December 25th, 2005


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I have a useless blue Mac G3 laying around doing nothing, I figured I'll throw Linux on it.

Any of you Mac junkies know which flavor would be pretty decent for this? Is Gentoo better than Debian?

It won't use anything with MacOS9 on it, can't even install FireFox (groan). It's just a paperweight with handles right now.

Out of town relatives pissing you off?

Get them back the safe way. Call the Portland Department of Transportation and have them send "you" a bicycle map. Provide your relative's name and address. The city sends the maps in the same envelopes they send parking and photo traffic tickets, your relatives will crap themselves when they get it in the mail in three weeks.

I only bring it up because it is a good practical joke, and there's probably someone out there who could use a healthy surprise. And I found this out the hard way thats how they do it when I ordered a map for myself back in high school, and my parents were wanting to know why I was receiving brighly colored DATED MATERIAL envelopes from the city's DOT...

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Hey there!
I just wanted to let you guys know about this awesome sketch comedy show called Jam Night. It's having its grand opening on Friday, January 13, and it is absolutely FREE! It's family-friendly and tons of fun for everyone. Jam Night combines dance, comedy, live music, and video footage for a hilarious and constantly entertaining night. Jam Night is located in North Portland at 8131 N Denver. For more information, call 503.735.4184. It's a blast!

Portland here I am

well ho ho and ho, and Iam not talking santa here people, it has been a hell of a year and I am back to screw with you all on the holiday time. Seeing how I haven't for some time. To all my old enimies here I wish you nothing but the best selection of all the VDs of which I am sure you are now acustom to. To all my old friends and whatever the hells you were, peace love, and all that shit. Yeah thats right for one week and one week only I the mother fucker with a passion to drive you bastards up a fucking wall am hear to stay, then I go back to where real people live and go back to being a director for film, Seattle, a city portland will never be. But alas this portland was my home first.

So in short fuck you and I will fuck you just give me time, I love and hate you all,

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so girlfriend is 15 and i'm 17. she is new to oregon and i am too (somewhat new)
i don't know any places to take her though, besides malls. you guys know any fun places i should stop by? or just plays that people like to walk in. anything would be fine. i'm in the beaverton area. thanks and happy holidays =D


I was going to be all sparkly and pretty for x-mas, even though I have to work (from 4am to 12:30 >.<) and I was all excited. i got new shoes, wore some slacks, YAY! but now i'm here any i just found out that my shirt smells like dog pee. and the shoes slip off my feet. and the system just went down. I have a sneaking suspicion that this could be the worst day of working ever.

if anyone else tells me i ruined x-mas because they couldn't activate their damn cell phone, i am going to punch them through the headset.


p.s. i'm not really that upset :D its just hard to be the only one working here on xmas *background music*

Be careful out there....

I work nights, not sure what was going on around Gresham/Clackamas last night but there are tree limbs everywhere ( in the roads). I thought maybe santa crash landed or something. I just came home down SE 172nd, Sunnyside road, and SE 142nd....BIG tree limbs down across the roadway on SE 142, medium to small ones in the roadway on the rest of my route...did the trees out here explode during the night or something???

Have a happy day everyone!!!! Anyone have no place to go and nothing to do today? We are gonna have plenty of food to share....
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So, is anyplace open?

I'm in desperate need of cat food, and it looks like Fred Meyer, Wal-Mart (ew), and New Season's are all closed for Christmas.

Does anybody know of a place that would sell premium cat food (not crap, at least Iams but preferably even better than that) that would happen to be open today?
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fuck starbucks.

yo yo! thee back to back cafe is open to all grinches and naughty elf-kins.
$1 pbARRGH! possibly zombie movies (if you bring them) and absolutly
no christmas carols. i promise.
we are located at 6th & E. Burnside, on the south side of the street.
come keep us company and drink beers and eat vegans. yumm.
bah humbug.

Estuesta house thanks you...

I know I've said it before, but thank you so much for your contributions for presents at my group home. This morning was absolutely wonderful. The guys got what they wanted and were all thrilled(and surprised) about it!

I told them some very generous and wonderful people donated money for the presents. They send you many thank-yous.

Man, I never thought I would see a guy so exited about getting a pack of grey socks for Christmas!

Circuit City Can Eat Shit!

hello all,

someone suggested I make a post here about my experience at Circuit City on Black Friday.  I thought I'd share my lovely story and hope that some of you may have productive advice for me.  I must warn you, it's pretty lengthy.  Please refrain yourself from making comments about how stupid I am for doing what I did.  I already know it was dumb and I'll never do it again.  I really don't need any more negative responses.  It's just a story, and I want to share it with everyone.  Thanks in advance!

.Stupid Circuit City.

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Anyone want a TV?

It's a 20" RCA TruFlat flatscreen TV with remote. Weighs about 40-50 pounds, a couple years old but in good condition. I bought it from a friend who needed the money, and at the time I needed to replace my crappy TV. But it has progressive scan, so doesn't play nicely with all my 1990's ghetto electronics. Instead of giving it back to him to find a new seller, I thought I'd save the poor broke bastard the work and just pass it on. (I know, Craigslist is good for this, but open forum discussion is way preferable to me.)

I'm asking $70, which is what I paid for it. You can come and get it in Tigard, but I'll be driving into Beaverton tomorrow. So if you're somewhere between the two I can even drop it off for you.

Any takers?
Beauty - HUH?

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Hey DPers! I hope you're all having happy holidays -- I know I am. New cell phone = FINALLY = amazing = actual ringtones! :D And, on that note, I pose my question: anyone know of a good free site that will let a user create ringtones from existing MP3s on their machine and then text them to the phone? I used to be familiar with a great site, but I've completely blanked on the name or address... 27 or 17 or something...? Just some independent site.

But if anyone has one that they use, I'd love to hear about it! Thanks guys! :)

EDIT: Apologies -- I managed to completely miss the thread a few days ago about ringtones. I'm trying Ringtone Chop Shop right now. If it works, this post will be deleted.
EDIT EDIT: Yeah, Ringtone Chop Shop is freezing the crap out of my computer. The site I knew of allowed you to do the editting online rather than in a downloaded program. Any ideas?

FINAL EDIT: Hey! So it took me forever, but I finally found the site I was looking for -- Mobile17! It's working really well for me, so I thought I'd let y'all know. :)