December 22nd, 2005

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i need to get a case or two of plain round pint glasses.......preferably for really cheap.
does anyone know where i might find these?

City Liquidators? i think i went there once and they didn't have them, but maybe i should check again.....
any other ideas?
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Looking for Asian Furniture Stores, big box or boutique, bourgeois or bon marche, Beaverton or close-in to Downtown. Any recommendations?

And by Asian I mean actual Asian design or Asian influence, with an emphasis on Chinese design.
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Hey all-knowing DP'ers! Hoping somebody will have an answer for this.. We're throwing a NYE party and are wanting to acquire some fireworks for it. Does anyone know where they are selling fireworks right now in the PDX/Vancouver area? I know the good ones are up in Washington, does anyone know if one of the reservations are selling them right now? Any places in PDX that are selling just the basic ones right now?

Thanks much for any help :D
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I'm currently breaking down a bunch of old wood pallets for firewood at my workplace, and I've realized that there is way more here than I can possibly burn in the next 30 days. So, do any of have fireplaces or wood stoves that need fuel. It's all dry, untreated, burnable wood, with lots of nails. We've been cutting them down to manageable pieces. Please comment if you're interested and we can arrange a pickup time (close-in NE).

Grindhouse Film Festival presents: "Silent Night, Deadly Night"

"If you see Santa Claus tonight you'd better run...for your life!"

On Friday December 23rd the Grindhouse Film Festival is proud to
present "Silent Night, Deadly Night", one night only at the Clinton
Street Theater! This classic 1984 film, originally banned after its
initial release, will be screened from an ultra rare 35mm print at 7 PM and 9 PM. Don't miss this opportunity to see this classic "holiday" film! (With beer!)

"Silent Night, Deadly Night"
A young boy is warned by his crazed grandfather that Santa Claus
"punishes naughty children on Christmas Eve". When the boy's parents are murdered by a man dressed as Santa, he develops a lifelong hatred of Old Saint Nick. After being sent to an orphanage, he then must deal with strict nuns who teach him that sex is a naughty act. As a grown man working in a department store, he is finally pushed over the edge when he witnesses a girl he has a crush on having sex and he's forced by his boss to dress as...Santa Claus! Now as an axe wielding maniac in a Santa suit, he sets out on a killing spree to punish all who are naughty this Christmas Eve!

The Grindhouse expands:
Due to the popularity of the Grindhouse Festival, it has now expanded. This film is presented in the first of what will be a series of screenings. The "Grindhouse Film Festival presents" series will take place at the Clinton Street Theater showing one or two films on a single night every month to month and a half. The films shown will still be in the same vein: old school kung fu, obscure horror, spaghetti westerns, and revenge films among other forgotten classics. All movies will be screened from rare 35mm prints. For more information please visit

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Is there anything interesting going on in Portland during the week of Dec. 26-30? I'm visiting for the first time and plan on kinda winging it, except for the booked hotels/hostels. I'd like to find decent live music, inexpensive vegetarian restaurants, coffee/book-related events, art shows, etc.

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Christmas shopping for hippies

Hey, I'm looking to get my Sister and her boyfriend some last minute Christmas presents. They said they wanted natural fiber (wool, cotton, etc) socks, sheets, towels, etc and that organic is always a plus. I'm somewhat new to the area, so I'm not sure where any stores that would have that stuff are, but I'm sure portland has to be full of them. Any suggestions? Thanks!

I swear this is Portland related!

taking advantage of the previous Animal Crossing: Wild World post: are there any kind hearted Portlanders who play it who are willing to help me out by letting me try to connect to their town? my firewall seems to be an issue, but I did a fix and want to know if it works. it's just that no one on my friends list ever seems to have their gates open!


the tale of the forlorn bmw

this weekend/early in the week, we traded our mitsubishi for a sweet '94 bmw convertible, white. the dealer, premier mazda, said that we would have to bring it back in order for them to fix the tachyometer and the temperature gage. not so hot, but OK.

so, they took it back and gave my partner a car that smelled like cat pee. in the time they had the bmw, they managed to put a new four-inch gouge in the body.

it is an interminable drama for which no one wishes to be responsible. and the one guy i thought was decent to talk to is on vacation until tuesday.

my partner really wants her car back, and i am really tired of the attempts at misrepresentation and subterfuge by the dealership. :op
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Dr. Tooth!

This is probably a damn weird question, but do any of you DamnPortlands know anything about how much it costs to get a tooth implant, that is stainless steel or silver, and what kind of dentist I should see about that?

I tried googling/wikipedia'ing it, but none of the results were specific enough. Thanks!

Ethiopian food Friday night?

OK, most people are busy with holiday activities, but I am relatively new to Portland. I still haven't had Ethiopian food since I moved here. Anyone care to join me tomorrow, Friday, at 7 at Jarras? The more the merrier! We can celebrate that I found a FT job and can now (sorta) afford to eat out. RSVP here or surprise me (us?)