still haven't been able to find a wii. Well here you go, I provide you a link to get a Wii for free. These Wiis do work, come with at least 1 game, 1+ controller(s). If you're really in the market I'm sure you could find a few more items such as TVs, computers, cash, jewelery, human organs.

Act now before they are all gone!

Free Local Wii
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Right turns.

I can't tell you how many times driving in this fair city (ok, mostly out in Gresham/east side) people turn right from the left half of the right lane (usually without even using a signal).

Please if you currently do not, Pull as close as you can to the right curb before you begin to decelerate for the right turn (and as long as there are no bikes or pedestrians in your way). This allows those who are traveling in the right lane who happen to be continuing forward to pass you while you decelerate for your turn. Likewise, if you are in the right lane, intending to travel forward whilst coming to a red light, please stop your car in the far-left part of the lane. This lets right-turning cars (if there is room in the lane) to have the room to turn right after their red-light stop.

These rules allow for good traffic flow and happy drivers. Think about your role in a system, and how you can make that system work better for all of us. It's what your mom would want you to do.

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Meetup Update

Per this poll, this month's meetups will be on Saturday, January 20th and Tuesday, January 30th!

Mid-Month Meetup: Saturday January 20th, 7pm, location TBA. (PLEASE nominate locations. I'm leaving town Sunday so I may or may not be able to check them out, but I'll do my best!)

Regular Meetup: Tuesday January 30th, 7pm, McMenamins Tavern and Pool.

I'll post other reminders for them later, but just in case anyone was trying to save space for this coming weekend...^^;

Internets help

So, I ordered three t shirts for gifts from www.threadless.com. They should have arrived days ago but have never showed up. I also never got my confirmation email from them with the order tracking number and stuff. However, they did take the $$$ from my account for the order. So when the stuff never showed up I wrote them an email (they don't have phone support apparently, awesome) asking what to do. It says they will respond within three days, which never happened, so I wrote another email. I have yet to hear anything and am getting kind of pissed. I have friends who have ordered from them before and not had any problems and received good customer service, so its a little weird I'm not getting any help. My question is- what can a person do if an internet company takes their money and never deliv

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US House passed Minimum Wage Increase. Going to Senate Next.

If it passes, it will raise from $5.15 to $7.25/hour.

If Oregon keeps it's current $2.65 state minimum wage bonus, I assume that would put Oregon Minimum Wage at $9.90/hr. Nearly $20K/yr minimum.

Anyone want to discuss this? I've mixed feelings about this. I see a lot of small businesses going under, gas being $4/gallon, and milk costing $5/gallon.

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Bush is speaking at 6pm (about an hour), does anyone know where I can find a copy of the Dubya Speech Drinking game?
I only found the site for his State of the Union in two weeks here: http://www.drinkinggame.us/
The other google links are all stupid and bloggish.

Why do I want to drink?
"President Bush will tell the nation Wednesday night he will send 21,500 additional American forces to Iraq, acknowledging that it was a mistake earlier not to have more American and Iraqi troops fighting the war."1

That's why.
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Winco Winco!!

THANK YOU danpruiz

My family occasionally sends me gift cards for food and such, since I'm on a super tight income. While I completely appreciate and love the fact that they are helping, I have some more immediate concerns (ie: gasoline, and petty cash for a few small items that are needed NOW) that a Winco card won't help with.

The card is worth $50.00 (and I would be more than happy to go down there and get a receipt showing the amount) and I am hoping that there is someone that shops Winco regularly and wouldn't mind trading card for cash.

My job and my son thank you!! :)

(OP located in NE/Parkrose area - willing to meet in a mutually convenient spot)


this is pretty much verbatim from a craigslist ad i posted. anyone?

"hey, i just started picking up the accordion, but i don't have one of my own. but i want one like nobody's business. trouble is there's no way i can afford it anytime soon. hopefully there's magically someone out there who has a lovely instrument gathering dust, and they're in need of some service i can provide...such as sewing, drawing, or painting, maybe work for trade, maybe you really like bath and body products (cause i got the hook-up on that shit), maybe you really want a glockenspiel/'xylophone' (i really love my glockenspiel but would trade it for an accordion in a heartbeat), i don't know, you have any ideas?
i'm really good with my hands, real artsy-crafty and all that.
so yeah. if you have an accordion you don't want. WRITE TO ME, FOR GOODNESS SAKE!"

State of the Union

40 years ago today, LBJ had a SOTU address in which he talked about the continuing war in Vietnam and sending more troops to win that war. At that point, 7,917 Americans had died over there. In the years following, 50,285 more Americans would be killed before we finally pulled out. This sucks...

dont drink and ride

im trying to see if there is any place/school/facility that offers beer brewing classes. and i mean..classES. like a series or something. i want to get serious about it and i've tried looking for community classes but cant find any.

do you know?

and also, same line of questioning on bike repair and maintenance. im looking for idiot instruction and class type setting. the whole question and answer thing did work that well since i was asking ridiculous questions that i should know the answer to but dont.

its hard to be so DIY sometimes.