December 14th, 2005


Lost family members

Brian Moore? Son of Micheal Moore?

Hey, you've got a little sister looking for you. My mom tells me you live in Portland, but I'm loathe to believe her. Her name is Jeanne Salt. I'm Andrea. I have a picture of you holding me when I was a baby. I think you were seven.

Yeah, this isn't going to do me any good, but I thought I'd try anyway, just so I could say that I did.

Anybody want a broken car?

Well dear D.P. my car is broken and I'm not going to have it fixed...I'm just going to get a better car...

but...I thought I'd offer it. I'm not terribly desperate I'm just offering.

I'll take $100 or an offer. You haul.

It is a 1990 Chevy Corsica. It has 115K and everything would work if the water pump and tensioner. It would be a good project car for the right person.

Like I said, I'm just offering. If you interested comment.

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(no subject)

Have you ever thought that maybe out of the nearly 3000 members of damnportlanders, we probably collectively know the whole metropolitan area of Portland. I mean, there's only about a million people in the metro area, right? We could do that whole three degrees of separation thing. Or five degrees. Anyway, just think of how well connected everyone could be if that resource were exploited. Thoughts?

little blue dog

Christm-- er, HOLIDAY userinfo santa thingies

I got bored studying last night, so I made some little LJ Santa userinfo dudes.

For comparison, here's the standard LJ userinfo dude:

#1, gave him a little Santa hat:

#2, made his shirt red:

#3, added a little beard:

Feel free to use them if you like ... they're here:

I'm no HTML wiz, so incorporating them into the code was a bit tricky for me. Collapse )

There are probably a couple coms for these little guys, but I don't even know what they're called ("info icons," maybe?) If you know of one, let me know, I'll post them there. :)

Merry Christmas!
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Belly Dance DVDs sold in Portland?

I'm looking for the following DVDs:

Tribal Fusion - Yoga Isolations & Drills for Bellydance (2005)
SharQui - The bellydance workout
Bellydance for Body Shaping: Floorwork

Does anyone know where in Portland I can purchase these? I'm trying to avoid shopping on the internet.


Medical clinic physical exams?

So I'm going to study early childhood education in the UK for a year, and one of the things required for my program is a Doctor's Letter or Certificate stating that I'm "physically and psychologically fit to work with children." This could be accomplished by having a basic physical from a medical doctor.

Of course, I don't have insurance, nor do I have a regular doctor. So I'm going crazy trying to figure out where I can go to get this! Planned Parenthood only does annual reproductive related exams (so they told me), the Multnomah County Health Department doesn't accept new, non-insured patients, and Outside In clinic only has naturopathic physicians, which won't quite cut it. I'm almost frustrated to the point of tears here, and I have no idea what to do. Does anyone know a clinic I could go to, or somewhere that might be of some use...? I need to get this before I leave Portland on New Year's Eve, and I just found out about this requirement yesterday! Heeeeelp!
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Do you have a favorite Piercer in town?

I'm thinking of getting my septum done here soon and I would like your input on who to go to.

Also what does it run?
I think it was 45-60 with a retainer in Salem last time I priced it.
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Quick Question about intimate hair removal...

Hey...I might have asked this of this community before, but then chickened out and lost the information.

I'd like to get a brazilian bikini wax and I'm really kind of nervous about the whole "being naked in front of a stranger while they rip the hair out of my delicate parts" thing and I was wondering if someone could recomend someone clean, professional, and not too expensive in Portland.

Preferably SE or downtown and preferably not so busy that I couldn't get in this week.
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If you would be so kind:

What are your feelings on the following transit subjects (links provided for your knowledge-attaining convenience)?

Portland Mall Revitalization Project

I-205 Light Rail Project

Washington County Commuter Rail

More specifically, which of the projects would you use, if any, and why or why not?

Do you think each of these are particularly advantageous as transit solutions?

Would you suggest other methods of improving Portland's transit system?

Much appreciated!

(no subject)

I don't have insurance and after a few weeks of back trouble I "threw my back out" yesterday. Anyone know of a chiropractor in the Portland area that doesn't a ton? I got a reference for a doctor in Aloha, but getting there will be an issue....


I am a slacker

I have been so consumed with school and work that I haven't found a family or kid to sponsor for Christmas this year. I have been buying toys and stuff throughout the year while they were on sale so now have a little stockpile. I would rather donate them to a specific kid instead of one of those random toy drive things. Any suggestions for where to find one? Or am I to late?

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Hickeys December Meetup Part Deux

Per the request of expatriate, who is leaving Portland for Vancouver in early January*, plus a few other people mentioning that the 27th was a better day for them: a secondary meetup will occur at the usual time and place (8pm, McMenamins Tavern and Pool on NW 23rd) on Dec. 27th.

Alas! I will not be there. But I WILL call McMenamins for you guys and have 'em reserve the back tables.

* You can either take this to mean that, since he's leaving, you should see hiim while you can...or you can take it as "bitch is leaving, so who cares about him?" :D

Additionally, I will be out of town for the January meetup. rathanylakan has been given control of the nametags and pens, but if anyone at the meetup on the 27th can also promise to be at the January meetup, she will need to hand over the nametags and pens because she will be out of town. I'd love it if someone (*cough cough* cheekyassmonkey? *cough*) could volunteer to be Pen and Nametag Person for January. :X Sorry I suck so much.

P.S. Guys, please remember to pay your tabs before leaving. April, I covered for you this time, you owe me four bucks. ;)
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Random Question for People who grew up here went to HS in Oregon.

Did you go to High School in Oregon?

If so where and what grad year?

I'm McKay HS class of 1993
and I also went to Thurston High School.

On myspace today I noticed a huge amount of people from my grad years now where as before it was almost nil. Kind of curious to see if anyone I know is here on DP!

(non native origonian's can put theirs down to if they like just in case!)
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ibook hunting

I had my eye on a refurbished ibook at the apple store, but it sold out before I could purchase it. I also know about small dog, but other than ebay, I don't know of any other stores to look at. I'm keeping my eye on the two sites, hoping one shows up soon. Any help? I'm wanting the 14 inch ibook with a superdrive. Send me linkies please.

I also want to know how I can watch DVDs on my TV using the ibook. What kind of hook up do I need, and is there some kind of remote control for that too? My DVD player is dying and and I want to kill more birds with one stone here.

Thanks for any help you can give me.

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Random Free Stuff

I HAVE to get rid of this stuff because it is taking up to much room. I would LOVE for it to be gone by tomorrow at 4pm. If I can't find someone on DP that wants it I will just drop it off at the Goodwill.

*Random twin size sheets (some fitted, some flat, all in good condition)
*A couple blue towells (some of them have bleach spots cuz my "genius" ex roommate put them in with her whites for some reason
*Gently used preschool teacher type stuff (different types of flashcards, Pooh bear game, Halloween playdough cutters
*Some women's clothes and shoes (mostly L/XL on the clothes, 8-9 on the shoes)
*Wooden step stool. partly broken but easily fixed for someone who is handy

I am sure I will add other stuff soon.

I don't have pics of most of this because well.. because I'm to lazy to take them. Feel free to give me a call if you are interested in swinging by to check things out. (I may not be checking email frequently and I want this stuff gone as soon as possible) My number is 503 869 8819. I live in SW near Washington Square.


Oh yeah this is also posted on Craigslist. Just wanted to give you guys/gals a chance.

(no subject)

This is a weird, random and pointless inquiry that will undoubtedly be snarked by the snarky, but I am very curious. Being someone who always sort of assumed that most people gave up smoking pot in their late teens, my recent blooming social life has taught me otherwise. Most surprisingly, I've found, is that the people I wouldn't expect to smoke pot actually do, the ones with 'respectable jobs', some almost slightly conservative leaning, balanced folks. And on the other hand, the people I expect (or at least, don't rule out) to smoke pot, the dyed hair Hawthorne mid-20/30's types, the eclectic punk types, the more artsy whatever you call it types, don't.

So I'm really curious as to how the demographic, at least in the tiny bubble of damnportlanders, looks regarding all this. Do you smoke pot? How often? (Monthly, weekly, daily? Yearly?) Are you unemployed? Career minded? Early 20's? Late 30's and beyond? Have kids? Hate kids? Exercise and yoga? Or chinese takeout and Rogue? And if you do smoke, is pot the only "drug" (of the illegal variety) you use? Don't know why I'm so curious about this, I just am.

Fuel Prices - Portland Metro Area

We got our gas bill today. Dang! I'm curious as to how we compare. Who can resist the clicky boxen??

Poll #633971 Fuel Prices

I have oil heat, and my gas bill this month was:

under $50
over $300

I have gas heat, and my bill this month was:

under $50
over $300

I have another heat source, and here's what it costs:

I keep the heat in the house set around:

Arctic (under 55)
Put on a sweater! (55-65)
This will be nice in the summer! (65-70)

Hey, don't forget the buttons!

Humbug! Buttons SUCK!
Why is this your business anyway?


I was listening to Dr.Doug, Daria, and Skippy today and they were doing their Lovecourt thing, which I listen to because I have nothing better to do. (And Daria is the hottest woman on the face of this earth.)

A woman called in and said that they had gotten a package in the mail that was to their address, but it wasn't their name. So her husband opened it anyway! And you know what it was? It was cookies. AND HE ATE THEM!

She was calling to see if she was in the right or the wrong for thinking he was wrong for doing this, and they judged that she was in the right.

But that little end part doesn't matter. The part that does matter is this:

My friend Andy sent me a package of cookies a month or so ago, and has been e-mailing me and asking if they had gotten there yet. I said no, and then asked him what address he sent them to, since I moved recently. He said he'd sent it to the old one... So the people at the old house got my cookies.

And then this woman calls up, telling her story...

Connect the lines, people.

I HOPE YOU ENJOYED MY COOKIES! I hope your felony committing husband enjoyed MY cookies. I hope he choked on them. I hope they gave him terrible indegestion and he had to sit on the toilet for HOURS.


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I am looking for a local store that carries tree-in-a-box:

I know I can get it online, but I'm under a time constraint, so waiting for it to arrive in holiday shipping isn't really feasible. Its going to be a memorial present and I need it by monday. I didn't exactly get any warning...

Any suggestions?
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