December 29th, 2005


Bounce with us?

a bunch of us will be going to the Sleater Kinney/Malkmus/Quasi show friday night at the Crystal Ballroom, weeeeeee!

anyone else going? some drinking will occur beforehand, join us?
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smoking in bars, etc?

What do you guys think about the smoking ban issue? Should smoking in bars and other establishments be banned? Why or why not? I can see good points on both sides of the argument, I'm just curious what you all think.
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Anyone have any good suggestions for a caterer in the area that's not hugely expensive? I'm in the process of planning my wedding (which is next September) and we'd like to get an early start on that as well since we figure it'll cost us quite a bit.
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new year's eve help;

Alright DPers. I know this kind of question is asked alot here but help a girl out...

What's a good day activity for New Year's Eve? It is this Saturday and my boy is going back to the army on Monday, and it's up to me to provide the daytime entertainment.

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I'm a non-smoker. I have never smoked a cigarette in my life. This last post about banning cigarettes in bars really confused me. The argument here seems to be:

1) cigarettes are gross
2) a substance contained within cigarettes causes cancer for some people
3) therefore, ban smoking in bars

By this same logic I could also say:

1) breasts are gross
2) a substance contained within breasts causes cancer for some people
3) therefore, ban breasts

So for all those people who are oh-so grossed out and concerned by cigarette smoke in bars, I have a question: is there anything on this earth that has been proven NOT to cause cancer? Until you can honestly answer that question, I'm going to be against any ban on smoking in bars. Yeah, cigarette smoke kills a few thousand CHRONIC SMOKERS a year. But so do cars. How many people die in car crashes every year? Now we're back to banning cars. Personally I'm more concerned about the toxic car exhaust that I have to breathe in every day when I ride my bike to/from work, than inhaling burned tobacco a few minutes at a time, once a week.

But no seriously, what doesn't cause cancer?
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Please satisfy my curiosity.

Oh smart DamnPortlanders, tell me this.

What ever happened to Whitaker Middle School? A few years ago there was the big scandal about Radon levels, and cheating the radon tests, and how everyone was going to drop dead if they ever stepped foot in that building. I think it was shut down for a while but I really haven't been able to find out what happened to it since, did they tear it down?

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Regarding the smoking ban

and everyone who thinks business owners should be able to conduct business as they see fit. . .

Do you NOT realize how many laws are already in affect?

If these laws weren’t in place, we as a consumer could/would be screwed/sick/dead. And trust me as someone who despises our government I’m at least smart enough to know that plenty of good comes from them. Well, maybe not plenty but at least some.

If the gov wasn’t involved, how many places do you think would be overrun with cockroaches, bugs and various over vermin?
Would you want an unlicensed contractor/electrician/roofer/plumber working on in/your house?
How many times do think you’d get sick from eating spoilt/contaminated/unpasteurized food and drink?
How many employees would wash their hands after using the restroom?
What about dentists and doctors and psychologists? Do you think they should run shop however they see fit?
How many companies would price gouge you?
How many planes would you ride?

I know these things still take place but think about it a moment – there are less incidences with these laws in place.

If you don’t believe me – I have some Mexican tap water to sell you.


This is a follow-up to my dry gaming party post. Since there were about a million comments scattered around, including some movie references and geek bonding. (You guys are cool.)

SO. Enough piddling. Would anyone be willing to come into Tigard on New Year's eve? I can supply 2 TVs for gaming, a few frozen pizzas, a Super Nintendo, a dusty N64, and a PS2. If you want a piece of the action, bring your own controller(s) – console if you're into anything I haven't listed – and multi-player games. (I'm kind of poor.) Definitely a 2-liter of soda, and some snacks if you feel so inclined. No drinking, though. If you really want some alcohol, you can walk the 2 blocks to the pub and do whatever you want. Over here we'll be getting high on life. (Possibly caffeienated beverages, but that's it.)

Would anyone come if I set that in stone? I seem to have 3-4 vague "maybe"s and 1 "yes" right now. Looks to be small and cozy, one can only hope. Regardless, I'll have my oven going and my TV buzzing until 2006. Who's in?

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Hope to see you!
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Best Second Job?

Hey gang! I'm not sure which is best, so I thought I'd throw the question out to you. :) I need a second job, I am way not making ends meet here. One of my co-workers at my current job suggested working at a grocery store, thus killing two birds with one stone; increase the income, /and/ decrease the grocery bill. I was debating between something like Albertson's or Safeway or WinCo. At first, I thought the bigger chain stores would pay more, since they have more money. However, big corporations tend to be pretty stingy, in my experience. WinCo probably has a smaller profit margin, but being employee-owned, they might offer a better pay scale. Then I thought something like Fred Meyer might be the best, since an employee discount there would cover many things I need on a regular basis. What do you guys think?

Edit: I have medical benefits and such through my primary job; all I need is a paycheck, and a useful employee discount would be even better. :)

Edit 2: I need something with flexible hours, which is part of why I was thinking WinCo, the whole 24-hour thing. I work in a vet clinic on Tuesday evenings, all day Weds-Thus-Fri, and part of Saturday. That gives me Saturday afternoon/evening, Sunday, most of Monday, and maybe Tuesday morning. I need a good $370-400 per month more...

Cheap dentists

Does anyone know of a dentist that's reasonably cheap (I'm a student) and that would see someone during the weekend? I think I have an abscessed tooth. Ow!

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