January 8th, 2007

Room avaiable in SE!

We are a household of laid-back and creative 20-30-somethings with a room available! The house itself is huge, with common living/dining areas downstairs (with a fireplace!), a spacious kitchen, and huge unfinished basement that is used for storage and art space. We have a small backyard with some space that can be used for gardening. We are near 45th & Holgate, right on the #17 busline and a half-hour bike ride from downtown.

The room is spacious, with a hardwood floor and a large closet that has a built-in chest of drawers. It is downstairs, and next to one of the two bathrooms (each is shared by two people). Our house is never short on storage space.

What we are looking for: We are looking for someone in the 22-35 age range, who is financially stable and low-key. We are a house of cyclists, and would love another person that’s not super into cars. We watch movies sometimes but are not big tv people. There is one pet, a bird named cleo who follows us around sometimes, but we are not looking for more pets at the moment. We like to think we are fun people, but we also are not into really loud music and big parties.

Our household is omnivorous with vegetarian leanings, and you must be ok with that and hopefully fit into that spectrum. We need someone who is open to a very wide range of lifestyles and belief systems, as we are a pretty diverse group. Someone who is queer/trans/poly friendly would be super cool. Liberal-to-radical politics will fit in here. We like feminists (female preferred).

Rent is $261.25 per month + utilities (gas, electric, water, dsl). The room is available February 1st. Email us if you are interested!
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This is a test...

...of the emergency snow alert system. This is only a test.

OOOOOOMG!!!1eleventy! SNoW!!!!!!!

If this had been an actual snow situation, this message would have been followed by complaining about Californians not being able to drive in the snow, about how ill-prepared Portland is versus other cities, and about how what just happened is nothing compared to snow in the Midwest/Northeast/mountains.

This concludes this test of the emergency snow alert system serving the damnportlanders community. We now return you to posts asking about where to get tattoos and where to eat late at night.
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COSMETIC dentistry?

I know a dental question was just asked, but this is different.

Has anyone here gotten any cosmetic dentistry done, such as Invisalign, Lumineers/Veneers, and whitening?

If so, can you recommend any dental offices that you really liked and had a good experience with?

Was it horrendously expensive? =(

Thank you!
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DUI diversion experiences

Anyone have any insight to the Diversion interview and treatment processes. I have an impending eval and would love to get people's take on the process and which programs they have had experience with. Also any clues/ insight into the evaluation interview would be awesome. This seems to be an elusive subject unless your a lawyer trolling for new clients (please, no lawyers trolling for new clients).

Feedback is much appreciated. Soapboxes are not.

Part-time housemate

One of my very favorite people has an intriguing living situation. She and her husband live out on the coast, but she works and lives here in PDX a few days a week. Her long-time housemate is finally shackin' up with her beau, and so my friend is looking for a part-time home. Here's the skinny:

  • Generally, I am in Portland 3 nights a week (Mon, Tue, Wed)

  • There are exceptions when I need to stay in more/different nights in a specific week

  • There are also times when I don’t come in at all – holidays, vacation, illness, whim

  • I pay 250/month (no utilities), but could go up to 300 if necessary

If you know anyone who might be interested in talking with her, drop me a comment here or an email via LJ and I'll put you in touch. I'm more than happy to vouch for her character and overall extraordinary coolness. :)
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textbook help - PSU Business classes

Hey DPers:

I need some books for school-- if you have taken these classes within the past year at Portland State, and they were the same instructor, I need the same textbooks. I'm willing to purchase them from you in cash, just let me know:

BA 326 "Working With People" (Dr. Tien Parsons)

BA 316 "Working with Customers" (Eichenberger)

BA 336 "Working with Information" (Cole)

Any help would be great; I have only been able to find brand new copies, and I would rather put cash in the hands of those who probably had to spend too much on them anyways (ain't I a saint???).

Thank you so much~
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meeting spaces

besides the multnomah county library branches (which aren't available), does anyone know of any meeting spaces where my non-profit group can meet to hold trainings? the dates we'd need the space are february 3 & 4, and 10 & 11, from 9:30am - 5pm.

thanks in advance!
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religious or otherwise gatherings

I grew up catholic, and lately I've been feeling a want of the mass experience again. but I didn't buy it then, and I don't now either, but the situation and symbolism and unity was powerful. the nondenominational and unitarian type things are really bland to me, in their efforts to be inclusive. what can I do for intense religious fervor? cult of pythagoras revival? sufi? orthodox? gnostic pentecostal something? thanks for your suggestions/testimonies.

How do you find a good doctor?

How do you find a good doctor who can working with you if you have something close to 5 or 6 different problems that are all impacting each other and revolve around pain? Any suggestions? My insurance company's listing of doc's doesn't really help that much and I have no idea how to find a doc I can trust who isn't going to push designer drugs that make the problems worse.
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(no subject)

***EDIT! I am flying JetBlue! Thank you for your awesome responses! Southwest partners with ATA...death waiting to happen***

JetBlue or Southwest?
Last time I flew Southwest to the east coast our luggage was lost. I have never flown JetBlue.
The prices are similar. Which one should I go with? Or are there other options?