December 8th, 2005


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Oh wise damnportlanders, more wise and techno-savy than myself, I have question for you;

I have a Canon Power shot that is about 3 years old and its screen just sort of...died. Like, it's somehow loose and cables or whatever aren't connecting and it just doens't show anything. Is it possible to get it fixed? If so, where would be a good place to look, or would it just be more cost effective to buy a new camera? I've been looking at maybe buying a new one if this one is unsalvagable, but I'd like to attempt to get it fixed.

Anything? Bueller?
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Texas in winter

So, Dallas Texas is one of the weirdest places in the world. It is the quintessential suburban sprawl. It was also 80 degrees two days ago, and as of yesterday, it has been wind chill -10 degrees, with freezing rain and icy roads that have created a city-wide "snow day."

I haven't posted frequently to damnportlanders, but as reiteration, we do live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. I haven't been everywhere to be a crowning authority on that statement, but I'll say it anyway. We came to visit my wife's cousin and her husband, and went on a whole (joking) tangent about how we were vegans and if there were any vegan restaurants around. They looked at us like we were from Mars. Of course there aren't.

If you need any rants about the evil that is AAMCO, visit my journal. I'll try and keep it updated this week as well.

I will post some pictures ASAP of the frozen wasteland that is Dallas. I also have finished the quarter at PSU and have time off from work, so I will be a regular contributor to LJ during this vacation.
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I have to be at the PDX airport around 4:30 this evening, and I was wondering if there is anything to do in that area. I am picking somebody up but I want to head over there early to avoid traffic. Any ideas?
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Alright...I just want to say something about this post. I was mentioned, by the way. Can't just let it go! ;)

I think the war on drugs is a ridiculous war. I believe that too many people are arrested for relatively minor offenses. So you maybe smoke a joint on Friday nights after a long work week. I'll usually have a beer or two. So in that regard, yes, I'll agree with you.

But don't even begin to try and convince me that all drugs should be legal. If you want to get into a debate about this, fine. If you believe that you have enough personal responsibility for it, fine. I can't tell you that you're wrong. Only you know what you can handle. But to say and believe something as narrow minded that all drugs should be legal . . . that blows my mind. You want to fuck yourself up? Whatever. You can't deny that some drugs have severe effects on your mental and physical well being. Personally, I think you are one selfish bastard to wreak that havoc on your life. Not only with regards to the damage done to yourself, but the emotional hell and more that you put the people you care about through. "I'm only getting high . . . I'm only hurting myself." This is one very poor excuse for destroying lives. I'm not stupid enough to believe that everyone who shoots their heroin will die. I'm not naive enough to know that the first time you smoke that marijuana, your reaction time will be slowed enough to cause a car crash. I'm not dumb enough to believe that the first shot of vodka you have will cause you to do the same.

But there is always the chance that it will.

I'm so glad that so many of you are willing to take that chance. Go ahead and give me your excuses. "I only do it in the privacy of my own home." "I only do it once a week." "I'm never around anyone else."

I have seen too many lives destroyed by drugs. I've seen children who lost their parents. I've seen guys and girls go into serious debt for their next hit.

You wouldn't believe the amount of ecstasy I took while in college. The amount of marijuana I smoked. The acid, and GHB, and cocaine. The uppers and downers and painkillers to paint the sky with happiness.

Six years later. My brain chemistry has changed. I'm not the same. And I don't feel like explaining any more.

My friend who did meth nearly 10 years ago. He is now a schizophrenic, diabetic with sleep apnea. My friend in college, whom I will never forget, decided to take his ecstasy and go swimming. He drowned. Another friend, who took some GHB and collapsed on a dance floor. He nearly died.

And these are just a few of the stories that I know.

You do whatever you want. But don't, for one single second, begin to try and convince me that drugs should be legalized. I was incredibly stupid and regret it all what I did in college. I never thought I would say that, and you couldn't convince me then otherwise. In fact, if I could go back today and tell myself to not do it, I wouldn't have listened.

You need to listen.
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Computer Question

I've gone through three Linksys Wireless-G Network Adapters in the last two months and I'm sick of replacing them. Are there any other models or brands out there that won't break after a few months?


I was invited to a muslim wedding, and I need to find a place that sells hijabs and other appropriate clothing (I'm thinking something like a Salwar Kameez?)
Any ideas  about where I could buy something like that would be very helpful. Thank you!

speed dating in portland... or other single resources to recommend

hey, i was wondering if anyone here has tried the speed dating events (also known as "8 minute dating" here in PDX? what were your experiences, and how well run were they?

also, if there is another single chick (or guy, for that matter) between the ages of 32 and 42 who might be interested in attending the event with me, it might be nice to try this with someone else...

finally, does anyone have a singles meeting/introducing resource that they can recommend? i re-entered the market not that long ago, and think i'm ready to start meeting new, interesting, smart guys. i'd love to hear of any experiences anyone might have with a club/event or other singles' service designed to put eligible men and women in touch.

thanks in advance!
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Need Concrete Contractor

Hey Portlanders,

My friend is looking for a decent concrete contractor to give an estimate on foundation work in 80 year old house. He's out of town and I'm not savy on this type of thing so I'm asking for your help/recommendations. Thanks in advance!
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completely random

Is anyone here under "Securian Dental Plans" through work insurance or individual? If so, can you recommend your dentist? There is a list online through the website but just names. Not much help.
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Cute Bunny N eeds New Home

Hi there! My fiance and I recently inherited a cute little bunny rabbit. Unfortunately, we just can't devote the attention that this sweet little thing needs. It's a very sweet bunny (don't know if it's a boy or a girl) who we've named Nutmeg but it really needs a home where he'll be the center of attention. Nutmeg gets along very well with our cats, but we don't have dogs so I don't know how he'd act around them. We're hoping we can find him a good family with lots of love, and we'd like to place him free to an approved home. He would come with his water bottle and a make-shift rabbit hutch. We also have some food, hay, and some dried papaya (which he loves) to go with. Please email with any questions or if you'd like pictures.

rats rats rats

so, I'm a new rat owner and am used to dogs and cats. I am actually curious to see if anyone has any recommendations for Portland or Beaverton located vets who are good with rats. though I would hope I wouldn't end up with a need for a vet.

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newbie be nice

aight so soon (as in January) I will be moving to Portland/Vancouver area from Mi and Im looking for a place to call home. Rent ~$300/month, nothing special. I'm a pretty low key chic...easy to please

I was also wondering if someone wouldn't mind playing 20 ?s with know, let me ask you a bazillion questions about the area like:

*what are good/bad places to live if I work in Vancouver?

*do i have to get Or/Wa plates for my car?

*where can i get a good, cheap beer?

You know, all of the important stuff...well, let me know

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This is interesting:

From this news article:
This morning Yahoo! released YAF (Yet Another Feature), this one called Yahoo! Answers. Here's what it is:
"Yahoo! Answers is a place where people ask each other questions on any topic, and get answers by sharing facts, opinions, and personal experiences."
It's got all the usual Web 2.0 goodness in it: user-generated content, sharing information, a points system that rewards participation, user ratings, RSS feeds, etc.

The local Portland question page:;_ylt=Aieeay.6huZEW.dDd_7j2VZ5zaIX?link=list&sid=396545423