December 6th, 2005


Potluck party

You guys missed out. What did you miss out on? Arrested development... good yummy vegeterian foods, and vintage porn.

Actually... i think porn has sex. Vintage erotica. Except it wasn't erotic. It was fucking hilarious!

The best part? The people were actually cool and not freaks. That's always a good thing.

Or maybe the best part was the *correction: artichoke and goat feta NOT eggplant* tamale thingies.

Good times :)
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Mt. Hood Shuttle?

so here is the deal.

my friends and i want to get up
to Mt. Hood on Saturday to go sledding

but none of our cars would make it up there (even with chains)

so the question is:

is there some sort of shuttle or bus
that brings you up to mount hood and back?

and if so.. how much? when? where? ect.

thanks much guys!
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I need a mechanic!

Can anyone recommend a good mechanic or do you know someone who is savvy with older vehicles? My '67 belvedere needs some serious overhaulin and i want to make sure i don't get taken for a ride on what is and what isn't causing a problem. Thanks for your help.

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apartment finders

Anyone have any experience dealing with apartment locators up here? Anyone have any suggestions as to who can find the best deals?

Or even better... anyone -here- have any specific apartment suggestions? Downtown or SE, preferably.

(Yes, I check craig's list. Faithfully.)


(no subject)

Pssst -- It's time for that annual email full of eye-roll worthy, groan-inducing, really-you-should-know-better kind of holiday puns. Ready? Ready yet? Waiiiiiiiiiit for it....... GO!

It's XmaHanuKwanzSolstika time again, my nutty little fruitcakes! And we want to see you decking our hallways in all of your gay apparel! (See? I warned you.)

Come celebrate:

Holiday of the Bizarre: Express your Elf, Don't Repress your Elf! ( )

Saturday, December 17th, doors at 9:30pm - @ Holocene (1001 SE Morrison)

Come dressed as your favorite off-color elf, campy yuletide cliche or in your most festive and fanciful frock! Cover is cheaper if you dress up! $6 without costume. $5 with!

DJ Puppet will be spinning. Holocene will be providing yummy holigay drink specials. You and yours will be flaming brighter than 7 candles on a kinara, spinning faster than a disco dreidel and being randomly attacked by hot girls and bois with mistletoe on the dance floor! And you can even get your picture taken with Kandy and Kayne!

So call your friends and the Four Corners, light a yule-log under yer backside and jingle those bells on down to Holocene for Holiday of the Bizarre!

Saturday, December 17th
Holocene - 1001 SE Morrison
Doors at 9:30pm
$6 without costume, $5 with!
So Gay

300 Level French

Anyone interested in buying the 300 level French coursebooks?

I'm moving up to FR 412, so I don't need them. I've only had them this one term, and they're good for 301, 302, and 303. The main book is "En Bonne Forme" and is accompanied by a "A Vous d'Ecrire" textbook and workbook. The workbook has a few pages missing/filled out, but we hardly used it. I'd rather not sell them back to the bookstore.

Name your price.

Pier Design Goes Public


The Urban Soul
8957 N. Lombard

Pier Park Skatepark Design

If your a skater, or even if your not but interested in seeing what goes into the process, try and attend this public forum for the first of the 19 skateparks slated for Portland over the next 15 years.
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(no subject)

O Portland,

How fair you are!

Would your gratuitous populace,

Wondrous and full of delight,

Be able to recommend plaes to stay

In the inferior cities of Vancouver or Victoria, B.C.?

Teh boyfriend and I and another couple are looking to spend a three-day weekend in B.C. in early January. We're searching for affordable but not Motel 6-like accomodations around $80-$100 (U.S.) a night (with two queen beds. I will do some searching of my own on teh webnets, but turn to you for recommendations. Also, would you recommend Victoria over Vancouver or vice versa? And why?


The "Do You Know....?" Game

If you've spent any amount of time in Portland you know that after a while you start to play the "do you know game" when you go out to social events, parties, Friends of Trees meetings, etc...

I thought we could start our own version of this, becuase more likely than not, some of us actually know (or know of) each other in the real world and don't even know it.

This is fun game to play alone, with family and friends, or with co-workers!
so everyone join in!

give a few portland-relevant details about yourself and we'll see what we come up with!

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course i'm teaching at PCC community education starting in january

Zines: Explorations in Self Publication

stop waiting for someoen to write about your life & community , do it yourself in a zine! zines are self-produced publications which are written & read by people all over the world. writers of all abilities & experience are welcome.

When: Tuesdays January 10th through February 14th (it is a 6 week course)

Where: Portland Community College Cascade Campus 705 N Killingsworth Portland OR 97217
Jackson Hall 112

Time: 7pm-9pm

Cost: Tuition $59

CRN: 15956 *you will need this number to register*

Registration: you can register online at or by phone at 503-977-4933

Presents for a group home?

Hi yall, I was wondering if you could help me with something.

I work in a residential treatment home that houses five men with persistent and chronic mental illness. The house manager and I were planning on using our own cash to buy the guys a few gifts for Christmas (without the residents knowing they were from us). However, we have been notified by the folks at Administration that we absolutely cannot do this, no way, no how, uh-uh.

My question to you is- do any of you know of resources we could tap to get a few gifts for the guys? Churches, non-profits, or any company or group that is interested in making donations this time of year? The guys have pretty simple wants this season (one wants a warm pair of gloves, another wants a new belt, one would like a cheap walk-talkie...). However, I know it can be harder to find gift resources for mentally ill adult men than it is to find stuff for kids and families.

So if any of you have suggestions I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks.

(no subject)

do you have (or can we make up) a monty python and the holy grail drinking game?

this is portland related because we will be supporting the state by buying alcohol. yay OLCC!

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*flails helplessly* Meetup update!

Yes, I know I suck and my 'second' turned into 'a few hours,' sorry, but per the poll on this entry, the meetup will be Tuesday, Dec. 13th, at 8pm at McMenamins Tavern and Pool on NW 23rd. I will call them later tonight or tomorrow to let them know.

I know a few of you said you preferred the 27th, but more people preferred the 13th-- sorry! Hopefully this date will work for as many people as possible.
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Event on December 7 at PSU: Women Confronting Globalization

Women Confronting Globalization

Wednesday December 7th, 2005, 7 PM

Portland State University, Smith Student Union, Room 327

Latina community activists from Chile and the United States will discuss women's collective struggle for economic justice and gender equality throughout the Americas. They will discuss how the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) and other free trade agreements threaten women and indigenous people's livelihoods. Furthermore, they will speak on women's leadership in fair trade cooperatives and in constructing alternatives to corporate globalization.


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The event is co-sponsored by Las Mujeres PSU and the Reed College Latino Student Union.

Portland Central America Solidarity Committee (PCASC)
616 E. Burnside St.
Portland, Oregon 97214
Phone: 503.236.7916
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(no subject)

Only Portland related because I hardly know anyone else who watches in my own little world..

Anyone watching Nip/Tuck tonight? Following the show?

I'm addicted, sorry. And need more people to debate about who the Carver is with ;)
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Help Stickers

You know those laser print stickers you see that have all the lil people, and kids etc for the back of you car. Well I have some, but I need another family member added. Where can I find them?? I bought mine at the fair!
Anna face

Damn me with your Portlanders advice.

So, a cute somebody I met at a party this last weekend got my phone number, then actually called me (!!!) and asked me out on a dinner date for Friday. I'm choosing the restaurant. So I'm looking for a reasonably priced vegan/vegetarian friendly restaurant. I looked through the memories, but it's hard to tell if any of the mentioned places are good for a first date, and good dinner food. Here's some I've looked at:
Nicholas Restaurant
Ya Hala
Kalga Kafe

And opinions? Any better ideas? Thanks-- my icicle lights are twinkling for you!
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