December 23rd, 2005



Does anyone else remember going to Rhodes department store downtown during christmas time - like sometime in the early eighties? Yeah, I wish it were still around. :( I met the cinamon bear there!!!


ok, I think I saw a damnportlander on the max train tonight coming from the airport with my black cannondale

you looked sorta familiar and were in the company of another sorta familiar dude with fucking incredible hair

we got off the max at the rose garden and then i took off on the bike only to catch glimpse of you two on the train north

(feeling like a right freak) i elected to ignore you but i think your man caught on that i were stealing glimpses of you two

were you a damn portlander?

now i wonder

happy christmas

i should say hi next time

but what does one say: "are you a damn portlander?"

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(no subject)

Does anyone know of a baking supply store in town?

To clarify, I'm not looking for a store with a baking section. (Unless it's the most impressive baking section you have encountered in your entire life.) I'm looking for a store dedicated to baking that is going to carry rare and unusual items as well as have all the basics - not just pans, but candy molds, decorating supplies, etc... Something that caters to the industry but also does retail sales, as I don't have a wholesale tax id number.

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Happy holidays!

Twas a couple days before Christmas, and all through the state
Not a creature was stirring, not even cosmicjohn.
The stockings were tattered, cuz that's hipper than new,
And some newbie DP'ers were seeking tattoos.

The posters were nestled all snug in their beds
While visions of meetups flashed back in their heads
littlebluedog in his kerchief, lokidecat in his cap
Had just settled in for the Narnia rap.

When out on the rooftop, there arose such a noise,
"where can I get some yarn to knit hats for my boys?"
"I need a good haircut," "I need jobs," "I want bars!"
"Someone please tell me how to fix all my cars!"

The moon on the breast of the new-fallen snow
had DPers freaking, "say it ain't so!,
It's snowing! Let's post! Let's get all post-crazy!
Sure it's a repost, I'm just being lazy!"

We gave up on the sugarplums, went straight to the wine
Posted like crazy to entertain princessbunny99,
Started some flame wars, said, "I love you guys,"
Tried to say stuff that was witty and wise.

So to all you DPers, wherever you are
Whether you follow Festivus, Christmas, or Gwar
I hope that your season is mellow and quite fab
And if you get a buzz on, remember to cab!

Here's thanking you for another year of great talk
Bless you DP'ers, from your buddy
The Doc.


(no subject)

I have some family in town for Xmas and while I love them all dearly, they pledge strict allegiance to an Italian restaurant on NW 21st, Basta's. It's a nice enough restaurant, but after eating there annually many years in a row, I'm curious to try something new. I've tried browsing Citysearch for the last half hour, but it's not really helping... My grandmother doesn't like Thai or other Asian fare, so none of those will really work... There will be nine of us, including three teenage girls, so please keep that in consideration with your recommendations. Thanks much! (All I have to do now is convince them -- oy).

Ethiopian food update

OK...I guess Queen of Sheba is the place to be. I will be there tonight at 7. You're invited! If I see you, I see you. If not, well, more food for me! I'll bring a book. I am short and wear pink glasses and look like this user picture.

Christmas Eve Services??

Hey all,

I am a very liberal Christian with a strong interfaith bent. Every year my partner and I go to a Christmas Eve service. The last couple of years we have gone to Trintity in NW, which is nice and high churchy Episcopalian. We've also done the Catholic thing before.

I have plans on Christmas Eve and my own church's services start too early. I'm looking for somewhere for us to go that has services starting at 11pm or later. Like I said, I am pretty liberal and interfaith, so I am willing to consider all sorts of different places and traditions. However, conservative and strongly Evangelical services where evangelism and conversion is a strong message probably aren't our thing (but it is fine if it's yours).

Anyone have ideas/suggestions?
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Box Lunches.

I'm looking for a place that does a good box lunch. I have to feed ~ 30 people. I think someone asked about this within the last month but i can't find it!

I've looked at:
New Seasons*
Spicy Pickle*
Baja Grill*
Three Lion's Bakery
Cafe Today

(*'s are my fave's or are good priced for what you get is different and good priced)

I need someone who will deliver to the Lloyd Center area, is below $10 (&.95 ish would be grand), Has Veggie options, tastes good, has a variety. It doesn't have to be sandwiches either!


Anyone here work for the Oregon Dept of Revenue?

I would like to discuss this agency's stupidity.
Apparently Mult. Co claims I got 2 parking tickets (which I knew nothing about). I never got a ticket on my car ( but I am open to the idea that my son might have created these when borrowing my car). I never got notified by mail...because the courts turned it over to the department of revenue for collection and they claim they sent the notices to an address I have not lived at since 1995 ( in another state), even though I have been paying taxes to OR since then, I hold a current OR drivers license, and the car they claim earned the tickets is registered to my current address. The tickets totalled under $50, but with penalities for my non-response to the wrongly mailed notices, they are now garnishing almost $200 from my pay through my employer. What the hell???? Is this how Oregon is raising money now.... purposely mailing things where they know they will not be responded to so they can tack on penalities that are 3x the actual amount they claim is owed???? What kind of shady racket is this? Anyone else have this happen to them?
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Ring Tones

I purchased a new cell phone this week, the Motorola Razr phone. Unfortunately, this phone comes with all of 5 ring tones. I looked at Cingular's site to get some different ones (I don't need mp3s or anything super fancy, just a little vareity) and they cost $2.39 EACH. Does anyone know of a cheaper way to get some different ring tones?

I hope everyone is having a nice holiday so far!

Oh Fuck

PDX today

So I'm about to take someone out to PDX. Has anyone recently traveled on I-5/84/205/PDX way and can tell me how bad/good it is? Airport parking too? I've checked ODOT cams but those can only tell me at the minute. I need a general impression of how it really is (I know last night was hellish).

Many thanks wise ones.

EDIT: Thanks to the two who responded. I think I'll park in D/T and take the Redline over.
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Philosophy Energy Bars

Does anyone know where they sell the Philosopher energy bars? (Which store in which neighborhood) I hope someone knows what I'm talking about... one example I've seen is "Nietszche's Will to Power" and it's a chocolate engergy bar thing. Thanks!
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(no subject)

Today, around Pioneer Place/Square, there was a saxophone quartet. I don't who they were or why they were there, but I saw them once and it made my night. Then I saw them again and they were playing 'What's This?' from Nightmare Before Christmas and it made my week. It hasn't been a great season for me and it's been hard to get into 'The Christmas Spirit', but this really helped and made me happy. (Didn't hurt that one of them was super cute, as well).

So, if anyone knows what I'm talking about or who I'm talking about, tell them thank you. I hope they all have great Christmases, happy Hanukahs, and excellent New Years.
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Oh Fuck

Gettin' some wheels

Hey DPers!

I'm considering going car shopping and I need some clarifications. I've talked to a lot of people who go to the 'couv to buy cars (like from that giant automall-thingy). Apart from the WA sales tax being waived, are there particular benefits to doing the business in Washington vs purchasing the car here in Oregon?

Your advice is appreciated!

EDIT: I'm looking at Honda' any dealership recommendations should include that.

EDIT #2: While I really appreciate all of the recommendations about brands, etc. I'm really looking for whether it is worth to go to Washington or stay in Oregon (i.e. financial reasons, stuff like that). Also information on particular dealers.
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We Are Everywhere (But How Do We Know?)

Discussions have been raised on how to ID a damnportlanders on the street without causing embarrassment to either party.

Do we use a special handshake? A secret greeting? What if it were bumper stickers (and ergo freaking each other out with wild honking and waving) or a wrist band reminiscent of the Lance Armstrong campaign (which would naturally have the words "teh" and "pwn" and "!!111!!!111" or a snark about grammar).

Or maybe we just need to show up at the meetups...