December 12th, 2005

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Holy crap, it just hit me.

Only two more months until we will be house hunting in Portland! Holy crap! It's coming up fast.
We're gonna rent a house for about 6 months until we can either buy a nice funky home with character or get a bit of land and put a kit home on it.

The whole endeavor is a bit scary, but then I remember my visit and all the little details that I love so much about Portland.

I love the old concrete sidewalks, with their cracks and tufts of grass peeking through. I love the endless trees that create canopies over some of the roads. I love the old houses with creaking wood floors and warm fireplaces. I love the old brick buildings downtown and the cobblestone near Saturday Market. I love the variety of people I saw walking down Hawthorne, each with their own groove, their own walk, their own smile, and their unabashed individuality. I love the taste of ale from the cask and the warm sunset illumination of the murals in the Bagdad. I love the serenity of the quiet parks. I love the reverence and love found in the Vietnam Memorial. I love the impromptu conversations with funky shopkeepers. I love the insane homeless guys that yell crazy shit at each other downtown. I love the plethora of bumperstickers everywhere. I love the endless bookstores and the literary gems they hide. I love the fact that most places I go to eat has a beer selection that isn't insulting. I love the straightforwardness of communication with most people. I love that I can actually be in traffic for 5 minutes without seeing a Jesus fish on a car. I love the fact that, while in line for almost anything, people will actually talk to each other and the conversation is often actually interesting. I love the view of Mt. Hood in the distance. I love that I can drive to the beach in just a couple of hours. I love that weird is normal in Portland. I love that I can go to a theatre and have beer and pizza, and enjoy a movie with others doing the same, who aren't afraid to laugh from the gut, making it feel like everyone's hanging out in someone's living room having a good time. I love that I'll be there again in a couple of months.

I've missed you Portland, though I knew you for only a few days. I'm coming home.

Worth a shot?

My car broke down this morning. :-( One of the belts came off. I can't exactly get the car to a shop to have it worked on nor do I really have the money to do that...but a belt coming off seems like it might be pretty easy to fix. If one of you knows a little about cars I would love getting some advice on self fixing this problem :-)

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Any ideas are GREATLY appreciated.

Thanks so much!!!!!!

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Damn drivers...

Don't fucking speed down small residential streets just because it's dark.

If you're going too fast to see a white and calico kitten, or to evidently even notice that you killed her, YOU ARE GOING TOO FUCKING FAST AND I HOPE YOU FEEL EVEN A TENTH AS FUCKING MISERABLE AS I DO, YOU SONOFABITCH.

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happy monday

I saw this bumper sticker on the way to work and I thought perhaps it would make some else laugh too:

(In the tune of "Hi ho" from Snow White, on an old beat up car with really foggy windows driving on i-5 at about eight in the morning)


This of course runs a close second to my all time favorite, seen right here in Portland about a year ago:

'How do I spell relief? F-A-R-T'


You guys are seriously the best! I love this community. I can always count on you for advice and in general if I'm bored. You all totally restore my faith in humanity.

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Copying photos

I need to get some copies made of some wedding photos. The thing is, I don't have the negatives. I know that there are a billion photo labs in stores like Fred Meyer/similar, but can they copy without negatives? I don't have a scanner, so I can't do it myself. I don't know anyone with a scanner either. Where could I get this done?

Reed Students with guns

A pheasant I photographed at Reed last summer

Reed students are not shy about protesting any and all causes, and I applaud them for that. God knows how many extra wars would have started without the efforts of students like those at Reed.

Admittedly, I am not sure whether I am baffled more by the underwhelming outcry against the opening of hunting season on the back-lot of the Reed campus or the huge wave of student support for it. Students across the campus grounds are taking up arms (which at Reed are not limited to rifles but also include bows and quivers loaded with arrows and Robin Hood caps) against the foxes and pheasants which populate the campus wildlands just south of Steele Street, and all this begins on Friday, December 16.

I personally believe students are using hunting season just as another excuse to cut it up above and beyond RenFaire and the all-night party that is known affectionately in Reed circles as the academic year. Some students have expressed that hunting is a means to gather food. My answer to that is the Delta is less than a mile walk from campus and while the Delta won’t take credit cards, they will gladly accept a few bucks withdrawn from your trust fund at the WaMu across the street.

My concerns with the opening of hunting season at Reed are many-fold. First, hunting on campus is a gateway hobby that can lead to hunting in other public areas, such as Forest Park, Tryon Creek, and Mt. Tabor. Once Reed students are on the loose, even the side streets near those parks will not be safe. Second, in consideration of the wherewithal that educated people have, I wouldn’t be surprised if Reedies do spring break on safari in Africa while hunting big game for course credit.

Also worthy of consideration are the dangers and distractions to learning that hunting creates on campus. I have ventured into the deep wilderness of Reed and many-a-time have run across errant damsels and knights out doing their SCA merriment activities, as well as a stray homeless person here and there. Aren’t these groups in danger of intoxicated student hunters? What about Shakespeare in the Park? What about the serious students embarking on a journey of reading the classics, whose concentration is repeatedly broken by the sound of gunfire?

All this says nothing for all the dear creatures cut down in the prime of their lives, all for the sport of the legions of the uncaring. Dick Cheney hunts. Need I say more?

Please join me and others like me at 12:01 a.m. this Friday morning for a candlelight vigil on Bybee Street near the campus entrance to protest the start of hunting season. I know it will be chilly, but please wear your brightest colors just to be on the safe side.

little blue dog

Pioneer Square

Anyone know what's up in Pioneer Square today?

Big white tent with a ton of folding chairs set up inside, and many, many cops around. Cops on horses, cops on bikes, cops walking around, cop cars here and there. And a TV crew. Maybe it has something to do with the opening of hunting season at Reed?

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Does anyone know if there are any European delis or grocery stores in the greater Portland area that carry Hungarian items? I'm in search of things like kalacs and dobos torte because I am a bad baker but would love to have some Hungarian goodies for Christmas. Thanks for any help!
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I need some help

if you were at Chopsticks on Friday before 10:00 PM I need your reciept
I was there and my car got towed but I was paying with cash so I don't have a reciept

Dig deep DPers I need you on this one
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Meetup reminder!

Meetup is tomorrow, Dec. 13th, at 8pm at McMenamins Tavern and Pool, 1716 N.W. 23rd.

Minors are welcome until 10pm. For other questions, see the FAQ.

Yes, it's on an unusual day of the month this year, but because of the holidays confusing everything, we held a vote and the 13th was the day that won. For those of you who will be unable to attend because of the date change, my apologies-- I just went with the majority on this one.

So! Come to meetup, bring your friends! Help me plan the perfect murder with rathanylakan! Have a HOT LIVE SEXXXY FLAME WAR with cosmicjohn if he shows! Get laid (it has happened)! And also, see the LAST STAND of my pink hair, for it will be brown when I return to Portland in January!

*gets snarked to death* Erm, right then. Meetup tomorrow. See you there. ^_^;
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This might be kind of a strange request...

Could anyone tell me where I could get some antlers? deer or otherwise. I'm not looking for anything huge but I am looking to find as many pairs (or individual) as possible. Does anyone have any laying around that they don't want (there might be some hunters out there or something)...
btw...i'm looking for them for a christmas art installation...

No No

Calling all Rude Boys and Rock Steady Rockers

DeHaviland has been asked to open for Ska and Rock Steady legends The English Beat. The show starts at 8 pm sharp on Friday, December 16th, at The Aladdin Theater. Dust off your bowler, shine up your Doc Martens, iron your three button suit and skinny tie, and join us for a night of skanking to the beat. Tickets at the door or advance. $20.00 (I know)

The English Beat website

DeHaviland MySpace

Bring a coat to donate to the Aladdin Theater Coat Drive, December 7th through January 7th!

wireless router for home

I just bought a Linksys router and wireless card. I've been having trouble with the speed in which it open web pages. I have it set up in the main floor of our house and when I have my computer next to it, it seems to process at the correct speed. However, when I take it into the basement, it processes some pages fast than other. For example, when I go to Yahoo, it opens the main page fast, but then when I go to open my mail it takes forever to get to the page.

I've already been with their support people twice, both times they've had me re-cofigure the router and after I've done that, it's process normally for a while, but then it go back to slow processing. The first time they had me set the revier to 11, the second time they had me set it to 1.

My internet provider is Comcast.

I'm using an IBM G40 with WIndows XP.

A friend of mine suggested I buy NetGear instead.

What do you think? Any luck with either brand? Should I take it back?

Any suggestions would be more than wlecome.


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i need a el-cheapo web host. i mostly just use it for hosting pics, and need to be able to FTP up to it.

I really don't want to pay very much.
any suggestions?

my webhost took my money and ran.
i guess you get what you pay for.......
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And by the above I mean, "not important at all."

Poll #632734 hickeys!

How do you feel about hickeys?

Hate 'em. They're a pain in the ass. Or neck, or wherever.
I like giving them, but not receiving.
I like getting them, but not giving.
Hickeys are a sign of posession-- I dig it.
Hickeys are a sign of posession-- people should be in equal relationships, not posession-ships!
I love hickeys. Giving or getting. ♥
I've never gotten or given a hickey. :(
I'm hickey-neutral.
WTF? I'm so posting to dp_snark about this.
I think that giapet should not be allowed to post anything but meetup things from now on.
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