December 4th, 2005

Milwaukie Craft Bazar

I signed up to be at the Milwauke Craft Bazar at the Milwaukie High School, and I don't quite think they were ready for me :)
I didn't exactly realize it was a "craft" and not a basic "holiday" bazar. I showed up with all my lotions, massage oil, nothing offensive due to the fact it was a fundraiser for the dance team. The lady that set it all up was really awesome though :) We laughed about it, and I actually got quite a few people that stopped by and took home a catalog :)
Anway, it's still going on today, till' 5 I think. I'm raffling off a free nights stay at the Garden Inn Hilton, so if anyone wants to stop by :) There's great holiday items there too. Plus, mention you read this on livejournal, I'll give you a free $5.00 gift certificate :)
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Full-Bodied Yoga Workshop

I'm passing along info about a yoga workshop for larger women. I've been taking the class at the Yoga Project with Karen, and really enjoy it.

for larger women
Holiday Workshop
with Karen

Supportive environment and adapted yoga poses will take you into deep relaxation.
No prior yoga experience needed.

December 10, 2:00-4:00 pm
Pre-registration recommended


I think when i move into a house that I should have a "Paint my car and look I have a house" party. What do you guys think? Would you come to my house and help me make stencils of happy unicorns and paint them? In February? :D


p.s. logruszed isn't invited. if you're curious as to why...I give you this post. Sorry it's just the webpage....I don't know how to make links :( and of course, uncoeursec is invited more than anyone else. even me :D

Liquor Help

Ok so I'm having a hard time finding something and have about given up all hope. But, I figure I should at least ask here just in case. I'm trying to find a bottle of Makers Mark Gold Label Bourbon and I cant find it anywhere in Oregon. The only place Ive seen a bottle was in Las Vegas and Im not about to drive back there just for a christmas present. So has anyone seen any out there? Not the red, Im looking for the Gold Label specifically. Any help is apreciated.


If park your vehicle at a densely populated apartment complex, then leave it behind while you're out all night long, do us the favor of turning your overly-sensitive car alarm off.

I will greatly enjoy egging you the next time you park directly outside my bedroom window.

– Me, and about 100 other bloodshot-eyed people who were deafened by horrible screeching from 6 to 11:30 this morning.

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Does anyone know of any local drugstores, grocery stores, etc. that sell menthol tissues? I know Kleenex makes them, but I haven't been able to figure out where to find them locally. I used to have a small packet that I got with something I mail ordered from Asia, and now that I'm out, I miss them... It's not really worth importing them or online ordering from the US. I'd much rather be cheap and get them locally if I can.

Thanks so much!
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I'm hoping this will be a good place to get feedback. If not, slap me :)

How many of you have used Craigslist? Anyone had any major problems with anything or anyone on there. Tomorrow I'm going to meet someone in a downtown coffeeshop to make a sale, but I want to make sure no one's had any really bad things happen.

I don't mean like, OMG I'm gonna get kidnapped. I realize the risks of meeting someone I've never met, I'm just curious what your rate of success is with Craigslist? More so, in-person sales.

Ups. Downs. I thought this post might be a bit useful.
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(no subject)

Hey DP'ers..

What are the best neighborhoods/places (besides the obvious Peacock Ln) in the Portland to Beaverton area to go view Christmas lights? Any particular neighborhood that puts up some great displays? I'm jonesin' to be cheesy and take a stroll with some hot chocolate :)


Moving help-


I am looking for someone with a truck or SUV who can help me move either this Tuesday or Thursday. I am moving from NE PDX to Beaverton, and am licenseless, so I can't rent a vehicle. :-/

All my furniture is moved, I just have small items and boxes. I figure it shouldn't be more than one or two loads, max. I am more than willing to do all the hauling, I just need a vehicle and driver.

I can pay you 50 bucks for your time.
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Winter is here!

Mt. Hood, taken today... click here to see other pictures I took at Teacup Lake nordic Sno-Park on the east side of Mt. Hood, and driving there via I-84 and 35... (including one that we got really excited about because we thought Mt. St. Helens was sending up a huge plume, but it turned out to be those paper mills across from Troutdale, LOL!)

Now for a question:

Somebody posted about the best place to U-Cut an (Insert Holiday Of Your Choice) Tree, and for the life of me I can't find it in the archives. So, suggestions, please!
Also, how much would it cost to U-Cut a 5 or 6' noble fir? Is it substantially cheaper than off a lot, or are you paying for the novelty of it all? :)

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(no subject)

My back is killing me and my neck is all out of wack, which means bum Bum BUM... it's time for a trip to the chiropractor. But my normal chiropractor is all the way across town, and I don't exactly wish to make the hour tri-met trip. I'm not all that loyal to him. So, here is my question:

Do you know of any good chiropractors within a 30 minute bus trip from downtown Portland? Perhaps the kind who don't make you feel like you are in a doctor's office? And if you know that Blue Cross insurance works with them, well, all the better.

Seriously DP, I owe you.
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The Bush Dictionary

I've created a site I think many of you will enjoy. Please checkout The Bush Dictionary and leave a comment about what you think!

It's just begun and many more words are yet to be added, but I think I have a decent start. I'm posting here because any place that has been dubbed "Little Beirut" by the Bush family has to have lots of people that would get a kick out of such a project.