December 27th, 2005

CitySearch? What Happened? has long been my mainstay of all things Portland. I have a good idea of what I'm doing New Year's Eve, but regardless, wanted to check it to see if there was anything I'd missed. It usually has a huge repository of information on any holiday. I was shocked to find next to nothing on the site, and what I did find find was because I'd run a Google search.

Is CitySearch starting to tank?

Swap Meetup

Greetings all. I'm going to the "bonus" meetup tonight and I have an offer for everyone. Seems that "Santa" brought me the wrong blank media. I have a spindle of 25 DVD-R that I can't use. If you want them, show up at the meetup tonight with whatever they're worth to you. Trades considered.
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(no subject)

Ok, my place of employment is holding their holiday party tonight. We are doing the secret Santa routine. My recipient is a boy who is 19 or 20ish. I don't normally work with him so I ahve no idea what he's like. A couple girls at work say he's late all the time and that I should buy him a watch, Problem is, there is a $10 cap on the gifts, and I really hate gag gifts.

Any ideas, DPers?

(no subject)

Anyone know where I can take an Adobe Pagemaker course this spring (Jan-Apr)? PCC seems to only have Photoshop, and Mt. Hood doesn't have anything from the looks of it either.

Laptop trade-in?

Anyone know of a good place that'll take my older laptop as a trade in? I know these places exist here and there, and I'd like to get a new laptop... my old one has the visual memory of a cell phone. :( I'd rather not have to shell out the full price on a newer one if I can help it, and I don't really wanna just toss the old one either.....

As an alternative, anyone wanna buy a Pentium III Hewlett Packard laptop? It has a new hard drive in it but needs a new fan... I suppose I could hit up Craig's List, but I'd really rather find some little shop that does trades....

Anyway, thanks.