January 9th, 2007

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reading about Paul Allen has made me interested in local (portland mostly) 'elite'. mcmenamins is the only other name I know about, as I'm trying to get my parents to stay in the kennedy hotel when they visit, instead of the econolodge.

who else is a "VIP" in that um, bracket?... regard?... I don't know. you sort of see what I mean, hopefully. this would include the shins, I think, if we're not talking STRICT money-power. etc.

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I'm looking for some help finding some resources. Here's the deal... I have a job. A decent job, but I don't particularly enjoy it and I'm looking to make a change to something better.

I make decent money doing what I do, but the hours suck. I work 11 hours with a 45 minute commute each direction. Right now it's ok.. because my children are only 2 and 1. But in a few years from now, they'll have after school stuff and I'd like to be closer for that.

I'd like do some research, find a job that I could work towards, maybe get some education over the next few years and plan on making the change in say... 5 years or so.

Where can a person go, or who could a person talk to, to research different careers, and what jobs do what, and to discuss jobs in particular areas. I'm thinking like a career counselor or something like that.

Any ideas, thoughts, or resources?

I work in Beaverton, so anything on that side of town would be best.

Mount Tabor Apartments?

Hi DP-ers:

This is kind of a long shot but I am wondering if anyone here lives/has lived at the Mt Tabor Apartments on 50th/Hawthorne? If so, would you mind emailing me the manager's phone number? It isn't listed anywhere I can find, and I would like to see if there are any openings in the building.

autumn_aquamarine at yahoo dot com

Thanks much!
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Finding apartments close to downtown

Hi there,

I'm looking for an apartment that is close to downtown...I'm only willing to drive 15 minutes to downtown, that is below $600/month for a one bedroom apartment. NO roommates. I do not care which direction of Portland it is, as long as it's 5-15 minute drive to downtown. I figure DamnPortlanders has such a huge network, maybe at least one person may know of an apartment available =) I'll keep checking Craigs...

Insect bites?

Does anyone know of a good website or resource to identify insect bites? I keep getting bitten by *something* in little clusters on my legs and back/butt (yeah, awesome) but it hurts and swells more than flea bites or something like that. I feared bed bugs, but we scoured the entire house and pulled up the mattress with no evidence of this.

Alternately, has anyone experienced this kind of biting before, and know what it might be?
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Free stuff, anyone?

EDIT: Holy crap, you guys are fast. In less than half an hour the porch was decimated. Someone even took the cheese! Yum! :) Thanks!

My housemate and I are moving and we have lots of free stuff on our porch that has to go. Lots of clothes hangars, some shoes, cd boom box, a laundry basket, some computer bits, a bunch of metal/glass picture frames, a tea kettle, a little white shelf, bedding, kitchen goods (food, spices, even cheese!), and more. We'll be setting out stuff until dusk. I don't want to waste this stuff and throw it out, so stop on by and pick it up ;)

Rain on snow?

So, as you are probably aware, Portland is in for some snow tomorrow.

And it will remain cool and snowing for a few days.

After which it will warm up.

Does anyone think we could have a rain-on-snow event? Such as the infamous 1996 floods?

It isn't scheduled to rain that much next week, so it probably won't be that big, but if we do have rain, it could definetely melt at least some of the snow and cause floodings.

In other words... OMGZ, end of teh world! Stock up on bottled water!

OMG etc.

Snow Advisory
(Expires: Wednesday January 10   6:00PM PST)
greater portland metro area-central willamette valley

...snow advisory in effect from 6 am to 6 pm pst wednesday for 
the coast range...inland valleys...columbia gorge...and cascade 

the national weather service in portland has issued a snow
advisory...which is in effect from 6 am to 6 pm pst wednesday. 

rain will turn to snow wednesday morning as colder arctic air
invades southwestern washington and northwestern oregon.
accumulations of one to two inches are likely above 500 feet...and
local accumulations of an inch are likely in lowest valley

a snow advisory means that periods of snow will cause primarily
travel difficulties. be prepared for snow covered roads and
limited visibilities...and use caution while driving.
Fatty Goldfish


doubtful, but is any reliable person here heading BACK from eugene to p-town this friday night, or saturday?

i have a friend that would really appreciate a ride back, as she has not been to ptown in ages~

please respond!
shut up brain

Help me!?

My lj entries are full of errors as of late. Well, ok...more than usual because of something that is not my fault. My computer is doing this hiccupping thing where all of a sudden it jumps back several words and I start entering text wherever the cursor lands.

Here is an example: I'll keep typin t does! see there it just did it! g until it does it again and you will see exactly what

And it's not just in LJ, it's in every program where you can type text. This makes writing my grad skool papers not so fun.

Does anybody happen to know what is wrong?? How to fix it?



WHY are they saying it's going to snow. its 38 degrees. 38! Are the clouds just going to take a big snow dump on us? i dont understand! Nonsense! all nonsense! i live in hillsboro btw, so if you have gotten snow...i havent.