December 19th, 2005


Waist cincher anyone?

Does anyone have a waist cincher they'd be willing to sell? I need it in May, so it's not a rush...

and if so, how much would you expect for it? I'm trying not to have one made, as I've got strange dimensions and a custom job would cost me well into the five hundreds...

Or even better, could someone point me in the direction of a seamstress or a website that sells them?
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Early Morning Road Test

Glisan and 122nd -


Too bad I have a sore throat today + begining ear infection, or I could have attempted to drive from here to Tigard.

News stations are on the air as of 4 am - and depends on which outdoor guy they go to based on conditions.

On my way home from dropping my Official Sweetie (tm) at her job, I went down the hill on Ankeny sideways. OHFUDGESHHHHHHH!

Luck + Skill + Subaru 4wd = didn't hit anything! So, parked in parking garage my car is until the weather breaks.

Good luck to the rest of DP'ers as you travel today

Bitch is hogging the machine...

Oh wise Portlanders, what is your laundromat ettiquette?

My building has a ONE washer and dryer on each floor, which is usually very convenient and nice. However, some asshole has had his towels/underwear in the washer since about 6pm last night. After coming back and checking every half hour or so, I gave up and figured I'd do my stuff this morning.

This morning, lo and behold, the stuff is still in the washer. Now, in the past I have learned that it is generally okay to take someone's stuff out of the washer, provided it's been in there a long ass time anyway, and provided you don't ruin it by dumping it on the floor. I'm not all that comfortable with it, but it was either that or run down the hall screaming "whose shit is still in here?!"

So I do that, and when I come back in half an hour to switch it over, his shit is now in the dryer, meaning I have to wait another hour to have clean clothes, provided he takes them out on time. Arrgh.

Besides the fact that it's kind of ironic he decides to dry his laundry now, a good fifteen hours later, right when I'm trying to, was I actually correct in taking his stuff out? Should one of us have left a nasty note? Are college students just completely rude fucktards?
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In times like these...

When crisese (or crisiseses, take yer pick) are at hand, the riders of the apocolypse approach and there's an itsy-bitsy bit of snow/ice/slush/mud/locusts on the ground, the questions that matter become important.

Specifically: Which TV newschannel do you prefer? Do you just rely on the weatherchannel or a cable news network?

Personally, I think KATU brings us news for morons, ("That One Nativity That you've never heard of... is going to be taken down! Let's repeat the story every ten minutes just so you know that ONE PERSON is outraged!!") however I tend to watch KATU a lot in storm conditions, just because they're so damn repetative that you know what you want to know within five minutes or so.

What about you guys?

OH and let's discuss newsanchors as well. Who's the hottest? I hate Carl Click.
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(no subject)

Well, what do you know, I'm in Portland now after a horrible 27 hours of being in airports/on planes with cats.


They cancelled our flight from Minneapolis to Portland last night so we had to go to Seattle and fly from there to here this morning, needless to say I hate the snow kthx.
My first impression?

"It's raining."

*grumble* and it's wet.
but beautiful and confusing, I'm not used to mountains, where is my flat country that I'm so used to kthx! But anyhoo, that's just me updating on my move and it's now over...well, for now, my luggage is somewhere between Minneapolis and Portland, damnit. But I'm here and well, I guess I'm a Damn Portlander now. Haha.
Sorry for the bad jokes if there are any, I'm tired as hell.

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New Years Eve

what to do? what to do?

I’ve Googled, looked through the paper and WW and can’t seem to find good things to do on NYE so I turn to you Great DPers who know it all.

We don’t like hip hop, house, ‘dance’, or top 40’s. Is there anything going on that involves rockabilly, psychabilly, metal, or what the Slow Bar has on their jukebox? Fire? Nekked Girls? Pirates? Whiskey? Have I missed any great bands that will be playing that night?

Is there anything worth sticking around town for? Or within a days drive? I’ve read that there will be fireworks in Long Beach, WA on the beach, and at the Timberline Lodge weather permitting.

What have you heard about?

What will you guys be doing?

I thank ye all o mighty ones.
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(no subject)

You know, I remembered something that I thought of while sitting for 2 hours on 84 yesterday...why weren't any radio stations broadcasting traffic information? We flipped through just about every AM and FM station on the dial and couldn't find a single one with traffic reports beyond "traffic is slow and heavy".
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Please please help me solve a dilemma...

So I FINALLY got heating oil, the furnace filters have been changed, most of the windows have been sealed with plastic sheeting. Do I have to wait an hour after the oil is delivered before I can turn on the furnace? I didn't, I just turned it on, because I was all excited, Woo Hoo Heat At Last!!, but now it feels like the vents are blowing cold air. Did I screw up?
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Saying hello...

Greetings, DPers. I've been a lurker in this community for several weeks now and am continually amazed at your comradery and activity level. I figured I should say hello since you all seem to be very nice folks.

I currently reside in Kansas City, Missouri. However, like so many others I am holding my breath until I can finally call pdx my home.

Perhaps you all can lend me a hand. I am looking to get a teaching degree/certificate. Could you all give me some advice on teaching programs in/around Portland? Anything where I may be able to transfer credits (I already have a Masters degree)? Suggestions for who gives the most financial aid?

Thanks in advance. And thank you all for giving me continued hope that not all cities are filled with racist, sexist and homophobic people like Kansas City is.

Appliance repair

Could someone please recommend a reliable appliance repair person who will come to my apartment and fix my dryer so that I don't have to brave the cold with a basket of wet clothes? I've been here only 2 months and am not set up for air drying. Waah.
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Hair Stylist?

Hey, can anyone recommend a hair stylist who is good at doing unnatural hair colors?

My hair stylist is moving to Salem, and I don't want to drive all that way, so I think it's time to suck it up and switch to someone else.

My hair is fairly long, most of it is dyed black and I have blue streaks in it, too.

My hair is naturally almost black, so I'm looking for someone who knows what they're doing and who won't melt my hair off while attempting to bleach it out for the streaks.

Any recommendations would be appreciated. I don't care what part of town the person works in, so long as they don't work in Salem.

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okay, so

i was just wondering if anyone has found that ideal coffee shop.
i'm looking for one that
-is relatively quiet (unlike backspace)
-plays good music (unlike portland coffee house on sw broadway)
-has free wifi (unlike peet's or starbucks)
-is warm (unlike coffeehouse on w burnside)
i guess these are pretty high standards, but there must be one perfect coffee shop...
bonus points if it is in southwest or northwest.
bonusbonus points if they are hiring.
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Raw milk drinkers sue dairy

OK, this is just plain funny to me: A couple of people who brought horrible disease upon themselves and their children by insisting on what has been considered basic food sanitation for about 100 years now is somehow something not to be done to milk. Then blame the diary.

That's just retarded, people. It's right up there with eating at Jack in the Box or Carl's Junior. When you get your food from places that don't care about sanitation except when the health inspector comes around, you're just asking for a trial in intestinal integrity. I hope child protective services takes your kids.

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Things to do?????
Yep it's another one of those "I'm bored/what should I do posts?" A friend and I are going to the Death Cab For Cutie concert tonight. It doesn't start until 9pm so we have a couple hours to kill. We are currently hanging out at Fireside Lodge. What else is there to do on a Monday night?

Adult braces?

Has anyone had experience with OHSU's dental school? Specifically getting braces through them? My best friend wants to start the process here within the next few months and my orthodontist was quite the d-bag so we're looking at other options.

Anyone have good experiences with adult braces at a certain orthodontist within Portland? And she just wants the normal, metal mouth braces. No fancy Invisalign or anything like that.

Ready, set, GO!

Reluctant limey,who sees PDX as home!

I wrote the following as a reply to another LJer...

The reason why I place it here,is to sort out some confusion? that might exist in some.

Ok you sitting comfortably?

I shall begin.Several years ago I had cause to come and visit your town,from the outset I just veiwed it as a wrong was I to be!?

Basically I fell in love with Portland from the off,to the point,that now I wish to return there to live permanently, in the meantime I utilise DP as my means of keeping abreast of developments back in the place I know in my heart of hearts is home!

It may sound rather fanciful to some,thing is I never really held much truck with the precept of somewhere'physical'being your 'home'until I met Portland that is and then everything changed.

I have many good freinds in your town the sort of folk I would trust with my life,does that give you some idea of why I so love the place?

So that is the general reason why even though I am not there 'physically'I am in every day.

Yours sincerely

Terry Balfour.
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(no subject)

I'm okay at the Christmas shopping, but when someone says 'make me something', my mind goes blank.

I am in desperate need of ideas of what to do/make for my boyfriend. We're both eighteen, so not drinkers, he's fairly outdoorsy but I'm not, we're both pretty artsy people. I'm usually creative, but this holiday's got me freaking out.

Throw something out there. What would you give make your boyfriend of two years?
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Lars Larson, check. OMG it's snowing!!1!, check.

Today was supposed to be the day Lars Larson erected the symbol of Jesus Christ's death (not birth), the cross, in Pioneer Courthouse Square. He cancelled it because of "fear of vandalism," even though undoubtedly he could have had his horde of lemmings listeners guard it 24/7.

And guess what? Portland was hit by an ice storm today that paralyzed the city - so no cross could have been erected anyway.

Since fundie Christians are the masters at revisionism, I can play at it too. Either: 1.) G-d planned the ice storm to keep Lars from erecting his cross; 2.) G-d sent the ice storm to punish us all for Lars' cowardice; 3.) G-d sent the ice storm to punish all the hobgoblins who seemingly threatened the cross with vandalism and Lars with violence (although no one can find these hobgoblins).
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(no subject)

Has anyone taken the bus service taking over for MAX on the east side out towards Gresham? Do you know how long inbetween each bus? Their news site doesn't say nor does their customer service number.

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all who went to the u2 concert tonight are bastards. Lucky, lucky bastards. It's a good thing they are touring on a crappy album, or I would be too depressed to function tonight.
BTW, I don't mean that - you're not really bastards, just lucky. Ok, a few of you probably are bastards, but that's a different story altogether, isn't it? :P

I usually would not be so jealous of a concert held in that musical atrocity known as the rose garden, but damn it!! IT's U2!!! WHAAAAAA!!!! So jealous.
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