January 4th, 2007

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Old post search

I spent a bit of time going through old posts on DP and couldn't find the one I wanted.

I'm looking for the post about messenger bags. I know about Chrome, but there were a couple of others that I thought the bags looked like it was designed better.

Any suggestions?

Or can someone show me if there is a way to search older posts via keyword?
Rio Dayglo Drinks

Thankful Thursdays, Portland-Style!

1. Having the opportunity to check out the now-defunct The Rose and Raindrop eatery twice last week with awesome damnportlanders before they closed their doors permanently.

2. Receiving lots of useful advice from damnportlanders friends regarding my new interest and dedication to maintaining fitness and working out.

3. Drivers who actually wait for bicyclists to pass through the bicycle lane before turning right into the lane (hey, I'm really thankful for these little things!).

4. The tangy and visually delectable (vegetarian) Panzanella salad at the Sapphire Hotel.

5. Being able to put my bicycle on the front-rack of Tri-Met buses on heavy rain days (and the helpful and patient Tri-Met bus driver on 14 Hawthorne who assisted me while I took forever for my newbie ass to fold out the bike rack on the bus and to secure my bike).
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Carmen San Diego

You guys are AWESOME and HELPFUL!!

So my next question is...does anyone know of or are participating in a writing group?

Specifically I'm looking for something not super laid back, but not a group that is only interested in publishing.
Critique is a plus but not absolutely necessary.
I would prefer a smaller group, if possible.
A group that meets downtown, SE or SW would be nice.

Ok just throw me anything you have. I participated in a now-defunct group a couple of years back and I really miss it.
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i have 2 electric guitars, and one acoustic electric---and all of them are having problems...ELECTRICALLY. seriously.

question is: where can i get these guitars fixed for cheap?

p.s. i know for 2 guitars the wires are just a bit loose. so i know that shouldn't cost too much.
  • jfboyd

NE Apartment hunting

Heyh DP'ers,

We're coming to the end of our first lease and are looking to move to the northeast, preferably around Burnside or Broadway, and no further east than 65th. The catch is that we don't want to spend more than $625/mo. for a 1-bedroom, and we've got a cat. Anyone have some wisdom on good places to check out that are safe, secure and won't break our bank? Alternately, is Mt. Tabor any good? Any advice is good advice.
  • smala17

(no subject)

There's a random structure on the NW corner of 9th & Morrison downtown... It looks like the entrance to a subway or underground public transportation stop, but as far as I know, Portland has never had such a thing. It's a glass shelter with white accents and the "stairs" (presumably) are boarded up and blocked off. Does anyone know what this is? My curiosity is killing me, and I can't find anything about it online.
tiny little super guy


Has anyone here taken Advanced, Real-World Spanish through Current Events through PCC's non-credit classes? If so, did you think it was worth the cost? Have you taken any of the other non-credit, advanced Spanish classes at PCC? I'm pretty fluent in Spanish, but I want to improve my vocabulary and maintain the skills I have. I haven't had success with free community groups. I'm looking for something a bit more structured and with people who are not beginners. (It's not that I don't appreciate beginners, that's just not what I'm looking for right now!)
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i have convinced 3 of my brain damaged friends to cough up their hard earned cash and we have rescued cyclops from folded business hell!
i have been a card flopper, dice chucker and thumb twiddler (vid games) at various times so this was a natural fit for us.
please stop by and check out my cool hat and give us some damnportlander love!
we are on 45th and woodstock in s.e. portland. our phone is in transition but we are open
noon to 7 most days and later if the tournement is going on!