January 7th, 2007



Tomorrow, for my 23rd birthday, my mom is going to buy me my first skateboard! Or longboard.

I am almost sure that I want a longboard. I have never bought one, and have never paid attention to where skate shops are.

The budget is somewhere around $100.

Where should we go? Where will be helpful and not make fun of me there with my mom, my dad, and my little sister?

What kind of skateboards should I be looking for? Anywhere I should avoid?
[I'll be asking more questions about skateboarding etiquette and other things in a couple weeks when it stops raining.]

Need a date?

One of my New Year's Resolutions is to go on a date.

Where should I frequent to find my date*?

I have been in Portland for almost 2 1/2 years but never wanted to find a date until now. That means I need my damnportlanders' help! : )

(*my date: A man who has a brain. A man who has nice teeth. A man who doesn't mind that I can drink beer and belch in front of him.)
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woa's, oh's and hell noes!11!1!!!1!!

This is a question for T-mobile employees, dealers customers etc....

I signed up for T-Mobile (I find it sickening that a company has the word "bile" in it). The dealer had to sign the 2 phones up  on the family plan with a 971 number because the activation can only handle one area code for the full activation.

Well I need a 206 area code because we need one Portland number for the Portland phone and one Seattle number for the Seattle phone.

The dealer said I could change it later. My billing address is in SEATTLE. They are trying to charge me $15 to change it!

Customer care told me to go back to the dealer- so now I have to treck back across town to do this.
I hate cellphones...and cellphone companies...
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Happy Hour.


I just got back into town, and well, lets face it. I miss the Yamhill Pub like a baby misses mother's milk.

So I'm heading down for Happy Hour at Ye' Ol' Yamhill Pub.

Anyone wanna come with?

Should be around... 4:30pm?
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Me and Kermit

Fencing? No not with swords....

Hey all - the windstorm last week (or so) was the last straw for my back fence. It's time to replace the thing. I'd like to use wood versus that white vinyl stuff. So here's the question: Any of youse guys had a fence put in or replaced? Who'd you use? I'm talking about 100 feet or so, and I'm not planning to do the work myself. Any recommendations would be helpful.

(no subject)

I can't believe I waited this long to ask, but here goes.

We have our Christmas tree still, and while it was pretty and all, it has now become quite dead(er than it was).

This is the first time i've had a Christmas tree here in Portland, and because of that i've never had to worry about disposal.


How do we get rid of it? Of course i'm looking for options that don't involve putting it in a car and driving it somewhere if possible. We live 30th and Hawthorne if that helps.

Irish Dance poodle socks

Any Irish dancers out there in Portland? Where you do buy your socks in town? I'd prefer competition length but any length should be fine for now...also preferably in adult sizes.
I know there are a few Irish and/or UK stores in town, but I don't want to drive around or call all of them. I'd like my pack of DP flyingmonkies to say "Hey, I KNOW there are socks to be had at xyz location."

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(no subject)

I'm from New Orleans, but I've contemplated moving to PDX for more than a decade now. Since Katrina, the urge has gotten more and more pressing.

So, I'm curious.

As a carnivorous, potty-mouthed smoker with middle-of-the-road politics and a conservative lean on some issues, how much of an outcast would I be up there?

I like to hang with the "cool" kids.

Also, I do arts/crafts markets down here for my handmade jewelry and other stuff. Is there anyone in the community that has a craft business that could (please!) give me some pointers or at least tell me what to expect? I've checked out the Saturday Market website, but that's as far as I've gotten. I'm also interested in knowing about the smaller, indie craft shows.

Thanks, all.
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long term stays/subletting

My parents (late 50s) want to come visit me in Portland this summer and stay for a month. My house is too small for them to stay with us, so they are interested in renting a cabin/house or some other furnished place that is reasonably close-in so we can easily get together, but they also want to do things like play golf. Are there any places that fit the bill that I could look into for them?

I also live pretty close to U of P, and my mom asked "well, don't people go home for the summer and need to sublet?" So I guess that would also be a possiblity.

I don't know who else to ask about this! Thanks, DP!
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(no subject)

I spent time with some hardcore - Costco-shopping, plasma TV buying, SUV-driving, football-watching, lifeless and confused and zombied (the last 3 are my main focus) - suburbanites this weekend. And let me tell you something.

I love living in this city. I love standing with 10 other bicyclists at bridge lifts. I love sitting behind someone at a restaurant who says "it's OK" and accepts a botched meal. I love people who don't loop around parking lots 50 times looking for "a good spot". I love seeing dreds, and nose rings, and stripey socks, and classy trenchcoats, and even the droopy emo kids. I love old black men in fedoras at the Safeway, and Dykes on Bikes, and smelly hippies dancing down the sidewalk. I love eating somewhere besides Shari's at 1 in the morning. I love walking through downtown with you all because you weren't too scared to come.

My God. I don't know how some of these people don't just turn to goo and slide into a storm drain somewhere. And yes, even if they get mixed in with the raw sewage and nutria somewhere down the line, and all the people I described above are legally insane, and the tram crumbles - and this post sounds overly pretentious and I get flamed until I die - I still love Portland.

Just had to share.

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Acoustic Guitar help needed

Dear DP,
I need your help. I know many of you play acoustic guitar. I'm a complete n00b at playing the guitar. Therefore I am taking a class. It, of course, requires that I bring a guitar. I don't want to spend much...because, well, I don't have much to spend. I was looking on craigslist for acoustic guitars with cases. In fact if any of you are selling one, drop a note. I quickly realized that I don't know a damn thing about buying an acoustic guitar. I have about $150 to give towards one, but there are terms like "cutaway" I don't understand. And then some are a lot more than others. Some have nylons strings.

My head hurts....

Would you be so kind as to tell me, a n00b, what things to look for in getting an acoustic guitar and why/how one can tell it is worth $150 vs $500. I assume the sound is cleaner the more money you pay? But why? Is it the wood, the construction, the strings.

In short, what do I look for when buying an acoustic guitar? Or, what are the pitfalls?

Please help....

Wannabe rocker without a clue

Sun Sphere

I have decided to join the twentieth century and learn how to operate a vehicle with an internal combustion engine. Can anyone suggest a driving school? I already know the basics (I drove across the country in April) but I need practice for city driving.

Alternately, tips on a motorcycle lessons school would also be useful.
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Mid-Month and Regular Meetup Poll

Okay guys, here's the deal: I have not had time to check out east-side pubs/restaurants for this month's mid-month meetup. (Sorry! I just started a new job!) So this month, mid-month meetup will be at McMenamins.

Deal part II: I missed last month's regular meetup because I was out of town, and this month's meetup happens while I'm out of town again!

I hate missing meetup! ;) So here's the bribe: if we push back the mid-month meetup AND regular meetup by one week, I can try and find an east-side place to have it at (I have a couple of leads to try out). We have an extra Tuesday this month, so that puts regular meetup on Jan. 30th. Note that if mid-month meetup is the weekend of the 20th, I will miss it instead of regular meetup. ^^;;

Or we can have mid-month the weekend of the 13th and meetup on the 23rd as would be normalish, both at McMenamins. It is up to you.

If you care, check all the dates you can do mid-month meetup and then post your opinion in the poll under the cut. ^_^; Sorry for the confusion and difficulty. My life is in mild upheaval because I am having to spend half of this month in Texas! o.O;

Collapse )

Note that I can't reserve tables at McMenamins on weekends, so we'll just have to try our luck if y'all go that route.
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(no subject)

Okay, does anybody know what that crazy music was from in tonight's episode of the Simpsons? That mystical/whimsical/fantasy-like tune that kept playing. The roommate, his girlfriend, and I can't figure it out and it's driving us nuts. Help, someone, please, the Burger King commercial playing right now is just making us more depressed.

T-More bull sh*t

I had to go to the dealer regarding my phone issue.

They said they couldn't give me a 971 and a 206 on the family plan because of rate plan in different states bla bla bla.

So both of our phones are now 206's. ARGH. At least they didn't charge us to change our numbers- seeing that the billing address is in a 206 area.

I'll live,  but man ...douchebagery at its finest.

Thanks for all the comment-0's. I just don't believe I sold my bung for TWO years. Hopefully they don't ass rape me when I move back to Portland and need a 503 or 971.
Another question:

I have the Sidekick3. Is it normal to keep getting updates? I've had about 6 since I got my phone 3 days ago. Also- why does my phone fry all the info I stored on it when I remove the battery? No I am not removing the battery when it is updating. It would freeze on the sleep/wallpaper screen so I had to take out the battery and put it back in to unfreeze it.

I finally decided to store my contacts on the SIM..but now when I am on the address book icon it says you have "27" contacts but I haven't put that many names in my phone.

Why do our ring tone selection suck?!

Thanks beautiful people of imPortlandia.
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Looking for house to rent in Beaverton

So, denizens of DP...the boyfriend, two roomies and I are looking for move into a house in Beaverton. I've been checking all the usual suspects (Craigslist, newspaper, etc), but thought I would see if the infinite wisdom of this comm would be able to help. We're looking for a 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath house (not apartment, maaaaaybe a townhouse or condo) in Beaverton, within a mile or so of the MAX (somewhere between Sunset TC and Elmonica), with all major appliances including washer and dryer, that has a fenced yard and would accept our two cats and very well-behaved 55 pound greyhound, for under $1400 a month. We'd prefer a decent size, and one roomie (DP's own stud, xplo_eristotle) wants a gourmet kitchen. None of us smoke or do drugs and we don't have loud parties - our addictions of choice consist of tabletop, PC and console games. We're looking to move in around the first half of March.

So, does anyone know of any housing fitting that bill? Does this seem reasonable? Thanks~