December 24th, 2005

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Meetup Reminder

Secondary meetup / fuck-you-for-leaving party for expatriate, Tuesday, the 27th, 8pm, McMenamins Tavern & Pool, meetup faq, minors welcome until 10, etc.

I shan't be there since I will have just returned to California from Santa Fe and have plans that evening anyway, but rathanylakan said she'd bring the nametags and pens, so this also doubles as HER reminder =P

Also, she'll need to pass off the nametags and pens, since I suck and won't be at the January meetup either, and neither will she. I know lots of people here are looking for jobs, so I've written up a little formal job description, to entice someone to volunteer so that they can put it on their resume:

Job Title: Meetup Assistant

* Bring the nametags and pens to meetup.
* Collect the nametags and pens after meetup and bring them home.
* Don't let anyone leave without paying their tab.
* Don't fucking lose the nametags and pens. >_< That's where I always have to fire myself.

Hope y'all have fun!
Fat Princesses

What we need here is a Movie Madness of video games.

My chum and I went halvsies on a PS2 for the holidays only to realize that we only have one game to play on it for our long weekend. Are there any good video game rental places around the Hawthorne district? Hollywood Video and Blockbuster blow pretty hard, in general and in this specific. We are willing to bus out in our search for Shadow of the Colossus and God of War.

where to folks?

it's my birthday and a couple of my friends who are actually in town are taking me out. not to fret, i am going to check websites and call of a couple bars that i know i like to see if they're going to bother being open past 6 pm tonight, so i am not totally hopeless. i still want recommendations, however, so tell me a bar that you like which you know how late it is going to be open tonight. also, tell me why you like it.

bonus points if it's in ne.
further bonus points if it gives celebrating birthday girls a free drink.

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south park

Restaurants open on Christmas?

(Apologies in advance if this was asked last year or something; I'm new here.)

What restaurants in town would provide an enjoyable dining experience for a semihip Jewish mom and her 16-year-old son on Christmas Day? Chinese or Thai preferred (Chinese for traditional reasons, Thai 'cause I like it). TIA.

Custom Walking Shoes

Does anyone have any experience with Pace Setter Northwest (on 23rd) or any other local (downtown or west) walking/running shoe store that does custom analysis and fit? What did you think? Thanks!
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Turban Varga
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(no subject)

I'm taking a 6:30am flight tomorrow, Christmas Day, so I need to get there around 4:30-5, I believe... maxes don't run at that hour, so I'm wondering if y'all can recommend (a) good shuttle airport service(s)...? I peered at the pdx airport website, and didn't find any links or info for it.


Happy Holidays, lovelies!
gir dancing

TO those in successful LTR or happily married

DId you meet your significant other in Portland/oregon?

If so what is your story, when where why how, and all that.

Still together....whats the secret?

Open to all ----- what is your favorite christmas eve thing to do with your favorite partner in crime?

**Edit-thanks to all who are replying, I really like the answers. IT also seems to confirm a theory I have that there is not any particular way to meet anyone. It is really pretty much pure luck, and opening your mouth at the right

I was just wondering what everyone thought this holiday season. I have found it funny/ironic that a person can find any number of partners if they are not truly ready for the long term commitment, but once you get your life in order and open yourself to the idea that long term in the real sense is what you want it is very elusive. Now I do not mean actively looking, but just going out living life my way and being open to the opportunities that present themselves. It is odd.