December 1st, 2005

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Continuing with a history of asking this place about food. Where can I get decent latenight food? Like somewhere that is open now. I know of the Roxy and the Hot Cake House. Bonus points for anything in SE near Reed but I have a car.
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December Meetup

Okay, so to prevent the problems that happened this month, I actually looked at the calendar IN ADVANCE (*gasp*) and discovered that the default meetup date is the 27th. Being only two days after Christmas, I suspect a fair few people will again be out of town*, so I thought I'd move it to Tues. the 20th...but then I thought, hell, why not Tues. the 13th? Then I could go!

But then I thought that it might annoy people that I moved the date to my own convenience so I thought I'd post a poll instead.

Please note that unless I get a reeeeally overwhelming response to the "another day entirely" answers AND some viable suggestions in the comments, I will stick with our Tuesday format-- sorry, but having some 500+ people (how many *active* DPers are there anyway?), most of whom won't even show, attempt to pick one day out of thirty or thirty-one to meet is just PAINFUl to watch. ^_^;;

Also, whatever day it happens, the meetup will be at 8pm at McMenamins Tavern and Pool on NW 23rd.

Pollity polly poll. Seriously though, ONLY vote if you might actually go? Pretty please? ^_^;

* Oh yeah, and I forgot to put in a Dec. 27th option on the poll, so just vote "an other day entirely" and tell me the 27th in a comment. :)


December 13th.
December 20th.
Another day entirely! I will comment to suggest a specific day.
Another day entirely! But I have no idea when!
What's a meetup?
Meetups suck!
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Non-violence and snow

At the last meetup I passed out the stickers I'd had made at that said "Spirit is Nonviolent", but people were like, wtf? so I dug out my copy of All Men Are Brothers to find the exact quote from Mahatma Gandhi.

In the chapter titled, "Ahimsa or the Way of Nonviolence", Gandi writes. "Himsa [violence] does not need to be taught. Man as animal is violent, but as Spirit is nonviolent. The moment he awakes to the Spirit within he connot remain violent."

In other related news, it is snowing where I am, in the Multnomah Village area. Not sticking though.
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I need Bento

I am in the Pearl (13th and Hoyt) and I am looking for some nummy Bento within walking distance.

Any recommendations?

p.s. I already know about Bento n' More across from the main Post office, but they are a little pricey since I LOVE veggies and they charge extra for them.

My tummy thanks you!
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I'm about 80 miles North of Portland right now, and there's an absolute blizzard going on. There's about 2 inches on the ground already, and the forecast says it's heading South.

Br forewarned DP'ers.

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Hi all:

Being youn and silly, i decided to go to OSU for college. I'm now looking to transfer to PSU ASAP, but I'm having trouble finding housing. I'd prefer to live by myself in a1 bedroom or studio in a safe neighborhood of portland or in the burbs near the max. Can anyone help me with looking for housing, pretty please? I'd love you forever and a day!

My stupidity will border on brilliance... you just wait and see!!!

Apparently I'm almost a legend at someone's work. This inspires me to try to do something else incredibly stupid... maybe deep fry turkey in my apartment and then dump the excess grease down my drain? Just doesn't seem creative enough.

I've already broken my hand on pirate night when i got in a fight with the bar rail on the stairs... so i'd prefer to avoid the breaking again. Particularly of the right hand, as it occured just after i had the crazy thought that abstinence was a good idea. Bad timing. And no... the left hand does NOT work... taking an hour for a quicky is a bad sex story that i DONT want to relive!

So... I was thinking of doing something stupid while skiing... but i really don't want to break something else... Breaks suck! Trees, by the way, don't feel too good when you run into them. Deep snowbanks are a bit difficult to climb out of when you land in them head first and they're over 4' deep... and... going off a jump that shoots you 15 feet into the air and landing on ice with your back instead of skis is a bad idea... and yes.. you really do see stars when your head then whips back and goes crack on the ice.

I've already learned that matches are hot when you just blow them out and place them on your stomach. Deep fat fryers are hot and you shouldn't dip your hand in them while training someone how to clean them... and you DEFINITELY shouldn't do it again immediatly afterwards as this results in a trip to the emergency room and the new trainee quitting...

Screen doors can not be walked through, no matter how much you convice your body that it can temporarily sever its molecular bonds and pass through all the tiny holes. It DOES tend to fly forward in a really cool manner though.

When yellow jackets are flying out of the ground... don't take large logs and poke the hole with it. A few will fly out. Don't poke harder because you think it's cool that some flew out. Definitely don't slam the log into the ground as hard as you can... and then NOT run away because you've heard if you stand there and you're not afraid, they won't sting you. Apparently this is true, because my younger brother was standing three feet away from me and laughing his ass off and not getting stung, while i was telling him to not be afraid and "they won't ow... sting you... ow... just be... ow... calm... ow... RUN!!!" Apparently it looks just as the cartoons depicts it as the swarm follows you and you run away to the front door screaming for your mommy.

hmmm... you know.. i'm sure i'll naturally find something stupid to do and post about. Like the fact that now that everything works with the kitchen sink... i seem to be missing some parts to put it back together... The cord is also covered in wax, but i'm leaving that one alone... although... a lighter might be able to melt it off pretty quickly...

I'd posted about dumping gasoline down my tub and lighting it on fire to melt the wax, and then the 20k that it would cost to replace... and i had a friend who actually thought I'd DONE that... why the hell would my friends think i'd DO something like that?

Maybe if i do something stupid enough... one of her hot coworkers will want to date me?
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Lookin' for something to do tonight?

Well I'd highly suggest going to first Thursday and checking out the absolutly fabulous show going on at Backspace!

It is going to be a hell of a lot of fun.

And I'd love to see you there


Two questions

1) I am looking for an inexpensive, yummy place to eat, preferably in SE Portland-- I looked in the memories section but wondered if anyone had another suggestion.

2) Anyone know where the Wifi signal called "The Lair" comes from? It's in SE Portland, around 60th between Division and Hawthorne maybe? Just curious.

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Any recommendation for good local resources for plus-sized evening wear? I've got a semiformal party to attend next weekend and have nothing quite dressy enough for the occasion.

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Ode to the Wireless City

Purple jacket strikes a chord against the gloom of early winter.
Everyone in downtown during business hours seems to be bald.
A silent witness to the city as it passes Island Joe's,
I and my laptop pronounce WiFi as ultra cool.

le bins

Does anyone know around what time the goodwill bins opens up? I've been looking online but haven't seen anyone mention hours, just lists of all their awesome discoveries.

Two Tons of Crafty Fun!

Hi all,

Some of my friends are hosting an open studio/craft fair Saturday December 10th from 5pm to 10pm at their home, AdventureLand, 2262 SE 39th (about three blocks north of Division).

This is the home of AngryTooth and animal?, and there will also be items from local knitters, sewers, jewelry makers and other crafty peeps.

So come. Invite friends. Drink some cheap wine. Mingle. Oogle the pretty handmade wonders.

More info here.

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i'm not really in the mood for dumpster diving, but if any of you are and you're near PSU, it looks like someone threw out some stuff in good shape at the dumpsters off of 12th and montgomery. couch pillows, plastic containers, an electric blanket (in the original packaging by the looks of it), etc. i didn't look too close, but there's probably more.
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hey, I just received my new dvd burner and external enclosure from The only problem is that its missing a usb cable to attach it to my labtop.

The big problem of that problem is that its a special 5 pin usb mini, NOT a normal usb, of which I have several.

Does anybody have one I can borrow until Newegg sends me a replacement?

Another really strange thing is that the enclosure disappeared from the website sometime today...The next model up is there, but not mine. hmmmm.

EDIT: after some research I've found that these usb's are often used for digital cameras and I know I have a mini port on my TI-89 calculator.
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Anyone in Southeast need someone to clean there house/appartment/box?
I go to college, so I'm gone for break and such, but starting at the middle of January I've got time, particularly weekends.
Won't steal your shit
Awesome cleaner...seriously, it relaxes me, I like doing it, I do a good job
Can drive myself to where you are
General awesomeness

This isn't a very seriously worded post, but really, if anyone needs some house cleaning and wants to PAY ME, post!
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DPers --

just came back from the mountain. My binding strap (for snowboard) snapped in a half.
Where could I get a replacement?
I haven't done much research because I just came back and I'm DEAD tired and
just need an answer to my problem above :)

Thank YOU!!

mmmm beer

So who's going to the Holiday Ale Fest this weekend? Should be fun drunken times!

I'll be volunteering there Sat night - come stumble over and say "hi!"
and with that, a quick question for any other volunteers, do we just show up? I haven't really received much direction about it all...