December 26th, 2005

Cheap wool?

I'm looking for some wool yarn. I mean...100% wool. Everytime I go to look somewhere, it's like...15$ a skien! There has to be someplace cheaper >.<

Anyone know of any stores that sell good sized skeins for less that 10$? Maybe any local sheep....people? I'd be willing to drive to the country if I have to :D/ I don't care about dye lot and all that if they're independent. I just want some comfy woolens :)


p.s. I'm planning on running by some places in portland soon, so if there's any reccomendations of brands or places, that would be great. websites too. I can wait a bit for shipping :D but i love to feel before i buy :D
Mariana in the South

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Who, exactly, is Little Tony?
I've googled, and Wiki is no help.
I know I should know this, but I don't.
Gabry Ponte [from Eiffel 65] did a song with him.
I'm sure I've heard of him before.

Portland-related because I'm sure everyone in Portland has heard 'Blue (da ba dee)'.
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my nissan sentra is only worth a few hundred bucks and i am selling it to a friend in a month or so. unfortunately the driver side front window won't close the final inch.

i have consulted my friend and assuming a part needs to be replaced we don't want to pay for a new one. all we want is to get the window closed. then it can stay closed forever.

so what i'm after is someone or some garage who/which will be able to get my window rigged up. if you are good at this sort of thing and can get the damn thing up i'll give you $50 (but only if you succeed - notihng if you fail).

otoh if you know of a mechanic who won't tell me he can rig it up and then suddenly discover after some labour that it cannot be done and now a part is required please let me know.

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Hello, my lovelies! What do you know about Unitus Community Credit Union (formerly Oregon Telco)? Anything at all - do they treat you great when you go in? Do you work there and hate every second of it? Tell me, please!


DP help me! I'm at work right now...bored out of my mind and angry that I even have to be here. My boss is being a total jerk... Anyhow, save me from the horror that is work and tell me your funniest/most amazing/strangest work story.

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Advance Photo

Just wanted to pass on a warning to all you DPers out there who might be photography-inclined. My mother gave us a digital camera for Christmas. After some playing around, we decided it wasn't a very high quality piece of equipment and decided to return it and buy a more expensive model from the shop she purchased it at. We went to do so only to find that my mother had removed the UPC symbol from the bottom for a rebate. After she (fruitlessly) searched for the UPC, we returned the camera to the store and were told that we would be able to use it as a store credit minus $30 for the rebate and an additional $30 for the change in purchase price (they now sell it for $300 instead of the $330 my mother bought it for).

I understand things like restocking fees and what have you, but even the soul-less corporations I've worked for would give full store credit if it was a Christmas present and the person had the receipt. If they hadn't threatened an additional $30 restocking fee, I would have taken our money and gone elsewhere. But rest assured that I will almost certainly not be using Advance Camera in Raleigh Hills anytime soon. I would recommend the same to anyone else looking for a digital camera.

EDIT: Wouldn't recommend the Samsung v700 either. We ended up getting the Canon a620 instead.
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meetup, tater tots, tigers - oh my

i'm as useful as a tits on a bull right now. my grandson has spent the past 3 days sucking the life out of me. my kid has done her fair share, as well.

i am in need of tater tots and beer, so we will all trek to the meetup tomorrow.

gia - did you make reservations? if not, i'll call them tomorrow.

i hope everybody had a fantastic holiday of choice.
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