December 31st, 2005


anyone have a PS2?

Hey, I'm trying to find a good, used PS2 that I can buy. I don't want to spend more than 75 or 80 dollars unless it's less than 2 years old. But yeah, if you have one and you wanna make some cash, let me know.

Leave a comment or IM me. My AIM is daft gypsy.

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If this is considered off topic, I apologize and the mods can feel free to delete...

Does anyone have a T-Mobile cell phone they want to get off their hands CHEAP? My phone bit the dust last night and it's my main source of communication. Unfortunately, every penny counts right now so I just can't drop the cash for a brand new phone. I'm not picky. My only qualifications are:

1. It's a T-Mobile phone, so all I need to do is drop my SIM card in.
2. It comes with a charger.
3. I can pick up the phone soon (I would like to pick it up TODAY).
4. I can get to the location to pick up the phone by Trimet.
5. It's CHEAP

Yes, I checked Craigslist. There were some promising posts, but people have beaten me to those phones.
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sushi raw fish, where?

hey, i am kinda having a sushi party tonight. i need to find a good place where i can get 'prepared raw fish' that you know is safe to eat. i only know of one good place in beaverton. i live in NE Portland and want to find something local.

do you know if any sushi restaurants are willing to sell their raw fish?

thanks in advance!

Adobe Illustrator

Where can I buy a copy of Adobe Illustrator (just the regular one, not the CS version) for the best price? I kinda don't wanna spend any more than 50-60 dollars. I live in Clackamas and don't want to go more than about ten miles or so out of the way. (I have to take the bus anyway, I don't drive) Also I have Windows XP if that's important.
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bars near paramount

As both a recently-turned-21 and non-portland-dweller for most of the year, I am low to non-existant when it comes to knowledge of bars in downtown PDX. However this evening, continuing onto this night, continuing most likely onto tomorrow morning, I shall be nowhere else BUT downtown, in bars/clubs. Thus a post is made to inquire about locations of happening bars/clubs, prefferably with dance floors and hot tunes. My headquarters shall be the paramount hotel, (right next to pioneer square,) so locations within a walkable distance (1~25 blocks) are preffered.

Your help is both desired and appreciated. TY!

mattress disposal?

I've recently had a mattress ruined by the fuzz-covered love of my life, and I need it the hell away from me (the mattress, not the fuzz bucket, though it's crossed my mind)...

What options do I have for disposing of a mattress and box spring that MAY be salvagable, but probably isn't? (The box spring is fine, BTW, but the mattress is all kinds of hosed in all kinds of ways.) Are there mattress places that will come do a pickup if they think it can be saved and fixed back up? Is there an approved dump site?

Any information, and as much detail as possible, will be appreciated.

Was I hallucinating?

B/c I was about to run over to Safeway but saw someone posted a clam dip recipe on this community (yes I swear it was this one)... so I kept the page open, jotted down the ingredients, shopped, came back, and firefox crashed. Now the post is missing cuz I guess it was a mis-post to this community instead of a private journal, but now I've got ingredients and can't remember what to do! :P Whoever posted the recipe, please comment how in the devil you mix it



p.s. I swear I'm not drinking... lol