December 5th, 2005

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Two questions

How far will I need to drive towards Mt Hood tomorrow til I can show my friend snow? She lives in Hawaii and has never seen snow. I don't really want to drive the whole way up to Timberline...but how far out in the Gorge will I need to go? Anyone been that way recently?

Secondly, my dog will be with us. She will love the car ride, and then playing in snow...but we want to grab lunch in Portland before hand. I need to be able to eat where my dog can be with me. Does Lucky Lab let dogs INSIDE or is it only for outdoor seating? Brrrrr.

Question re Safeway Club Card

Hey, DPers. I kicked off the shopping season in great spirits, charging a ton of gifts on my Safeway Club Savings card. Over the weekend, on big-ticket items, it was getting respectfully declined. Does anyone know what the credit limit is on one of these suckers? I already called my local Safeway branch, and they didn't know what the heck I was talking about. By the way, my card is one of the "red" ones, not the gold ones that rich people get.

Concert photographer needed in Portland!

Hey everyone,
My friend in NYC is looking for photographers to shoot concerts in town for Loose Records. I don't have a digital SLR, but pass this along to your camera-wielding, music-loving friends!
No need to reply to this post, cause I'm not the one in charge. Contact info is at the bottom.


This is a call for anyone you know who might like to photograph indie rock shows for Loose Record( ) in the cities of New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, and Austin. I'm taking over some photo duties for Loose and would like to strengthen our existing team of photographers. Look over the site and see if you like it - we cover indie/experimental acts like Animal Collective and the Fiery Furnaces. The site gets hundreds of thousands of hits each day, so it's a great way to get exposure.

The job is un-paid, but has perks - free admission and photo pass to the shows you shoot, your photos published/credited/linked to your website, and rights to sell these photos afterwards to bands/publications. Plus you'll be standing in front of the crowd, which puts you in a better position to make eyes with the dreamy lead singer, or melodica player if you prefer.

The main requirement is that you own or have access to a digital SLR. Sorry kids, pocket-sized digicams won't make the cut. If you have good photo skills but no event photography experience, not a problem...I'll help you get started. Please ask your photographer friends as well, we especially need help outside of NYC. Responses should include:

Camera you shoot with:
Website with some examples of your work:
(Flickr is fine but please point me to a specific set)
3 bands you dig most these days:

Also, if writing is more your thing we have an open call for writers for the site as well. LMK.

Mina K
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Some Flaws Inherent in Banning College Recruitment.

I see flyers posted around PSU campus encouraging a ban on military recruitment on campus. There are wonderful goals displayed in bold, but they are severely flawed in the methodology for achieving them. Banning military recruiters is not a solution; it is a danger. Aside from one possibility, these are not immediate threats, but still important to consider when you choose your form of protest.

The immediate issue: The 1996 Solomon Amendment. We already suffer enough lack of funds for schools without the government cutting of federal funding. It's a sucky "my ball my rules" policy, and hasn't been utilized against a university yet, but it's something to keep in the back of your mind.

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Vets/Animal Clinics?

I know people have asked for this before... We found a kitten and decided to keep it. It needs its shots, to get fixed (eventually if not right away), and also when we found it it had an injury on its bottom lip, which looks like it should at least be looked at...

So, good kitty doctors in Portland? We're in close-in N/NE, but will travel if necessary.

And does anyone know how much basic shots and spay/neutering cost?

And... are vets usually pretty booked up in advance?

Thank you much, DP.
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vino vidi vici

i need some advice from wine snobs. i need a recommendation on a good bottle of merlot, or failing that at least a red, for $20 or so. oh, and where to buy it locally.

thanks in advance.
Arisato Minato
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(no subject)

Hey there DP'ers, I'm going to be moving to Portland in a couple weeks, and there's a chance I'm going to be doing so without furniture.  Where are some good places to get a queen sized bed, a desk, and an office chair?  Preferably somewhere that's willing to deliver, as my car is tiny.
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wait 'til we get our hanes off you ...


I might be dp_snark'ed for this, but ... here goes.

T-SHIRTS! I wear the plain-jane white T's in the colder months and I just can't find decent ones that last.

I just want some that are long enough to stay tucked without being too loose, and that the fabric is thick enough, or of sufficient quality, so that the shirt doesn't get all stretchy and the neck opening doesn't lose its shape and get uneven after a few wears/washes. Hanes and Fruit o' the Loom just ain't cuttin it.

Any suggestions for an alternative brand/approach? Bonus points if they come in colors. :)

* - and T-shirt wearing women of DP.
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Portland's missing thunderstorms

Okay, I've been reading a few books about the weather, and they talk quite a bit about thunderstorms.
And, from having been around the country, I know that in many parts of America, thunderstorms are very common, occuring every day in the summer.
But, here in Portland, we hardly ever have them. Like we have maybe three at the year, it seems.
I understand the theory of how thunderstorms form, more or less, but I don't understand why we don't have them.
So, I would like someone to explain this...also, I would like to get confirmation that I am not just imagining that we have many fewer storms than the rest of the country.
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School Pizza

Hey damnportlanders, here's a pretty wierd question for ya:

Is there any bars in Portland that serve school pizza? You remember school pizza! That square slab of pizza that tasted so good when rolled up and dipped in ketchup or ranch!

Where and how much would be great!

Thank you for shattering my good mood and good faith in human beings

Guess what I found when I read my friend, darkmoon_light's journal today?

" While I was waiting out on 257th for the goddamn late 20, I was just happily standing there, staring down the street at the corner, like I normally do when waiting for buses.

Then I hear someone yelling. I look over and there’s this greenish SUV pulling towards me and slowing down (there was a red signal at the time.) The noise is, in fact, this blonde bitch leaning over the passenger seat from the back seat and yelling, and I quote, “OINK OINK PIGGY!”

So I was, obviously, slightly stunned and totally “WTF??!” But I look back towards where the bus should be coming from in an attempt to ignore this bitch. She yells something else, and at this point the rig is alongside me and about ten feet away. I glance back over.

She’s still leaning over the guy in the front passenger seat, and she tells him something. He shakes his head and she says something again. I’m starting to turn away when the guy shrugs and brings his arm up.

Next thing I know it feels like I just got nailed in the face with a rugby ball. Apparently, this guy threw this goddamn half-eaten burrito-thing at me, and I’ll be damned if there wasn’t a fucking rock in the middle of it. So they speed off, and I’m too caught up in shock to catch their license plate number.

And, damn me if I lie, but if I had gotten it I would have called the cops. It was something you’d expect to see in a movie or something, not on the street like that.

So now my face is covered with this greasy shit, and there’s all this other greasy-crumbly shit glopping up my I’m going to go take a shower."

So that you, you fucking cunt of a blond bimbo. Thank you for making one of my best friends feel like she was less than dirt. Thank you for displaying maturity in your disgust at my friend, even though she had done NOTHING to deserve it. I don't want to even look at another human being now because of you. Thank you for ruining both of our days.
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Filming location

Hello good people of Portland,

I need to find a phone booth in a rural location to shoot a short film in. The ideal one would be just outside of Portland proper, on a sleepy road, a walk in style, a bit off the road to keep the noise down and under a lamp. One attached to a gas station of convenience store is a No Go. I know its an odd thing to even remember where a phone booth is, but believe me, its even more strange to drive aimlessly looking for one. Any recollections/pictures would help. Thanks.
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This is for you DP'ers who like online text based RPG's. Like me. 'Cause apparently you only like those if you're a super geek, which apparently I am, since I already belong to two and I RUN one of those two...

I'm bored. Neither of my groups have updated in the past five days because of people working, holidays, emergencies, et cetera. And when I look on Yahoo for more groups to join, I encounter a few problems.
One, the group is dead but hasn't been deleted from the site.
Two, the group is totally LAME and there are NO mature players and everyone is stupid as all get out. (I don't want to play with twelve year olds, thank you.)
Three, the group has SO many members already because it's so popular, that I'm not allowed to join. Great. Thanks.

Sooo... does anyone know of any GOOD online RPG's? I mostly do Mercedes Lackey, Forgotten Realms, and Laurell K Hamilton based groups, because those are my three favorite realms. Please, no "Play as Anita Micah/Van and Stefan/Drizzt and Bruenor!!!111" groups. I hate those. Origional characters only. And no "Forum" type groups, those are just plain annoying and I hate them. Yahoo or some other webserver, please.

(Psst, this is an opportunity to pimp your own group!)

... I feel SO lame for posting this. But dammit, I need my RPG fix!
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(no subject)

Someone broke into my friend's house a few weeks ago. Among other things, they stole the tea set that she had owned since childhood (not 100% sure, I get the impression it was child-sized, as well). Apparently it had great sentimental value.

So anyways, anyone know where I could find a "children's tea set" in the Portland area?