December 18th, 2005


so we've decided to move out of our apartment complex (read: tweaky neighbors, brown water, yucky layout, no character) in se.

we're looking for a 2 bedroom, decent sized place that's not too complexy. if that makes sense. one level. in se, close-in. around $650 a month. (we're paying $540 right now, which could explain the quality of living or lack thereof.)


anyone have particular places they've lived in se or apt. realtors that have a decent, non-sketchy reputation? i know that's probably hard to find, but just curious.

Strip clubs +18???

So i dont live in portland...
im from eugene... but i was wondering and im sorry if this has been asked before but i checked the memories...

But what are some strip clubs up there that are 18 and older... or what are the names of them???

its a friends birthday and this is my gift to him so any help would be really awsome...

thank you... and again sorry if this has been asked on here before
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Freezing Rain

If you haven't already heard, Portland's expected to be hit with an ice storm. According to NOAA ( NOAA Link ) the storm will start tonight and last through Monday. Bundle up!

*Looks out window.* You know, SE is already getting ice pellets...
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Mariana in the South

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Snow in Forest Grove and Cornelius!

and yes, I'm well aware that there's already been plenty of these. so sue me. snow! :D
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Your whole family is made out of meat -

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Yah, you know what weather? Fuck you too.

Awesome, I am off work at 5:00pm, so, can anyone tell me what the roads are like? All I can see is my office parking lot. I've heard that roads by Washington Square are fine but I'm in the Tanasbourne area, which I think is a slightly higher elevation. Anyone been out driving recently?


i'm a bit naive because i've never had to drive in snow (and i know this isn't much compared to other places)...

but anyone have recommendations for driving in this sort of weather? (please, no snickers.)

yesh, i know - stay off the road. but i have to pick up my man from work in l.o. at 11 p.m. tonight and don't really want to leave him there, as we're in se.

chains? should i not even be worried? just drive really slow? eh?


danke everyone - i appreciate the advice.

gas furnace?

Poll #636309 idiot question

Sooo, if one has a gas furnace and the electricity goes out (due to, let's say, Portland weather and accidents or whatever), does the furnace stil function?

what are you talking about?
this is the most boring poll ever, and why do you waste your paid lj on such things?
it's snowing! yay!
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It's looks like the jury is back and the verdict is... on the internet no one can hear you being sarcastic.
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I rely on damnportlanders for all of my important life decisions

So since I have been informed that there is some sort of..."snow" thing going on, I've realized it has put a kink in my plans to return some dvds to the video store because they're due back by midnight tonight. As you can imagine, this is a serious dilemma for me. I do not know what to do. damnportlanders, please, please, TELL ME WHAT TO DO I AM PARALYZED BY INDECISION:

Poll #636322 ultimate hardcore weather explosion

What should I do?

walk the treacherous fifteen (er, more like 1.5) miles in the snow, uphill mostly, to return the videos on time (it's what grandpa would have done)
screw it, suck it up and pay the fine then spend the rest of your evening harrassing people on damnportlanders
call up the store and guilt/harrass the minimum-wage slave teenagers who are snowed in to give an extension on the rental
should have got netflix; this is why we can't have nice things
other (plz enter in text box below)

you're such a rebel what with your creative responses. write below (no one is impressed).

oh if anyone wants to know, the movies are Fantastic Four (fantastically crap) and Happy Endings (which was okay but eh)

edit: it seems like Netflix is going to have to be a late addition to my Christmas Holiday list. Calling the store is a close second, followed by harrassing all you fine people (which is good, it's what I would plan on doing regardless)*.

*don't act like you don't you enjoy it, not like you're going anywhere.
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Pix from Downtown

The last time we had snow (2003), I was in Cardiff Wales, so I missed out.

So, I'm gonna post pix here, as revenge (even though, I got to watch the first tornado in recorded Welsh history go past my hotel room)

Collapse )

I sooooo hope we get more!

Anyone up for a snowball fight in the N Park Blocks IF we get a decent accumulation?
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patsy stone thanxgiving

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OH MY FRICKIN JESUS[ENTER DIETY HERE] IT'S SNOWING!!!oneone!11!1 [and I must make five billionth post about snow..i just had to]

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to our californian friends...congratulations on your first snow! if you would like to celebrate by purchasing me an overpriced drink, please do let me know

U2 Concert Tomorrow

My mom has tickets to U2 tomorrow... do you think the concert will get cancelled due to weather? I'd hate for her to lose the money... has anyone been in this situation before? do you remember if the show went on or not?

sorry for post #436534 about the snow :D but it's kinda cool ain't it?

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yes this is about the weather.

why is snow such a novelty? yes it's pretty but it's such a nuisance.

and now, there will be absolutely nothing on the news except the weather.

so I go to college in Los Angeles and maybe I'm close minded. but I really don't like snow. at all.

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Three things

1 - I'm getting a digital camera for christmas, I get to pick it out. I know that an actually 35mm body with lense is out of the price range, becuase I have $250 to spend. So, I need to find the best little point and shoot camera that I can get. I know that I'm looking for an optical zoom, and that the Megapixels don't really matter becuase I'll never print anything bigger then an 11 X 14 (if even). So, any advice there would be great.

2 - I'm a dragon boater, and the cold and snow puts a damper on pratice time, so I've been recomended an alertnative work out to stay in shape for paddling season; X country skiing. If any of you know much about it, are going, or would like to take me, please comment. I've never been on a mountain when it had snow on it. And I've lived in Oregon for 10 years now.

3 - Give me hugs (on my info page)! I'm snowed in =(. You probably are too.
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so now that we've seen what portland weather can do, it might be nice to remember that some people have no means of getting indoors and staying out of this crap. if you can spare ANY of the following, pleasepleaseplease donate to a homeless shelter:

i work at Transition Projects (NW 5th and Glisan, yes, it's snowing there too) and we are especially desparate for those first three. i'm sure other organizations are as well.

many thanks to those who responded the last similar post i made.

Thomas Dolby

snow (and Porland)-related haikus....

While I was driving and walking around in the snow-encrusted roads doing grocery shopping around town, I felt creative and formed many haikus in my head. Times like these bring amusement to me, as I have spent many years driving around in the snow without dire consequences (ah, the joys of spending my formative years in Fairbanks, Alaska!), and driving around in these conditions seem almost second nature to me. It's so weird (for me) to see the traffic backed up due to inclement weather....

Alas, I digress. Here are some of the recently-written snow-related driving and walking haikus....Portland-style!

mister road racer
your fifty yard skid rules, but
this ain't Olympics.

pumping brakes prevents
Dukes of Hazzard airborne show
driving Fairbanks style.

Dead cars on roadside.
Like in Weekend by Goddard
Southern Cal. drivers.

I'd rather look dumb
than slam my ass on cold ice
walk like a penguin.
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SE Hospitals / Emergency Room locations?

So... been living in SE PDX for a bit, and I just realized - I have no idea where the closest Emergency Room or Hospital is.

This could be bad if I needed to find one in case of something like, well - an emergency.

For a reference, the closest Main intersections to me are Powell, Division, Hawthorne crosses by 39th.

I am also looking for any reviews on what is a good one facility wise.

Tri-Met Snow Routs

Tri-Met is on snow routs tonight. I've looked all over (and did a site search) looking for snow routs and can't find the little rascals. Does Tri-Met actually post this info., or am I fated to use their telephone system?

EDIT: Got the info. Thanks all (esp. for not killing me for the billionth snow post).
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black & white
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Oh Tannenbaum!

We like to cut down our own tree due to fond childhood memories. I picked up a booklet on OR and WA Christmas tree farms from Fred Meyer, and today we visited two farms only to be disappointed with the tree quality.

I checked City search to see if any Christmas tree farms were rated, but the only rated ones seem to be just the regular tree farms, as far as I can tell.

Anyone have suggestions on where to go or not go? We're willing to travel for a decent tree once the weather clears. Or is there a good tree lot if the weather doesn't clear soon enough? After two strikes today, I'd super appreciate reviews on places.


hey you

take the damn tire chains OFF your damn car....

if you want to know when its suitable to use them, just ask me....
but, just to let you know, it takes a whole lot more than 1/2" of snow
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Exploding cars...

Alright. ive looked everywhere for info on this and was wondering if any of you knew....Out the window of my work i watched a car basically explode. It was around 30th and Powell, give or take a block or two. But then a while later, maybe an hour or two, there was another vehicle in the same spot which had also exploded. Does anyone know if they were fatal? or what caused 2 separate vehicles to just explode in the same spot.. it was really weird a scary, and im just curious to know what was going on.

Also, this snow thing is totally my fault, because i was wishing really hard yesterday that it would snow so it would feel more like home. Haha.
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My boyfriend and I left Hillsboro at 2 PM to pick up a friend in Troutdale. We got there at 4:30, and left our friend's place at 4:45. We got back to Hillsboro at 9:30 PM without making any stops except for the 2 hours we were stuck stopped between NE 33rd and Lloyd Center (what was going on there?). I was surprised at how well people were driving tonight, relatively. Mostly. For fucks sake though, use your turn signals when switching lanes! Driving through quiet, empty Portland streets was a bit creepy. It was fun to see the people snowboarding down the middle of Glisan and 21st across from Trader Joe's.

High winds and emergency traffic control devices

For other people's safety, please do not use road flares in icy, high wind conditions. You'll just succeed in making something on fire blow downwind in short order.

In that same regard, way to go to the total moron who lit off a roadflare and caused a panic as it rolled into a gas station full of refuelling vehicles in Troutdale. Your concern for safety and ability to demonstrate common sense and an understanding of infant-grade physics shows that you are indeed a great contribution to our society. Now move back to where you came from.