December 7th, 2005


!! kickass roommies wanted! anarchists, queers and feminists a plus!!

★ kickass roommies wanted! anarchists, feminists and queers a plus! ★

Check out our full ad at!

[if you are seriously considering it, it's seriously worth it... only way you'll get our contact info! :)]

we have a main-floor room available for $330 + utilities in a cool, lived-in, colorful radical home at 47th and hawthorne on december fifteenth or later. we like music and quiet, community and private space, parties and meditation. we value open communication and simple livin'--think love ethic, not drama, dancing instead of whining!

note... only responses via the email address on the above-listed webpage can be responded to with any frequency! please don't just comment! :) thx, -mj



Quick question for all you DP homeowners out there. How common are homeowners associations (HOAS) there? Thanks!

(just got a fine for weeds from mine)
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Legalize all drugs says ex-Seattle police chief

(portland related cause we use a LOT of drugs here)

Legalize Drugs-all of them [seattle times-12/4]

By Norm Stamper

Special to the Los Angeles Times

Sometimes people in law enforcement will hear it whispered that I'm a former cop who favors decriminalization of marijuana laws, and they'll approach me the way they might a traitor or snitch. So let me set the record straight.

Yes, I was a cop for 34 years, the last six of which I spent as chief of Seattle's police department.

But no, I don't favor decriminalization. I favor legalization, and not just of pot but of all drugs, including heroin, cocaine, meth, psychotropics, mushrooms and LSD.

Decriminalization, as my colleagues in the drug-reform movement hasten to inform me, takes the crime out of using drugs but continues to classify possession and use as a public offense, punishable by fines.

I've never understood why adults shouldn't enjoy the same right to use verboten drugs as they have to suck on a Marlboro or knock back a scotch and water.

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Since I know some of you go to Clark...

I have two, possibly three books available for sale.

English 102 - Diana Hacker Bedford with MLA updates

Chem 050 - Foundations of College Chemistry

Algebra 90/95 or 89/91/93 - Elementary and Intermediate Algebra (I may need this book depending on whether I pass 95 or not).

All were purchased in NEW condition at the beginning of this Fall quarter and all are in great condition. If you are interested, please email prettylushgj at comcast dot net with an offer.


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Christmas Ideas for Mom

My mom has had a really rough year... total right knee replacement with some pretty bad complications and bone growth in the muscles around her knee... anyone have any ideas about what I could do for her for christmas to maybe pamper her and make her feel better after such a rough year and a long recovery. My brother was thinking of some sort of spa package but neither of us know any good places or spa packages and I was thinking a massage or something. What else could I do or maybe some kind of gift package or trip that might be appropriate
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just an teeny little complaint......

anyone else notice the RIDICULOUS prices for apartments on craig's list? it's like the pearl district and "alberta arts" is pricing the whole goddamned city out of any reasonable person's range.

$1600 for a 1 bedroom??? geezus. i might as well be looking for housing in Manhattan with these prices.

okay, i'm done.
thanks for listening.
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Witchy - runes

(no subject)

Hey, I'm Runa, 17 and I don't live in Portland.
I'll be moving there with my father on the 18th of this month, currently I live in Den Haag, The Netherlands and have been since I was 5 (I was born in LA, California)

And I have a queeesstioonn..does anyone on here go to Riverdale High School? I'll be going there once I get settled and well, it would be awesome if I could meet someone from there before I am physically there.

Kthx bye.
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(no subject)

Sometimes it feels like I'm the only person in Portland who actually pays for public transportation. Do the bus drivers just not even care if you flash some bus xfer you've been carrying around for weeks like everyone else was discussing at a bus stop earlier? I don't even see how Tri-Met keeps its head above water.
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Question for the rockin' electricians out there

Hey there,

I just bought a house up in NOPO (GO KENTON!) and it's got a kick ass basement for rockin' out in. Problem is, none of the outlets are grounded -- they're all those little two prong deals. Anyway, I'm wondering if there are any folks out there who have dealt with this same problem and if they've just plugged their amps / pa systems in with a two prong adaptor, or did they replace the outlets with a GFCI safety outlets, or did they just spend the big $$ to get their basement rewired.

Any suggestions for this?

a quiet drink somewhere...

I have a good book that I want to read a lot of this evening, and I also really want to have a drink or two.

But I can't figure out where to go...

Any suggestions for a nice bar-type establishment that's not too crazy/noisy (music is fine, just not screaming conversations or loud TV) where I can cozily knock back a few and read?

(no subject)

I was on the freeway ramps near Mall 205 today, and there was this woman in an SUV in front of me. She was rifling through a pile of something on her passenger seat and not paying attention to the light. When we rolled up to the crosswalk on a green, she suddenly stopped, rolled down the window, and handed a brand new plastic-wrapped blanket out to the panhandler there. When we turned out onto Glisan Street, she got into the left lane to head up the freeway ramps in the other direction. She was giving out new blankets to every single panhandler on that 2-mile stretch!

That totally made me smile. I wish I knew of something cooler to do than flash her a peace sign. Whoever you are, you rock, ma'am.
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She Learned the Hard Way

Dear Trimet riders,

Please pry your stupid cell phones off the side of your face BEFORE getting on the bus! Good god, you annoy the crap out of me, and by the looks of it, most of the other folks who are (un)lucky enough to be seated next to you. No one wants to hear about your needy girlfriend, your asshole boss, your unemployment check (and how "it's, like, free money!"), or your plans to "like, OMG, go to the mall after school!" Ugh. SHUT UP! And, FYI, liberally peppering your inane conversations with various expletives really doesn't make you sound cool, tough, intelligent...whatever. So, please...stop. Just stop. Do us all a favor and save that crap for some other time.

No love,


(Today, not only were five people sitting around me on their cell phones, but the DRIVER was yapping away on his cell phone! Aarrrgh! WTF?! Absolutely ridiculous.)


Group Home Christmas Presents

Thank you to all who replied to my last post about finding funds for the guys at my group home. I never expected so many suggestions and offers of donations!

The very, very good news is that we can accept individual donations!! Some of you mentioned that you would be interested in donating, so here's what ya gotta do:

Send cash or check (or money order, I imagine) to the name and address below. Make sure you include a note with your name, address, and PLEASE make sure to specify that you are donating the fund specifically "to use for Christmas presents for the residents of Estuesta house." Otherwise it might be considered a general donation to the company, Luke-Dorf, Inc.

John Trinh
10313 SW 69th Ave
Tigard, OR 97223

And make the checks out to Luke-Dorf, Inc.

Also, please email me, Emily Fern, at with your name and how much you donated. I just want to keep track of who sent money and make sure it is received and used correctly. And if you have any other questions you can email me.

Thank you guys so much.The residents here have been a bit down since they learned that they probably would not be getting gifts this year. They will be so surprised and thrilled!!!! I really don't know how to thank all of you.

When band geeks grow up...

Is anyone here in a community band of any sort? I'm always wanting to play my saxophone, but I live in an apartment and don't think my neighbors appreciate my mad musical skills so much. I'd like to find an easy-going once a week setting where I can play a variety of music with a group - hopefully of mixed ages. Any suggestions about what's out there?

pdx related because i live here. damnit.

question of the eve:

how many of y'all work night shifts?

i'm new to being a social vampire, and still working out how/when i sleep. i work four tens a week and sleep when my body stops, with a flip-flop schedule - sleep days/work nights; sleep nights/weekend, but i'm not sure how good it is for me as i sit in front of the computer now after twenty-eight plus hours since last knowing sleep.

how do y'all cope? do you keep a regular schedule? any hints/tips/tricks for a person who drinks entirely too much caffeine for their own good?
girl at desk

Anyone have oil heat?

If so, how do you make it last? We got 100 gallons of oil the Saturday before Thanksgiving, and it's already run out! In fact, I'm currently typing this with frozen fingers. We have big house in NE Portland that was built in 1920. I've checked all the windows, and aside from the cracked one in my room (the furnace vent in my room doesn't work anyway), they seem to be all intact and functional. Most of them have storm windows on them. The whole time we had oil, the thermostat was never above 68 degrees, more often it was down around 60 or so. We thought this would make it last longer. Apparently not. Also, furnace filters: do you have to get someone professional to come change them, or is it possible to do it yourself?
Any insights would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

Edit: We rent.

Edit: I did find one of the problems as far as the husbands office on the living room is not attached to the house. At least, not well. If you look at the wall where the office meets the house, there's no seal. Air blows right in. Between that and the door between his office and the living room having a huge gap at the floor, cold air is coming in all the time. Anyone know how we could seal that spot where the walls meet?
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MAX loves you. No, really. Maybe.

Hey, so Google loves us. They just rolled out a trip planner and it happens to (currently) be Portland-specific.

Okay, so it's not perfect 'cause it's telling me to take multiple busses to work instead of taking the MAX like I usually do, but it's quite interesting. Check it out! Tell me if it calculates your public transportation route correctly or if it does to you what it did to me.

( - direct link)

(no subject)

So who's going to the First to Last concert on the 11th?

I'm not going by choice. Going to make sure my Atari Nifty Shit best friend doesn't get taken home by some skeezy emo kid with bad teeth and acne.

So who's gonna hang out with us and make sure we don't beat too many kids up?