December 9th, 2005

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The commercials inspired me.

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It's one of my all-time favorite books. I had to buy a new copy recently because my first one fell apart from reading it so many times.

So...what's your favorite book? I need some new ones. I've read everything in the house. Thrice. Seriously.
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Butterfly Larvae

Does anyone know if there is a place here in the Portland area that I can purchase butterfly larvae/caterpillars? I want to raise them and release them at my wedding. I've researched them online, and they are so expensive! I figured I could just raise them myself, in our butterfly habitat...the one we haven't opened in 2 years *lol*
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Anyone know where I can find the video "Tlatelolco:Keys to the Massacre," within, oh, say, the next three or four days? Actually any video clip of Tlatelolco and the 1968 massacre would be wonderful.

And I already tried Google, the public library, PCC's library, PSU's library, Blockbuster, Movie Madness and Hollywood videos.

And no, I can't say Tlatelolco three times fast.

My fingers are like ice cubes

HELLO PORTLAND. It is very cold and we just moved to a new place and we can't get gas to our new house until next Wednesday. So we have no heat, no hot water, and no stove to cook with. I think I'm really mad, but I'm too cold to tell. Maybe my simmering rage will keep me just warm enough to last me until the middle of next week. If I die of cold, LJers, you know who to take your rage out on – NW Natural!

This is Portland-related because I'm freezing cold and I live in Portland.
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Ok, I'm hoping some of you can help me out... I am looking for a cheap, but nice, flask somewhere to give as a gift. I know I can get them at some liquor stores or at that Excalibur place at the mall, but they are way too expensive. I'm shooting for less than 20 bucks. Any help or ideas are greatly appreciated. Thanx in advance.
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My Chemical Romance Seattle this Sunday

Okay so here's the deal, I bought two tickets, a friend was going to drive up (I don't drive) and now they aren't going.  I have my ticket and one extra now, so I was wondering if there is anyone here with a car that wants to go.  We would need to be there by 6pm and I don't know when it ends so I can't say when we would get back to Portland.  I would definitely help pay for gas.  I figured somewhere out there, maybe someone really wanted to go to this concert, like I do but didn't have a ticket.  I posted this on Craiglist in the Ride Share section too.  I hope this works, hanging out in Seattle all night outside and alone does not sound like fun!  Post here or email me, it's on my user info page, thanks for looking!

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Grindhouse Film Festival presents: "Silent Night, Deadly Night"

"If you see Santa Claus tonight you'd better run...for your life!"

On Friday December 23rd the Grindhouse Film Festival is proud to
present "Silent Night, Deadly Night", one night only at the Clinton
Street Theater! This classic 1984 film, originally banned after its
initial release, will be screened from an ultra rare 35mm print at 7 PM and 9 PM. Don't miss this opportunity to see this classic "holiday" film!

"Silent Night, Deadly Night"
A young boy is warned by his crazed grandfather that Santa Claus
"punishes naughty children on Christmas Eve". When the boy's parents are murdered by a man dressed as Santa, he develops a lifelong hatred of Old Saint Nick. After being sent to an orphanage, he then must deal with strict nuns who teach him that sex is a naughty act. As a grown man working in a department store, he is finally pushed over the edge when he witnesses a girl he has a crush on having sex and he's forced by his boss to dress as...Santa Claus! Now as an axe wielding maniac in a Santa suit, he sets out on a killing spree to punish all who are naughty this Christmas Eve!

The Grindhouse expands:
Due to the popularity of the Grindhouse Festival, it has now expanded. This film is presented in the first of what will be a series of screenings. The "Grindhouse Film Festival presents" series will take place at the Clinton Street Theater showing one or two films on a single night every month to month and a half. The films shown will still be in the same vein: old school kung fu, obscure horror, spaghetti westerns, and revenge films among other forgotten classics. All movies will be screened from rare 35mm prints. For more information please visit
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Okay, you damn Portlanders

I'm looking for a long hair-friendly stylist somewhere in this great city of ours because I need a trim. Any recommendations and prices? Someone who won't try to convince me to shave my head, or "accidentally" trim off 11" instead of an 1"...maybe someone that has long hair themself. I'd prefer downtown/west side but I'm willing to travel.

edit: oh yeah, and where can I find really good gourmet orange marmalade? Dad wants some for Christmas and I don't think that Smuckers will do.
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...for all you DP-ers freezing your butts off during the day like I do.

These things are GREAT! HotHands-2

[ click image to read package...all natural ingredients! Remarkable! ]

My mom sent me a package of them in the mail which arrived to me at work today, said she got them at Wallmart
[ Gasp! Horror! ........ get over it! You need them! They are excellent! ]


okay, so i recently died my hair with manic panic vampire red dye. and now my bathroom is stained. does anyone know how to get the stains out? i tried bleach, didn't really work, and i tried colgate toothpaste and scrubbing for three hours, didn't work either.


help me please!!!

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Needing assistance in finding a place. -sighs-

Anyone know of any good inexpensive one bedroom/studio apartments downtown portland? or even perhaps in the belmont/hawthorn area? I just want inexpensive, and really close or in the middle of downtown.

I've looked on, craigslist, and other places. Any help would be appreciated. Or even anyone living downtown with a room open, I'm desperate for a downtown place!
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