December 16th, 2005

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So last night my boyfriend and I rescued two dogs...A mom and her pup..But my question is, does anyone know of a vet that will check them out for cheap? I don't have much money and I want to make sure they are healthy before I find homes for them....It's a sad situation...I hate how people can abuse animals and just dump them..

I'd prefer a vet in portland/Vancouver...but if need be I can take them further.


Final candle update - because people keep complaining about the lack of posts.

I don't remember if I did a final wrap up... so here it is, for all ya bored people. I'll include a summary for all ya new people, or people who missed parts.

The story so far:

Put candles in sink when i went out for the night. Figured they couldn't burn the building down there. They smelled good, and I wanted the goodness of the smells to permeate the apartment.

Came back from night out and checked on candles. they looked good. Slept for a few hours and checked on candles again. Looked good... one side on one candle was a little low. Being sleep deprived, no alarm bells went off. Went to take a shower to go work out. Got out of shower... heard a "sizzle sizzle sizzle"

Checked on candles to find that one had spilled out the side and burned all the way down to the metal of the sink. It had been 4"x10" or so. All gone. I'm staring at the sink.

Suddenly an alarming light, in my head, turns on and i realize this might be bad. I start scooping melted wax out of the disposal. I get as much as possible out... but now it's time for working out. I leave to work out.

I get back. I try the garbage disposal. It doesn't work. Over the weeks and months that follow, I take my sink apart. I find pipes filled with waxy goodness. I'm thinking this isn't the place for wax goodness. I try to take garbage disposal apart but fail.

Finally I decide to poor boiling hot water through disposal. It works. It drains nicely into my tub. It fills my tub with waxy goodness that is not so good.

Garbage disposal and pipes now work and are clean, but tub is a waxy mess.

Many more trips with hot water ensues. A few more weeks.

Conclusion: Sink and disposal now work, and tub is now clean of wax. Hot water works wonderfully for removing wax from pipes. Store bought chemicals... they worked not so well. They did make a pretty fire though. Blue is a nice color. It's an even cooler color when it envelopes a hand.

I now have some new yummy smelling candles. This time I'll put the plug in the sink before I leave. :)

Happy FSM days!
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An open letter to the thieving

Hi, my name is Dan I don't know if we have met or not but I have a few things to say.

So I am glad that you decided, like I did, to go to Mt. Hood and enjoy some snow. It was really nice. I see also the lodge held an appeal for you. Specifically the rack of other peoples gear. As I enjoyed a hot chocolate, you got in some good running.

I just wanted you to know that though you stole my snowboard you got more than you bargained for.

What you got:

A) one Burton Canyon 163 that has only has seen snow one time before last night
B) a 40 dollar sand and base grind purchased the previous week
C) 3 hours of my time changing the edge angles to my liking, detuning, performance waxing and structuring, and fine tuning my binding set up
D) my burton custom bindings, my favorite stomp pad, and leash all with fond memories of other boards
E) Oh and I must not forget the grand prize 54.3 hours of my life that I spent earning the money to buy that set up.

In case your lack of moral fiber has in some way inhibited your brain function let me explain, all others please bear with me.

I live on a budget, I have other bills and things to do with my money, but snowboarding is one of the greatest enjoyments I have of the outdoors. I found I needed a better board to keep up with my slowly increasing skills, and thus I put that one on lay away and paid on it for a year, as my budget would only permit me that much to spend on it. I at my rate of pay had to work 54.3 hours to earn the money to buy that board. Which I will now have to do again.

So you see you have made quite a find. Before I get terribly mad, as all my friends, and people I do not know seem to be allowing themselves more outrage than me, I feel I should offer the benefit of the doubt, if you would like to return my board, please contact me here or turn it in at the concierge desk at mt hood meadows resort and they will return it to me.

IF not.....I will continue to ride, I may not be able to afford to go back this season now, but I will continue to ride, and if I ever find you on my deck in some lift line, or on a rack on your car, we WILL have a conversation, and I might even allow myself to get mad:) I find it interesting to note that all of the people to a one who heard of my problem last night openly voiced that they hoped I found you and "Kicked your cowardly ass" this included my mother, the ski patrol at meadows, several ski types who stopped to see what was up, the waitress at calamity janes, and all my friends.

Yours with a smile,

Dan T.

Thank you LJers for not getting miffed at me for the length of this post without an LJ-cut. It is making me feel a little better.

X-posted to my journal, and I saw you pdx
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Odd Dating stories

What's the most inventive way you met someone (don't matter if you dated or not but the initial meeting)

What was your most romantic/best date ever?

What's your favorite way to meet people to date? to sleep with? to be rad friends with?

Smooth sailin

Here's what i have to say:

The new westbound 217/HWY 26 interchange is awesome! The first time i went that way during rush hour i pretty much came in my pants, since it's been hell for years and i'd been forced to get off at 217 and take TV HWY to Hillsborito. i can't wait til the eastbound side is done.
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Damn Portlanders, help save an awesome venue and an awesome night.

Due to recent problems with the powers that be, ACME (SE 8th & Main) may have to close Sunday nights. For the past month or so my friend and I have been showing films there and playing punk rock and new wave music, with varying degrees of success. This Sunday will probably be our and ACME's last Sunday night unless there's a good showing of thirsty folks with good taste in music and movies.

this means A LOT to us, please help us keep our night or at least give it a fond farewell.

Final(?) Self Made Hell
Acme, SE 8th & Main
Sunday, December 18th
9-close, free

we will also be playing the following films on the big screen

Shane McGowan: If I Should Fall From Grace
Johnny Thunders: Alive or Dead
Elvis Costello: The Right spectacle
Buzzcocks: Live In Germany
Devo: The Complete Truth about Devolotion

please repost.
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birthday suggestions?

hey damnportlanders!!

you guys seems to give pretty good advice and such. i have lived here forever and it seems that i've done it or seen it.

my birthday is in 2 weeks. i am at a loss of what to do.

so........... any suggestions?

*bonus* if it's all over the age of 21


Photography and X-mas

I just got a nikon d50 camera. Who wants to teach me how to use it? Yes I will try in the portland phgotography LJ as well.
Also, who wants to hear about my holiday plans?
K Ill tell you, but then you tell me what you are doing. Show you mine then you show me yours ;) ;)
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I am looking for the names & locations of independent bookstores in Portland. Joey Comeau (who is more well-known as the author of A Softer World and cocreator of Whispered Apologies) is going to be wandering around the U.S. and Canada promoting his new novel, Lockpick Pornography. I'm trying to convince him that perhaps he can find places in Portland that will sell his book and/or let him do a booksigning. Where should I tell him to inquire?

Thanks much!


(cross-posted a bit.)
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I thought everyone would be interested in this:

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A bipartisan group of U.S. senators, demanding increased protection of civil liberties, defied
President George W. Bush on Friday and blocked legislation to renew the USA Patriot Act, a centerpiece of his war on terrorism.

On a Senate vote of 52-47, mostly Republican backers of the measure fell eight short of the needed 60 to end debate and move to passage of the legislation.

No, not a joke, not the Onion; the Democrats finally grew some balls!

Help me save my pants

A couple days ago, one of my sweet (read bastard) kitties peed on a pair of my pants. These were my "worlds ugliest pants" so I was annoyed but not traumatized. I've been washing them in hot hot water, oxyclean, even some bleach (seperately not all mixed) and there is still a faint pissy smell and now they are even uglier cause their color has changed from brown to what I imagine bile looks like. And then this morning I found caught the piddler red pawed, peeing on my one good pair of jeans. I'm a really broke student, I have four pairs of pants, counting the two above. The only ones left are my paint splattered 'holey enough for a hair metal video' jeans and my good interview suit pants so I really need to save my pants. I'm afraid to put them back through the bleach and get the uglies even uglier and ruin my jeans.

I'm begging you DP'ers for any tips for removing cat pee without ruining clothes.

*Quick Edit* This cat does this anytime we change food brands or litter brands. He just usually can't get at my clothes cause they are hung up. This is what I get for being lazy this week. I've taken him to my roomies mom (she's a vet who pitties our broke behinds) before and she never found an infection. He's just high strung.
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I'm wondering if anyone else has gotten this weird call lately. It's always from a strange and easy-to-remember ID, with 666, 440, 8006, or other digits in the number. It sounds like some kind of New Dehli call center. Always some lady with broken English. I've gotten it on 3 different occasions now. The claim is that I'm eligible for a grant from the US government – first it was $5,000, then it was $12,000. The people on the other end have a hard time hearing, always stress that I don't have to pay it back, and say "okay?" a lot. I missed 5-6 calls from this number in the last 2 days before finally picking up and trying to tell them off. (Anything involving government and money is not that efficient or prompt, for sure.) And when you get 3 words into "I'm not interested" or "why are you calling me?", they immediately hang up.

So what's the deal? Anyone had this happen? Was the "Nigerian prince" bit getting too old, or what? I expect a little bit of solicitation, but this is insane. And on my cell phone! I have minutes to hang onto, people.

(And just as soon as I posted this, I got the call again. Cripes.)
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Mercury's eBay auction ending soon!

Hey everyone! Mercury's eBay auction is ending really soon and pretty much everything is still lower than its estimated value!

The Kato Kaelin autographed painting is only going for $22 currently!!!

normally I wouldn't shill anything for the Merc, but 1. they had a picture of me this week, and 2. this is for CHARITY! All proceeds go to help the homeless!
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ok, What's the best place to rent snowshoes and inner tubes between here and Mt. Hood??

Also, is there any place to buy or borrow snowpants on the cheap? (Not for me, but for an adorable 10 yr. old girl who has never played in snow before)


Not much of a Holiday gift, but....

I have a ton of aloe vera plants and some 100 year old Christmas cactus cuttings if any of you would like either.

Let me know via my livejournal email if you would like either one of these offerings. I live in inner-SE.

Happy holidays!!!

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Alright, I have a mystery.

I live up on the hill just southwest of downtown. Have you ever looked up, around this time of year, and seen the martini glass in lights up on the hill? I'm two doors down the street from that guy.

Lately, maybe only in the last couple of weeks, there's been this hooting sound. It's like a train, almost, or the wind rushing through a tunnel or something, but it doesn't sound quite like either of those things- I can normally hear the trains, but they are fainter, further away, and higher-pitched.

It's low, loud, has a constant pitch, and only happens intermittently. It sounds kind of like it's coming from up the hill, but I have no idea what would be up the hill that would make that sound.

Does anybody else hear this? Does anybody have a clue as to what it is?

More wanders down memory blvd...or should that be Farmington?

This is the Cady Building,which was built in 1914,it stands on Farmington Highway.


This is a more recent picture of the same building,the store in the center with the large sign,is where the 'Hot Box'is located,a local 'headshop' freind Chris Norris worked there,I have very good memories of hanging out there,waiting for my freind Andi,to walk her to work,when she had alighted from the 78 bus,just outside.


Terry Balfour(Portlander in my soul)

PS:I do own an umbrella!
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So what's with the helicopter that's been circling the Hawthorne District for the last hour or so? Is Bush finally invading the PROP (People's Republic of Portland)?

In the days before the 'MAX'...there was this!

   Beaverton Railroad Depot

This train system by all accounts really opened up,area around Beaverton(which incidently gained it's name from the native American,for 'Place of the beaver''Chakipie')

For farming and general trade.
The railroads like most parts of the world,engender growth,
seems this did the trick for Beaverton too!
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I'm going to hit Wacky Willie's tomorrow, but does anyone have any resistors hanging around that you want to be rid of? I'm using them for an art thing. If you've got any laying around from an old EE project, let me know. :D Sources that don't involve going to Fry's and are actually in Portland would be nice too - I'm sure Norvac has them, but they're in BFE and I'm tri-meting. Thanks.