December 10th, 2005


I need a massage. Bad. I've never had one, but I just know I need it. But...i don't want to pay 100$ an hour or anything like that....Are there any places that won't kill me (I'm kind of a wuss) but will make my neck stop hurting so bad? These new chairs at work suck :(

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Is Government Camp open for skiing yet? (are the lifts operating)
I need a study break, but don't want to drive too far up on the mountain because the higher the elevation the more expensive the passes and I'm almost broke :)
(unless someone wants to lend me their pass)
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Seasons Greetings

I just wanted to wish all of you at DamnPortanders a Merry Christmas
A convivial and winsome non-denominational, non-specific approching of the 359th day1 of the year.

1This day only referenced because it is the one listed as my day off in my Employee Handbook and is in no way reflective of any specific event that may or may not have occured on said day.
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"Best cell phone coverage" answer

I see people asking this a lot, so I thought I'd post the results of this Consumer Reports survey about cell phone service-- specifically the actaul service of the phone, so circuits full, dropped calls, static, and no-service areas are the criteria. This is according to a Consumer Reports SURVEY, so read into it what you will.

They sorted it by metropolitan areas; Portland wasn't one of them, but in Seattle Verizon and T-Mobile tie for first, and in San Francisco Verizon wins by a bit.

Just for the record, Verizon tops the list in every metropolitan area except Chicago, where it's behind U.S. Cellular. T-mobile is usually behind Verizon by a varyingly medium to small margin (Sprint took second in Detroit though, and in New York T-mobile actually took last). Cingular, Sprint, and Nextel's places all vary otherwise, but it looks like Sprint *tends* to beat Cingular and Nextel.

Also, just a reminder: MEETUP TUESDAY! Details here, meetup FAQ here, minors welcome until 10pm.
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& Daggers!
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From Nickel Creek's latest MySpace blog entry:

I love Portland. I could live there someday. I really could. The days were clear and crispy-cold. I got some Christmas shopping done. We played two nights there, and then enjoyed another day off there in town. Everytime I went to Stumptown, I saw one of the guys...whether he be Sean, Chris or Kevin (the drummer with Andrew Bird). We all went at least 2 or 3 times a day. So good.

Aww, warm fuzzies. :)

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I need..
a good bank in downtown portland.
somewhere near the art institute and the yards at union station would be nice.
sadly, i have no idea what makes a bank good. so i'm trusting you guys.


added: bascially i'm just looking for a checking account. with a debit card. sorry if i sound dumb, i got my own first bank account this year so i don't know all the lingo.
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bored today?

come to our art opening!

Saturday, December 10th (TODAY!)

In Other Words Bookstore
3734 SE Hawthorne Blvd

3-6 pm artists' reception

Stop by and see artwork by fellow damnportlanders chalkmarkbody and dinobryce, and artwork by not-so-damned portlanders Barbara and Myrna.

Grab some cheese and crackers (or maybe other munchies) and get a chance to speak to the artists.

The show will be up for the month of december, in case you can't make it today but want to see the work.

Reminder: Craft Fair/Open Studio Tonight

Open Studio featuring fancy pants crafters who make plush toys, cool jewelry and clothes.

The ladies who bring you AngryTooth and animal? products are pleased to invite you into their studio and let you bask in the glory that is AdventureLand. Other fancy pants local crafters will be joining us with their wares, so you should come. Tonight. It'll be fun, I promise.

Saturday Dec 10, 2005
at 5:00 PM
2262 SE 39th Ave
Portland, OR 97214
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So the Boyfriend and I are thinking about going to Zoolights - is this an event that is going to be super lame if we don't have small children in a stroller?
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Sick kitties...

I just found out that my 9 year old, 25 lb cat has tapeworms, which means the other two, younger, smaller cats probably do as well. I went to Petsmart, and while the roundworm treatment was $6.99, the *only* tapeworm treatment they had was $24.99 for 3 tablets - enough to treat one cat. The clerk told me that a vet can give them each a shot for the tapeworms - but here is the biggest problem: I am completely broke. We don't even have heat in our house because we can't afford to buy oil. (And kitties like to stay warm, too, so they cuddle up to the humans for body heat...which with tapeworms I'm thinking is probably not a good idea). Does anyone know of any low income emergency pet help?

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Last-gasp Serenity screening - 21 and over only

Last-gasp, big-screen "Serenity" screening! With beer!

When: Thursday, December 15 @ 8pm
Where: Kennedy School Theater
Why: Because there's nothing better than Serenity on the big screen w/ pizza, beer, a comfy chair and a room full of Browncoats. And don't forget the free merchandise!

If you want to meet up with the PDX Browncoats, we'll be in the Detention Bar for an hour or so before the movie. Or join our group and say hello. You can also email me directly if you have any questions.