December 2nd, 2005


the gym thing


i commented on joining the gym with someone a couple of days ago. now i can't find the post. this could be due to sleepiness, but i have read backwards and forwards a couple of times.

gym person, i need to email you, so please comment. thanks.
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A Way with Snow

A friend of mine lives out in Stevenson, WA in the gorge and they have received a little more snow than we have here in Portland. The Dino's are on their way back! His wife has a way with snow!

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Ride to Meadows Sat?

WEATHER - Snowing!!

NEW SNOW IN LAST 24HRS 10 inches
NEW SNOW IN LAST 12HRS 10 inches
ROAD CONDITIONS - Packed snow, be prepared for winter driving conditions

i SO wish i was going to the mtn today!

i am desperately looking for a ride to Meadows on Saturday!

i will meet you wherever whenever (i'm an early riser and always on time for skiing!),
and will bring gas $, apres ski beers, and a positive non stop attitude.

10" fresh new inches this morning, and 21" more predicted by tomorrow AM!
nearly 3 feet of powder in 24 hours!!

comment here ASAP
thank you!
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Beaverton Travel Agents?

Does anyone know of a great travel agent in the Beaverton/Aloha area? Thinking of taking an overseas trip next summer and want some help deciding on the perfect location and tours in that location. The last agent I used couldn't remember her name on a good day.

thanks in advance
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Rain rain...

Holy crap, that rain is something else!

I work in a converted warehouse in the Pearl and the whole place is echoing with the sound of it pounding on the mostly-flat roof. Wow... I am so glad I got to work early and beat this downpour.
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morning commute

first, i found the perfect solution for school zone speeding. people often don't see the signs, especially at night. how to make people see the signs and slow down? animated porn signs! i know, bloody brilliant.

second, i'm cruising to work, down 12th, when somebody starts honking at me. i look over, and there's this guy, driving this sweet new bmw sports car. he's waving at me. i look again. i don't know this guy. i don't know anybody who drives such a nice car. i think, for a moment, that maybe it is one of you dp freaks, having spotted my car or plate. then the guy puts a hat on, and i look again, thinking "maybe he has a hat on in his icon, and he's trying to make it easier for me to recognize him". nope, i still don't know this guy. then he points to the hat - aha! it's a yankees hat, and he spotted my license plate. well, mystery solved, but i wanted you freaks to know that i thought of you first :)
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Portland Art Center Hosts Ornamental Affair, a Christmas Fundraising Party in the Heart of Oldtown

Portland Art Center, a local nonprofit dedicated to strengthening the relationship between the arts community and the public, presents Ornamental Affair, a holiday fundraising party on Saturday, December 17, 2005. The party will be held in the Portland Art Center’s new location, 32 NW 5th Ave, from 9 pm to 2 am. Artists from across the Northwest are donating handmade ornaments to be sold on the night of the party, with all proceeds benefiting PAC.
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mmmmmmm good coffee

Tonight Decadent 80s night at Noir!

Decadent 80s night at Noir today, Friday night! Free entry, 80s drink specials all night, Atari 2600 for your gaming nostalgia. Dress for the occasion and get ready to party like it's 1989! Djs Non and Nevermore spinning tunes of grand review. Requests welcome.
203 SE Grand Ave
Portland 97214
21+ Doors til 2:30 (or 2:45 if you close us out again!)
dun dun... dun dun....

Location, location, location!

"...Alberta neighborhood, $400 + utilites, w/o move-in fees, assist with minor redecoration/refurnishing

The two of us (Benjamin and Becca) are searching for a wonderful roommate (read: responsible, creative, non-smoker, mid-20s to early 30s, please. non-gender specific.) to join our home here on N Alberta. Only a few minutes walk from nearly everything that Alberta, Killingsworth, Mississippi, Albina, etc. have to offer, we're at a certain comfortable distance from the main drag that even the traffic noise doesn't reach us. Well-kept and decorated (plan to add to that, as well), the house has great light and warm, spacious rooms with lush plants in many a corner and shelf that make it a great space to come home to and relax. With a programmable thermostat, we keep the heating bill quite affordable, as with the other utilities. Not only that, but it also sports a full-length covered porch, fenced back yard and washer & dryer in the basement, so how can one go wrong?

I am a chef at a local restaurant (formerly an elementary-school teacher, among other things), and Becca works for a non-profit program here in Portland. As far as our days off are concerned, we have quite the similar pastimes: mucking about outdoors, cinema and theater, hunting down new venues, boardgame-nights, home-cooked meals with friends and hosting the occasional small themed cocktail party, to name only a few. The house also comes equipped with two perfect cats (one middle-aged lady and the other girl barely out of kittendom), and thusly more cats or dogs are not really an option for us.
and...although they'd never know I'd nearly forgotten to mention them, I also have three good luck charms in the form of chinese goldfish that brighten a 30-gallon tank here.

Drop us a line to schedule a meetup, and we'll be sure to get back to you asap!

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x-posted, of course ;)

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at my wit's end

This might be a long shot, but does anyone know of an experienced, trustworthy roofer who will do repairs in Portland? I have had a leak for forever and it isn't going away with quick fixes. Help?
Thanks so much....
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car stereo question

a friend of mine wants to get a cd player in her car. she already has a radio. when she called car toys they told her that, in order to get a cd player that would work with her existing radio and speakers, she would have to get it at the dealership (toyota) and have it installed there, and it would cost her at least $5-600.

this was rather distressing to her, so i said i would check with my peeps, since you guys know everything.
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Dear members of the Irvington community:

Thank you for spending tons of money on clothes at Banana Republic (or where ever), and then donating those clothes to Goodwill a few months later.

I now own an entire new work wardrobe for the same price you probably paid for one shirt. Keep it coming. I'll need new stuff in the spring.

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Anniversary Ideas?

Hey, it's me and my fiance's anniversary tomorrow, we are planning on eating a nice dinner at home, but I'd like to do something special.
Any ideas? It must be cheap and not crowded. I was thinking we'd check out the tree in pioneer square but that seems boring and cold. I want to do something in the city, because we live in Hillsboro and we hardly get to go downtown.

Thank you all!

Brain Power

I heard once that the average person uses somewhere between 5 to 10 percent of their brain (the range is because I can't remember the exact number, but regardless, it's small).

Of that amount, a good part is wasted to storage of forgotten lyrics from bad songs from the 1980's. Someone just happened to mention "Cherry Pie" and then WHAM! the entire lyric list was there, in my head, leaving me to sing it for the rest of the day.
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my old friend

(no subject)

Dear Portland people:

What's the job market like for paralegals in Portland? I've been hankering to move to your fair city for a while now, but am a wee bit worried about making a living. I have a BA degree and will obtain a Paralegal certificate by May next year. No experience in the field but lots of general office experience.

Are my prospects fair?

Oct 2010

(no subject)

Out of curiousity, I just checked my gas bill (NW Natural) for the gas used last month (December 1st bill online) and we used 102 units of gas =110 therms). Our bill is $151.21. We are heating 2000 sq ft.

Has anyone else gotten or seen their current bill for gas used in November? Mind sharing what your usage was and what it cost ya, the size of your place?
Oct 2010

(no subject)

I have a friend in town from Hawaii, and we are going out to dinner tomorrow night. I asked her what price range she was looking at, and she said under $30 pp.

She is staying in downtown, and we live in the burbs.

What restaurant would you go to and why?

Crystalized white stuff - no, no, I mean the H2O kind.

The recent weather cocktease has me craving SNOW. So, a question - about how long does one have to drive to the East down highway 26 from downtown Portland before encountering snow?

I'm not picky, I just want to play in it a little. I don't even want to drive anywhere chains would be required - I don't require that much to be amazed and entertained. It'd be nice to build a snowman, or thow a snowball or two. I'm easily dazzled by anything that covers the tips of the grass, people.