December 3rd, 2005

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More of the Pioneer Square cross...

[ this post is in regard to all the flaming on the earlier thread by megatronbomb
Here ]

Everyone has missed the point, and since I'm sure most of you don't actually listen to KXL and Lars Larson show [ and I must admit, it's like listening to a person drag their fingers down a chalk board and even I have to turn him off because he gets under my skin too...], I'll recap Lars’s reason for the Cross in Pioneer Square [ since most of you aren't really interested in the truth... except your point of view? ]

The 'Holiday Tree' is supposed to be a representation of this holiday season, but in Lars’s own words, "What holiday are we celebrating here?" [ paraphrasing this part ] There would be no Holiday in this season if it weren't for the Birth of Jesus.

According to Lars, removing the word Christmas from Christmas tree is a violation of free speech by our City Representatives.

There is also supposed to be fair and equal opportunity for religious representation in this holiday season in Pioneer Square, and the square will rent space to any 'religious' group who wishes to have themselves represented in the square in this holiday season.....[ so long as
they can come up with the fee I would assume? ...and also has a recognized 'holiday' in the month of December?]

[ I'm guessing this part ] Since our City already HAS a CHRISTMAS Holiday Tree, they would not allow another tree to erected to be called a "Christmas Tree" to represent Christians fairly, since it is redundant.... another symbol of Christianity needed to be chosen.

And back to the fair representation of a religious group....

Since Christians are not represented by our fair City's generic HOLIDAY TREE, then it's fair to say that Christians would be reasonably represented by a Wooden Cross, a well recognized symbol of Christianity.

I also tend to agree with Lars on one other point....

If you don't like the benefit you get from the Christmas Holiday, because "Jesus IS the reason for the season.."... IE, getting days off from work, and in some people's case getting a PAID day off from work, then don't take Christmas Day/Holiday off, and work that day. Why should you benefit from a Holiday that represents something you hate or deny?

In conclusion, if any of you are feeling left out of this equal opportunity, then I suggest you research your chosen religion [ if you have one ] and find an appropriate symbol to erect in the square next December, and raise the rent to pay Pioneer Square to place that symbol there, so you can be equally represented.
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Public Service Announcement

Perhaps not directly PDX related, but I think most Portlanders would appreciate this.

I'm doing this because it should be done everywhere about every year or so.

Fire up your favorite mp3 downloading software and do a search for Bill Hicks.

Dowload and enjoy.

Spread the word.

You're welcome.

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Perhaps having any sort of tree in Pioneer Square is a bad idea. I think we need something that's a more universal sign of modern American values. So, my recommendation is that we take down the tree and erect a giant dollar sign in the square. It's the most commonly worshipped thing in America, anyways.

Who's with me?
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(no subject)

I know, I know, leave it to me to get all philosophical about posts in damnportlanders, but it always makes me happy to see people get impassioned about things they believe in. Or don't believe in. Or, just to jump in with some from-the-hip comment. Or, hey, a from-the-hipster comment!

I was listening to an old favorite Billy Joel song the other day, called "Angry Young Man." There's a section that goes:

I believe I've passed the age of consciousness and righteous rage
I found that just surviving was a noble fight.

And sometimes I think I'm there. I'm hoping that I haven't passed the age of consciousness, because if I did it didn't last very freakin' long. But, as for righteous rage, that's mostly a spectator sport for me now.

That's not to say that I don't care. I give money to causes I support. I speak out when I feel that injustice is being done. I adamantly oppose the invasive disregard for privacy and basic human rights espoused by the current administration. I even raised a crapload of money for an LJ friend in need.

I just don't get so over-the-top pissed about it anymore. I think that I have learned that survival is a noble act in and of itself. Caring for my kids, working with my clients, being there for my friends... that's how I express my beliefs and pass along my values now.

For the record, Lars Larson is a textbook narcissist. I don't believe that Jesus is the reason for any season. And I fully support the rights of everyone to mouth off about what they believe in, even if it irritates the fuck out of me or makes me stand there staring at them slack-jawed in wonder at their prodigious stupidity. I remember writing a post here during some protest or another about how willing I was to sit in my car for a few extra minutes while protestors blocked traffic. Far be it from me to deny anyone their right to righteous rage.

I just think that, in my middle age, I'm marshalling my resources and saving my passion for the fun stuff. :)

What do you think? Have you noticed a correlation between age and activism in your own life?

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I rock so hard.

So... few days ago my cat peed on my lovely leather jacket. I was livid with anger, cleaned off the jacket as best as I could, but the stench was still there. I kept the jacket in my garage for a few days, hoping the smell would go away. And it didn't, because wishful thinking gets you nowhere.

So I'm doing the laundry this morning and I'm looking through the cupboards for the detergent and I come across these nifty little cloths. At first I think they're dryer sheets, and they are, in a sense.

All Revitalizer Cloths. (All as in the laundry detergent brand, not all in general.) Fresh Rain scent. " New All Revitalizer Cloths refresh your clothes between washings. The pre-moistened cloth works with the warmth of the dryer to neutralize odors and fully refresh your clothes so that you an confidently wear them again before the next wash."

So basically, make your clothes smell nice and not stanky without having to actually go through the effort of putting them in the washing machine, waiting, taking them out, putting them in the dryer, waiting some more, and then folding everything and putting it away! Hooray for the lazy housewife that spurred this idea into life.

But anyway...

So I took a chance, and it was a very big chance, as putting my leather jacket in the dryer could have damaged it for LIFE (and then I would have sobbed uncontrollably for hours because I love that jacket more than I love my mother.), and whaddya know? It came out of the dryer completely unharmed and smelling like a fresh rain. Not a spot of cat piss scent ANYWHERE.

So if your cat or dog pees on your stuff and you want the smell gone but don't want to take items to the dry-cleaners, try those nifty All Revitalizer clothes. Yay for finding happy stuff out at eight in the morning!

Long story short: My jacket was saved and I'll be buying the damn cloths again in case my cat decides to give my jacket another go.
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Another one about haircuts...

I need a haircut like it's 1999, and I'd like some recommendations, kids. I need to find someone/where that's good with short haircuts on thick, straight hair. I've been told that Blades on NW 23rd is excellent, but spendy. I normally hit the Regis at Lloyd Center, but I haven't been particularly impressed with my last few visits. What's your salon of choice, and how much damage will it do to my bank account?
Your whole family is made out of meat -

Mmm bacteria!

Probiotics is an emerging field suggesting that antibiotics are not the absolute answer to human problems caused by bad bacteria. Probiotic companies reserach "good" bacteria and market them in edible products and supplements. BioGaia has recently released a line of L. reuteri dental products. BioGaia boasts that Biogaia ProDenta reduces negative bacteria like gingervitis in the mouth by 40% after two weeks of usage. The bacteria products are available in long lasting tablets or chewing gums.

The concept of probiotics is certianly an interesting one. I suspect as antibiotic resistance increases, probiotics will become an important way to combat bacteria.

I found this interesting and though I would pass it along!

Guinea pigs!

I've posted several times on Craigslist with no success, put flyers up around where I live and gotten no calls, and am hesitant to place an ad in the paper, in view of animal abusers. But I've got 2 female guinea pigs that I can't afford anymore and really need a happy home. It'd be best for them if they were seperated or given to different owners (they've always been a bit snippy toward each other), but if you want both, that's cool too.

There's a lot of really good guinea pig care info here if you're thinking about this. They of course need bathing, nail trimming, and snugglin'/floor time.

Collapse )

So if you're interested, please comment, drop your e-mail address, and I'll be glad to work something out. Just make an offer and we'll get going.

Thanks, damnportlanders.

PDX High speed internet

So - damnportlanders... who has the best price on High-Speed internet?

I ask... because High Speed internet seems to be a RIP OFF out here (at least what I have found)

Comcast prices are way to high for what they give... and my "Special Pricing" is about over.

Compared to nation-wide rates Comcast is bout 30% more than everyone else.

I would like at Least a 1Mb connection... but I don't need the 3 to 4 Mb that Comcast gives.

How are DSL prices?

In all honesty - one should be able to get a 1Mb internet connection for about $15 / mo.

Is there a "Naked DSL" solution out here??

I don't want to have to purchase Phone service or Cable service or any other stupid service to get my internet.

Portland Ale Festival

I have a mug (you cannot get beer without one, costs $4) and three taster coupons that I may not be able to use. They are open tonight and tomorrow.

Anyone want them? You could give me a couple bucks, or just take them.
Worky Work!

(no subject)

Drinking a beer, cleaning the apartment from top to bottom and getting ready for the girlfriends father and stepmother to arrive from Colorado, all while jammin to my music of the 90's.

What are you doing on this fine Saturday evening?

P.S. Colorado has a whole lot of snow right now! Especially where they live, which is around 10 miles up from the city of Rifle. :-D
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'k gang, I need a hand here. I live in the Milwaukie/Clackamas area. I'm looking for the new Bon Jovi CD, and I don't have time to wait for shipping from an online source. Where do I go to buy music CDs? I've not lived here long enough to know!

EDIT: I'm just looking for something simple and local. Best Buy has it, but not at the Clackamas branch, and I don't feel like driving to Beaverton, what with gas prices! Is there a music store in the Clackamas Town Center?
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So this is Christmas

I'm puzzled why so many people insist that someone read a book/internet site/propagandist pamphlet/whatever on the socio-econo-politico-blah blah blah meaning of Christmas. Doesn't anyone here actually live in the world anymore? You know, the one in which you rely on your own experiences, knowledge, and intuition? Of course it's great to have as much knowledge about all subjects that you can cram into your head, but (just to use this current example), whether Christmas originated as a 4th century compromise between pagan and Christian holidays, a Victorian effort to bolster retail sales, or a space alien's attempt at having the entire planet decked out in tinsel and flashing lights, it has little effect on what Christmas is TODAY -- what matters is what it means to you (and others) in the here and now.

I love damnportlanders, but for your own sakes, please stop getting on here and debating the historical minutae of Christmas as if your lives depended on it. Because frankly, I suspect that if we unplugged every pc in the world, most of you would lose at least half of your "knowledge" (i.e., Googled links and Amazon review blurbs) on the subject. But in the spirit of giving, I'll assume that you all really and truly did read all those many pages and pages on the subject. Kudos to you. Now can we please all just decorate our trees, wrap our presents, and move onto another topic? Thanks much!

(no subject)

Ok, now this might be a bit intense, try to follow me.
I've invented a game based on this comment:
Which was based on a post in my personal journal.

You get three words, and you must insert them into the typical self-righteous rant in the most hilarious way possible.

"Blahblahblah, George Bush, blah, America, blahblahblah, capitalism, blahBLAH, society."

Just replace the words in italics, and there you have a premade rant blaming whatever you want on society!

P.S. Pointing out that I'm obnoxious will only encourage me.
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A compromise

Let's go ahead and chop down the bloody tree, cut it apart, and from it we can make a cross, dreidel, yule log, wheel, dollar sign, lord of oak, yin/yang, buddha, question mark, face of Dobbs, and a little fenced off area with nothing in it for those opposed to idolatry. (If I missed anything, feel free to pick up some woodworking supplies and make your own icon.)

In the meantime, it's kinda pretty, it smells good, and, as such, bastard that I am, I couldn't care less whether it gets anyone's panties in a bunch.
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My hawk in 2003/04

Car problems? Oh yeah...

Okay DP, I need some major help here..

I got in a wreck last night, and my car is done for. I'm looking to find some used car lots that won't completely screw me over. (Maybe you've had experience with them, know someone that has, or just heard good things?) I've got about $3,000 dollars.. I need to get a car asap. Any places you know of would be fantastic. Big ass thanks in advance.

And also.. Totally unrelated, to the asshole who dumped a kitten off on the side of the road next the the warehouse district... That's messed up. But thanks for giving us a new pet, she's adorable.
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