December 13th, 2005


ok my friend elaine and i and her brother want to get a tattoo tomorrow. what are good places and why??? price range??? and are there group rates??? i want the inner portland area. thanks for all help.
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winter madness

christmas tree? holiday tree?

fuck-off tree.

my vote is, if they want to feel oppressed, lets oppress them by winning the war on xmas. it wouldn't take much. here's what i'd recommend: people start saying "happy holidays excluding christmas!"

anyone that demands pity for oppression that doesn't exist should have their wishes granted, in my opinion.
-s h
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room for rent

I have some friends that are looking to get a roomate or two for a two bedroom apartment in Beaverton. It's near Beaverton High School off Ericksen & Allen Blvd. The rent can't be more than $300 for the one extra bedroom. Their current roomates are just up and leaving them and they need someone to move in rather quick.
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Would be Prettier

I wish I had the pound sign on my keyboard... not #, but the currency one.

Ok, I've tried googling, and looking through LJ for groups who might help, but have come up empty handed. Since DamnPortlanders know everything, I was hoping someone out there would have knowledge on the following:

I received a Scottish 5 pound note that was printed with Jack Nicklaus on it as a commemoration of his retirement. How should I store this? I understand no touching, creasing, etc, but is there a special pocket I should put it in? Should I frame it?

Any websites that you know of, or places in Portland/Beaverton area that you know of that could help me would be great. I know nothing about this kind of stuff. Thanks in advance!
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War On Christmas update

39 more people have died in the War On Christmas in the last day, bringing the total death toll up to 1480.

Pro-Christmas forces successfully bombed 3 Target stores in the region, while Anti-Christmas forces demolished Christmas trees and launched missile attacks on nativity scenes.

Coffins of the dead pro-Christmas soldiers were wrapped in holly and mistletoe, making a powerful graphic statement in the media and leading people to believe support for the war was likely to flag. Popularity indices for the anti-Christmas administration have been dipping, with anti-war activists demanding 'Get our boys out of the tree stand, now!' and 'No blood for eggnog!'

Allegations of abuse in pro-Christmas detention camps have been surfacing, with reports that the anti-Christmas dissident detainess were beaten with candy canes and forced to pose in Santa suits.

Popular singer-songwriter John Lennon commemorated the sad state of affairs and longing for the end of the bitter struggle with a song entitled "Happy Christmas Holidays (War is Over)".
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Carshare programs

Has anyone used the CarSharing Network, or any other type of caresharing program here in Portland? I know there's Flexcar, but I think they're a little on the expensive side and I'm wondering if there are other options...

Thanks in advance.

(no subject)

can anyone tell me where i can find aplets & cotlets candies downtown (or even further out)? i've been keeping my eyes peeled for weeks, and scouring google (their actual website doesn't have any kind of retail store guide), and i've had no luck. i'd also like to find turkish delight locally, if you happen to be in the know. thanks!

Please, please, someone take my place in our apartment!

The basics: 10' X 10' Bedroom for rent in King's Hill near Downtown. Available 12/31, though this could be flexible by as much as a week +/-. Shared bathroom (though it has two doors, one leading to the room in question), $450/month plus half of the gas/electric/internet bill. Share with one professional male law student, age 26, who is neat, clean, and wonderful as a roommate. Could be furnished; most of the apartment already has furniture but room can be made for yours if you have it. Searching for reliable student/young professional who likes geekery, cleanliness, drug-free living situations, no television, and general kindness/respect to your fellow humans. There are two lovely pet rats already in the apartment; no more pets please.

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bike punx!

U-Lock justice, originally uploaded by alexwrekk.

i am helping someone who is working on a documentry about these decorated bike lane people in portland, oregon. we got to design this one and the city let us place it! for those in the area, it is on 33rd and south of marine drive on the west side of the street. jut thought you might be interested.

patsy stone thanxgiving

(no subject)

First one to mention the Christmas vs Holiday Tree "war" again gets to write my term papers and take my finals too. And get their wisdom teeth taken out without anesthesia..

This ought to keep people quiet!
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someday b/w

Do you sew? Do you want to help me launch my Label?

I'm looking for someone who can sew pretty well.

I'm designing clothes and since I don't sew I need someone who can take my designs and turn them into reality.

so more of a seamstress than just a sewer really.

I won't have the $$ to get things going till next month at the earliest but I'm thinking of it now so I wanted to post and get it out there.

I'm planning on having my own line of clothing eventually. I've been wanting to do this since i was 12/13 and am now committed to doing it!
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(no subject)

For you portlanders that make it out to the beach occassionally: If you are ever interested in horseback riding at Cannon Beach DO NOT USE Northwest Equine Outfitters!

I made reservations over 2 months ago for our 6 month anniversary, called to verify they do them in the offseason and they told me to pay on paypal. I followed their directions, paid my 25% deposit and thought I was done. For the last couple of weeks I have been trying to confirm my reservations through phone AND email and nobody would return my call. I finally got someone to call me back today and they said they had no record of me making reservations but I can do a half day ride for $200/person. um yeah that is about 3x what I had originally planned. She kept trying to keep my money for a later time even though I said my boyfriend lives out of state and then offered for me to drive down to Salem to meet them and then go riding. Um thanks for the offer to go a couple hrs out of my way just so I can pay you extra money. no thanks.

Anyway despite the fact that they told me to make my reservations online and online it says to specify when, what, etc...she is only refunding me my deposit less the amount paypal charges for commission. Not my fuckup but I get punished for it.

So anyway, like I said if you wanna go horseback riding in Oregon. Dont go there.
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Christmas shopping questions

1. Does anyone know a store where I can obtain soap that looks like food or candy? It's a semi-gag gift for Xmas I need to get...

2. Where do you get cool wrapping paper, preferably recycled paper? that's not too expensive?

Preferably close-in East side or downtown..
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Airport transportation?

I need to get to the airport tomorrow for a 3:30pm flight.. I have a ride home on Friday night when I get back, but the person that was supposed to be flying with me (and be my ride to the airport) has to cancel the trip and now I need to figure out the best way to get to the airport. Trimet is out, because from my house it’ll take 111 minutes and 3 busses/max.. and I work in Wilsonville, so leaving my car here is out of the question as well. So, should I find a shuttle service? Cab company or entrust my car in the economy lot? And if I drop my car off in the lot at 2:00pm on Wednesday and pick it up at 9:30pm on Friday, do I pay for 2 or 3 days? Either route I choose, I’ll be reimbursed by my employer, but I just want the easiest option, you know?

Any ideas? Anyone in Clackamas with nothing to do want to give a poor girl a ride to the airport?

Thanks :)
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(no subject)

I'd like to hire a housecleaner, one that can come in every now and again, maybe once every month or two, and really get stuff sparkling clean. I'd love for them to come in the next couple weeks so that I can have the house clean for New Year's Eve. Does anybody have any specfic recommendations of a person who can do such a thing, and their rates?

in our hearts


i'm new here. well not real new, i hit my 3 month anniversary this week. anyway share nice places to visit and great, chill places to drink and such. i like this city. i may stay for a while. oh and if you want to hang out and drop stuff off bridges, i'm your man. thanks.

holiday spirit?!

hey all...i was wondering if any of you super damnportlanders could help me out? i work for an awesome (and one of the oldest in the US) domestic violence programs here in portland, however like many programs we are greatly underfunded and put all our resources towards providing resources to those we serve.

it's a tough field to work in and the people that staff the crisis line, emergency shelter, transitional shelter and community support groups 24 hours a day 365 days a year work hard. it's a job that requires long hours, challenging situations, is emotionally taxing, yet in the grand scheme of life is one of the most rewarding careers one can have.

in an attempt to honor them and celebrate the hard work they do, i am trying to organize a holiday party. most larger organizations can afford shwanky parties fully catered and the likes, but that's not us. we put all our dough into services, so i am trying to find some local restaurants/stores etc. that might be willing to donate some yummy treats to help make the event more enjoyable. a local pizza shop is donating a couple pies, but we'd like to have a few more things for the 25 amazing folks that work here. any suggestions? anyone feeling in the spirit and want to help? :)
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Looking for...

looking for someone in p-town: Paul Frasier. P-Love. Anyone out there that knows how i can get back in touch with my bro, give me a holler.
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rent a geek?

Hey, how do I forward my yahoo mail to my gmail account? I checked w/yahoo, but I think those bastards want me to give them money to get a "membership" that will let me forward it. What's up? Anybody put in a forward from a free yahoo account to a gmail account? How did you do it?
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online bakeries?

Are there any bakeries here in town that have a website from which I can order baked goods to be sent elsewhere? I am needing to browse online bakeries and send yummies to loved ones in the mail, tout de suite. If anyone has had a positive experience with this sort of shopping, I would love a recommendation.

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'Questionable clientele'....right!?

I found this reveiw of the Sbux in Beaverton

I was tickled a color approaching pink,by the commentary of the last reveiwer...'Questionable clientele'....why?

As that used to be my 'old haunting ground'when I last lived there...I suppose I possibly fall into this ever so useful sub genre of customer types...must say,I am quite happy with the labelling.

It wold appear from my 'sources'close to the ground from those parts,that this Sbux needs an enema....I must hurry up and get back there,to administer it!


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