January 1st, 2007



So I have looked everywhere in the archives or whatever you call them for the post with the link to the website that lists all the apartments that allow pets. Whew! That was a long sentence.
If you know this link or know of another website that has something similar let me know.


Happy New Year!

car rental

I need to Rent a SUV/Pick up (prefer SUV) to get to Las Vegas and back

Not entirely concerned with cost as I won't be the one paying for it.

I am 24, have a california DL, good driving record

I don't have a Credit Card, can I pay cash, use my debit ATM card, have someone pay and verify through faxes etc?

I only found Avis they won't rent a big turck/SUV to someone under 25 arghhh Also need a credit card. Anyways any help
Oh friend ust said she doesn't have much stuff so I guess any size car... must have CD player

Thank you all in advance even if I don't get any replies it's nice to have a place to ask

On another note my friend and father are moving to Portland we Need a three bedroom house with a yard for a dog I prefer SW area, Tigard.. becaue I am selfish and my boyfriend lives over here LOL but I LOVE Hawthorne area

Anyone know a realtor that handles house rentals?

Free concert tickets

Hey Guys!

I have 2 pairs of tickets for The Take Action Tour (w/Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Emery, Scary Kids Scaring Kids and more!) at The Roseland on 3/4 and Young Love at Rock N Roll Pizza on 2/7. You just need to put out some posters and flyers around town to get them.

If you live in Portland and are interested in these free tickets - please reply ASAP. I only need 2 people.

Fatty Goldfish


omg!!! i have a date tonight, and i just realized that almost NOWHERE is going to be open tonight!!!

my mom suggests sharies, but my date insisted upon finding the most expensive and highclass restraunt, because we have not seen each other in a few years...

i am in cornelius, and we can go as far as beaverton i think via trimet, any ideas?...
Push Button For POPSICLES

Um, okaaayy . . .

Does Fred Meyer have Winter/Summer hours?

I know for a fact that I have been in the one at 39th and Hawthorne right when they closed, at Midnight.

The website says that all of the stores close at 11:00PM. I don't get it.

Anyway, that sucks. Is there someplace where I can get a trash can and some contact paper right now?
Your whole family is made out of meat -


So I totally forgot to call PDX and see what time the security check point opens in the morning. Does anyone know this info off the top of their head? I have a 5:30am flight but my mom told me the PHX security check points don't open until 5:00am, thus PDX may be similar and I don't want to be sitting around the airport any longer than necessary.

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Mariana in the South

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Are there any Indian shops easily accessible by MAX, Streetcar or 57 line? [57 line is preferable, given how far out here I live.] I've never seen any and I'd like to investigate and see if I can't find some goodies for my hair.