January 2nd, 2007

Travel Agents and other things

So I got engaged recently, damnportlanders (whee!) and I'm trying to find a good travel agent who will work with a tight budget to do a possibly museum-y honeymoon in New York. Anyone had any good experiences with any in town?


Good reception halls for cheap? Other ideas for big places where people can hang out for a post-wedding party? Preferably indoors since it might be...Oregon-y outside on that day.


Banks that give good loans to people with bad credit. Do they exist?

thanks kiddos


What's the best place to buy a futon mattress and have it delivered if it's too big for me to handle by myself?

Also, the same question for an inexpensive but sturdy table. And some cat toys, minus the delivery part.
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Hotel with hourly rates?

Anyone know of any hotels in the Beaverton area with hourly rates? An old flame of mine will be coming into town, and I need somewhere to take her. I can't do it at my place because my roommate is always home, and can't do it at her place because her parents are always home. I don't really have the money to pay for a full night at a hotel.

beef patties and a vw

no, not the kind that you find on hamburgers, but the delicious, jamaican variety. i know finding colombian food in this town is a bust, but does anyone know where i can find glorious beef patties fresh or frozen?

also, i'm selling my 1987 vw cabriolet. info behind the cut.

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(no subject)

Hi all! I'm from Las Vegas and will be visiting Portland for the first time this weekend.
The main reason I'm going is to tour the PSU campus, but I thought I would ask if you guys could recommend any other cool stuff I should check out around downtown. What record/movie stores I should look at? Any antique stores my parents would like? Any neat tourist attractions I shouldn't miss?

Also, how easy is it to figure out the public transportation system? I'm kinda scared I'm going to get lost! Any tips, or should I be fine?
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web design

Okay, I'm willing to pay. 

I have an erotica site that needs a major overhaul. I need it put into .php story script (like e-fiction)  with a coppermine or singapore gallery, a BBS, chatroom and a couple of different skins for it. I'm totally willing to do the grunt work in uploading stuff once it's designed but I have no idea how to begin and the directions for .php and efiction make my head hurt.  I have all of the extant artwork/design that will just need to be adapted into a new shape to fit the new skin. I have many places that I can direct you for what I'd like to see built in, just not the technical know-how to do it. 

The site is in no way vile, unless you're Jerry Falwell - everything there is tasteful and pretty and I'd like to keep it that way. Currently the site is down but will all back up in a day or two to get a feel for it before beginning. 

Let me know if you're interested - thanks!
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Nick Bantock is doing a reading Jan. 9

I love this man's books and he will be visiting my store on January 9th to do a reading from his new book, Windflower. I have no idea how many people on here like his books, but if you do, you should come to this:

Nick Bantock
January 9
Powell's Books
3415 SW Cedar Hills Blvd.
Beaverton, OR
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Awesome upcoming show!

Hey all,

Portland rocks for many reasons, but one is because it's home to tons of fabulous artists . . . if anyone's free tomorrow night or Thursday night, I highly recommend . . .

Annyeong: hello/goodbye
(Korean, translates to hello, goodbye)
Wednesday Jan 3 / Thursday Jan 4
Sojourn Studio 215 SE 9th Avenue, Suite 104 Portland, OR 97214
doors @ 7pm / show @ 730pm
tickets: $15-$20

A girl searches for her identity in a foreign city. A showcase of Portland's circus talent . . . funds will help contortionist & photographer Mee Seon Kwon pursue her artistic vision at Parsons School of Design, Jan 2007

The show will include acrobatics, hand balance, dance, gymnastics, contortion, visual art, and live music! It'll be a blast!

(and bonus, if you want to meet me as a fellow dp-er, I'll be the tall, black-haired chick videotaping the show).