December 21st, 2005

Without using Google

When I was a "tween" every Saturday I watched SBTB and California Dreams...NOT because I liked the shows but because we didn't have cable and I have a special affinity for horrible television.

I was walking my mutt this morning and it occured to me I remember almost everything about SBTB but almost NOTHING about California Dreams



tell me something about California Dreams
character names
the hangout
the "mentor"

anything...this oughtah waste a good portion of the day

(no subject)

Has anyone had experience with thermal straightening in Portland and could reccomend me to an experienced stylist? If not, maybe just a good salon that does it that I could check out? Thanks.

Last minute shopping

Hello all,

Anyone know a place that carries a good supply of Dickies Girl brand clothes (especially pants)in N, NE or SE? I checked the MLK Fashion Mall which has a great selection of Dickies but very little Dickies Girl.


Take care, Johnny
someday b/w

Meet up? Kinda?

Anyone up for meeting at Sam's at tonight for some beers? (dunno about the time after 6pm I'm thinking)

Sam's is at 40th and Hancock in NE Portland they have pool and a jukebox and it's nice.
Turban Varga
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need a new cell phone

I need a new cell phone. I use cingular, but they want to charge me an arm and a leg for a new one (or rope me into another 2 year contract, with I DON'T want), and I've looked on craigslist but all the people I've contacted on there have been flakey.

Where is a store I can purchase a cell phone WITHOUT having to pay for a contract? I'm thinking something like Radio Shack, but I want to get some personal recommendations from you guys.


EDIT: I already have a two year contact with Cingular, but they'll make me extend it even longer. I don't want to do that.
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help me find this!

I'm looking for this for my wonderful mom for x-mas. There is a smaller version of this same thing, however my mom was eyeing this particular size. I've looked for them in stores but they're too expensive. Maybe one of you wonderful damnportlanders have this collecting dust in your basement and never use it.

My mom has been my rock the last six months since I moved here to be closer to her. Not to sound desperate, i'm just short on cash and have not been able to find a job. She has supported me in so many ways and I feel terrible not getting her something for x-mas even though she doesn't expect it.

I will pay some for it, let me know and thanks in advance!
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Hey DP-

I'm looking for a used truck or van, with a diesel engine... one that can run on biodiesel or even converted for veggie oil.
preferably, it would be something kinda small.. all the diesel trucks i've seen for sale so far have been HUGE.
if you or someone you know is selling one, comment here or email me: wayne (at) moonpatrol (dot com)

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Trunk Monkey

Sorry to be such a post-whore about Christmas gifts- but thanks guys, I did find a coupon organizer for my mommy yesterday :)

My boyfriend is really into his Subaru/the Subaru scene (yep, there's a Subaru scene, lol) and apparently all the Subaru people have a "trunk monkey" (velcro-handed monkey that hangs in the trunk). I think Subaru used to give them out a loonnng time ago with new cars. Toys R' Us only had monkeys that were sparkly and said "Glam" and I don't think he wants that ;/ I can probably find a velcro monkey somewhere but it would be great if I could find a velcro monkey with a "trunk monkey" tshirt or something like that. Like an official trunk monkey. I am at a total loss about where to find such a thing (or if it exists). My brother said he saw one for sale somewhere too but can't remember and isn't sure (helpful, huh?)

Also, my mom would like to get him a Subaru baseball cap. I've already called the dealership and they don't have any Subaru gear besides pens. She said she drove by a store once somewhere in SE that looked like they'd have a lot of car type stuff like that but she doesn't remember the name of it. Any ideas where I can find a Subaru cap?

Thanks + happy holidays :D

Toy drives?

Hey all,
So my grandmother, who thinks I am perpetually ten gave me a microscope / telescope set a couple years ago. I kept it around the house thinking I should take the telescope and toss the rest, but realized I can get better telescope for twenty bucks.
So yeah, my question is - this is a brand new item - so I was wondering if there was some sort of toy drive still going around. I know I missed most of them.

(no subject)

Okay, nate_turpentine's entry reminded me about this show that I've been trying to remember the name of off and on for years. Here's what I can remember:

I think it was on in the late 80's, possibly even into the 90's, and I'm pretty sure it was on Nickelodeon.

It was an animated show with a boy and girl who (i think) travelled in time.

There was also an adult man with longish black hair, possibly Incan or Mayan?

It had a sort of serious air to it. Like the kids were on a really important mission or something.

I'm almost positive the theme song was sung in a deep male voice and contained the words "in the 21st century".

And the clincher: an enormous golden eagle that may or may not have had rubies for eyes. I think the kids flew around on it.

Someone must remember more about this show than I do. Title? Names of the characters? Or am I conflating memories of several different shows?
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stand up tanning beds?

does anyone know where i can find a tanning salon with stand up beds?

i live in SE portland, and would prefer it to be SE, downtown or clackamas area.

and just to say this up front..
yes i know what tanning beds do, yes i know there bad for you .... blah blah blah. if you don't know where one is, don't comment. i don't want to listen to the bitchiness of all the reasons why i shouldn't go to it.


cooking classes

Don't let me down portlanders! My mom is coming in for the holidays and I want to send her to a cooking class. She's available from Dec 23rd - Dec 30th. Are there any classes held during the holiday? I checked sur la table and no classes, but that's the only one I know. Thanks in advance for the help.

Nail tech?

Hey guys, I'm trying to find a nail tech that is really good at gels. I looked in the archives, but there were only a couple listed, that I'm not too impressed with.

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(no subject)

Could anyone tell me about Centry Plaza Hotel? Is it a nice place to stay? I found it on and this was their description:

Prices: $15/night for hostel bed; $27.50/night for private room; $33/ night for private room with bath; $5 key deposit; refrigerators available for extended stays for $5/week.

This hotel was built in 1902 and offers "the basics" to travelers. It is located in the heart of downtown Portland near Pioneer Square Mall, many cafés, restaurants, bars and clubs. Ask about their 5- and 6- night stay specials.

I couldn't find much else on it when I googled it, just listings of other hotels in the area.