December 17th, 2005

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Spoiled brat kid needs good ideas for dining

My dad is in town this weekend, and I want to take him to a decent place for supper, and I'm plum out of ideas.

I'm thinking, El Goucho and Mortons and the like is a little too rich for my blood, but The Mallory isn't [ but I seriously doubt their dining room is open at 2 - 3 in the afternoon ].

I'm also thinking $25-ish a plate? I mean, my dad deserves to be treated now and then also, he was buying me Lobster at the tender age of 5 [ no! I'm not THAT spoiled! ... god knows why he did it... ]

Suggestions will be researched, links are appreciated.

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so a friend of mine asked this question in her journal and it got me thinking too. I just googled it and I wouldn't know where else to look, so I'm asking you;

what is open 24 hours or later than midnight in the beaverton/hillsboro area that would be a good hang out for the under 21 crowd?

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help! internet service w/ no land line?

I know next to nothing about internet plans! My housemate that doesn't have a cell phone is moving out at the end of the month, and we want to get rid of the land line because we all have cell phones.

Right now we have DSL. I honestly don't get the difference between that and cable. What do internet service do you use? How much does it cost? Any plans I should stay away from? Any you would recommend? Good companies? Bad companies, etc

Any help or information would be fabulous!

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This is kind of random, but where can I find a gay pride keychain? Nothing fancy or expensive since it's a gift for two acquaintances. Downtown would be great, but I'm also heading to Washington Square and Tanasbourne and possibly along Hawthorne today.
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Hey DP'ers..

Is there *any* heating oil company in Portland that will deliver 100 gallons of oil to me on a weekend? I just found out late last night that I'd have the money to get the oil, and having to wait until Monday will suck holy hell.
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U2 ?

Anybody going to U2 on Monday? This is my first U2 concert and I somehow got nosebleed tickets for a fair price. I absolutely cannot wait as I've been wanting to see them for years and years and never had the opportunity!
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Hippy Tea!

Alright, I've looked all over the place for this brand of tea, called Mighty Leaf. They sell it at a little cafe in Tanasbourne but the only flavor I like isn't sold in bulk. Does anyone know of a shop in the Hillsboro/Beavterton area that sells Mighty Leaf brand tea by the box, rather than individually? Seriously it's the best tea I've ever tasted and I hate having to go to a coffee shop all the time to get that tasty drink. I've tried Hagaan, but sadly they don't carry it! Any ideas my dears?
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Oddball Tattoo

I just saw this guy who told me a tattoo artist at Oddball tattooed a penis on the back of his neck inside the design of the shell tattoo he wanted. This guy went back in to get it fixed and the "artist" yelled at him and his friends and totally cussed them out and blamed it on them for "seeing what they want to see." Like they wanted it there on purpose? The design of the shell looks nothing like the drawing he took in. Apparently the photo of his tattoo is circulating all over the internet because it's so blatantly a penis tattooed on the back of his neck. It was all over on Monday. It's really a messed up shop apparently if they're willing to blame their customers for the tattoos they end up receiving. Oddball tries to get away with it as much as they can because they think it's funny. I guess you can't trust a shop that has a name like Oddball to not try to play pranks on people. Thank god this guy told me because I was buying my boyfriend a huge back piece for Christmas and I planned to go to Oddball but not now! I'm going with a more reputable shop. Anyone know of a better shop without this kind of reputation? I don't want to spend all this money on a shop that plays games like Oddball.
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Your whole family is made out of meat -


It seems we have some unwanted furry guests living in our house this holiday season. I've read some horror stories about crappy exterminators online (mostly dealing with insects) so I'm curiuos if anyone has had a good experience with any particular exterminator in the Portland area. Recommendations please!
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Okay, so I posted earlier and got no responses so I'm posting again.

It's Saturday night. I'm sitting around. I'm bored. I want to go to an open mic. Does anyone know of any happening tonight? Maybe something else interesting going on?

Thanks in advance.
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Five Vegans, Two Vegetarians, and an Omnivore Agree...

Van Hanh Vegetarian Vietnamese is the best all vegan fare available in Portland. If the word vegan scares you away, be not afraid. If vegan is your M/O, you should be a regular by now. This food is fresh, delectable to almost any palate, and savory. A beautiful spread at a phenominally low price that any human can warm up to. It may seem like a drive for some, but it is absolutely worth it! Take out, too! Do you like Vegetarian House? This is Van Hanh (in English, 1000 Happiness) better.

Located at 8446 SE Division Street in Portland.

This excerpt was taken from NW Veg Newsletter, August 2004. Comments in italics made by me:

Located far enough from the clamor of 82nd to attain some respite, Van
Hanh’s main atmospheric asset is its deck that features generous outdoor
seating. Buddhist monks and nuns operate the restaurant, the help are
mostly volunteers, and proceeds benefit the nearby Thien Quang Temple.
The only non-vegan items are the milks/creams used in some beverages.

The menu includes an adventurous variety of appetizers, main courses, and
desserts. Start with the three spring rolls (in fact, these are salad rolls, not
deep fried) with vegetables and peanut sauce for $2. What recently blew me
away was the Ocean Heart ($5), a mock seafood wrapped in seaweed,
smothered in a light, sweet tomato sauce. The lemon grass tofu sticks ($5)
are tasty enough, but beware of the hidden lemon grass sticks, which add flavor
but are too tough to chew. this was one of my favorite parts of the meal,
lemon grass or no

Overall, there’s a curious blend of dishes, many of which feature “meaty”
concoctions of tofu and wheat gluten. The prices are deliciously low, allowing
two to enjoy a filling dinner and dessert for less than $20. three ate for 26
and took home four take out boxes
Van Hanh is open for lunch and dinner every
day except Monday. They can be reached at (503)788-0825.


I am not affiliated with the temple or the cafe, I'm just full of tasty goodness and hoping to persuade anyone who hasn't yet made the trip.
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With respects to DrJeff, I've been prepping this all daze, maties!

This shouldn't be too hard for ye Salty Dogs, Photoshop seems to be
your for-ward, [no], fowwwwlarrrr.... [no].... FORTE! That be the

Click the chainLink and start 'Shoppin'

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Power Outage -

Anyone else take a power hit in the last 10 minutes, in NE Portland/Burnside area?

Just wondering ... with my other machines turned off - it's eerie silent.

Power is back, but looks like the Ron Tonkin sign on 122nd may not be coming back on...

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You know those beautiful girls that work at Bath and Body Works that give you really awesome hand massages and help you find yummy smelling lotions and other things?

You are aware of the fact that you can tip them up to $19.99. For reals.


(I don't work there, but my lovely roomates do.)
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