December 30th, 2005

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im looking for a single ticket to the sleater-kinney and quasi show tomorrow at the crystal ballroom. anyone have an extra theyd possibly be able to sell me? if all else fails ill just have to find the scalpers tomorrow but i really dont want to pay a whole lot extra.

COME ON DAMNPORTLANDERS! you work miracles! one ticket please!?

Sell Me Your Textbooks!

Does anyone have any art history textbooks that you couldn't sell back after the semester was over?

I'd like to buy them from you. I can probably give you around $10-$15 (depending on the book) or perhaps we can do some creative bartering.
Kristen Bell

Energy Assistance in PDX???

Hey Portland,

I'm in extreme need of your help. I hate to sound like a broke ass bitch, but I am and I need some help. With Christmas having just finished not many places have been hiring for extra help and I'm stuck working my one job that pays barely anything (I mean it when I say I make about $100 a week, ugh.) While I barely make enough to pay my rent, I simply haven't made enough for other bills; utilities.

Over the past few months I haven't been able to pay my electric bill and now I'm screwed. If I don't pay them about $200 by January 5th of '06 I'm in the dark. What I need to know is, are there any places that can help a girl out? My neighbor suggested one down on 16th & Sandy but I believe you have to have kids to qualify (and I am child free.) I've even looked into selling my old computer and some other things (clothes, books, ect...) but no one wants them, not even a freaking pawn shop!

Any idea where I could get some temporary assistance that would qualify WITHOUT needing a child?! I don't want to mooch but I need to figure something out while looking for a better job that pays better.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks guys.


For the income deprived..

Hey Everybody,

My sister and I went to one of her hangouts, the newport bay at mall 205. It was happy hour and oh my god I couldnt beleive how cheap their food was. For two Gin and tonics a hamburger and a bowl of chowder it's only 11 bucks, hooray for happy hour.

They also had shrimp coctail and some other stuff for just under 3 bucks for each item.

Jobs in PDX

So just in the time for the holidays my Tech support contract job expired so now Im unemployed and getting paid by the state to apply for jobs...weee

Ive got an interveiw on the 4th with a company in Wilsonville, but since 80% of all jobs are unadvertised I was wondering if anyone had anything around the ten-ish range, in Portland?

In general looking for anything that pays, but partial to tech support or ugh, customer service.

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I'm trying to do a system flush so I'm drinking a lot of cranberry juice and water. Anyone else know what I should do?

And no this isn't because I have to take a pee test. I don't use drugs. This is to just be healthier and get rid of toxins etc in my body.

Worky Work!

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ah ha ha...Ah Ha Ha...AH HA HA HA HA HA!

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I remember a few months ago, swirlofgirl posted about the hipster/emo crowd. I saw the CUTEST couple on the MAX the other day. I took their picture. Apologies for the poor quality, but you can tell that they are so in love.

It was the cutest thing Evar! They had matching hair cuts (Black, with shades of blonde hidden), matching shoes, awesome pants and cutey cute shirts.

:-D Enjoy DP!
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Ahhh...the all-knowing DPers...

I am contemplating taking a yoga class for the 'terribly unstretched with joint and back problems'. Anybody know of classes on the East side of town or near Gateway that would cater to such a seemingly hopeless case?
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Best Hangover Cures?

Now that the New Year is almost upon us, I was wondering what those people there do to fight the dreaded hangover that usually comes hand in hand with a wild night of destroying one's liver with the evil firewater better known as booze. In particular, I was curious about those pills you can take that supposedly leave you hangover free come morning. There's several out there but the one I'm interested in is called Sobr'K. I can't seem to find it anywhere. Anyone know where I can find this thing or one of the other hangover cures like it?
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I know that a lot of things get asked about here that could easily be located by someone in five minutes using Google. That's why I've made sure that this is not one of said things before I asked.

Does anyone know where to buy silk stockings in plus sizes in Portland? We're not just talking nylons here. I'm looking for the genuine article, preferably with the seam up the back, that would attach to a garter belt. The only places that I can think of off the top of my head that might carry something of the sort would be Spartacus or Lane Bryant, but even then, I'm not certain that they'd be real silk. Help of any sort is greatly appreciated.
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