November 30th, 2005

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Anyone awake at this hour who wants to tell me a ghost story either over the phone or in person? I need three last minute ghost stories to test out some questions that I want to ask the people who I collect narratives from. I have to pass the questions by my prof tomorrow so I need three people with stories before tomorrow at twelve.
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shrink art party!

Come by Reading Frenzy tomorrow night (Thursday, Dec. 1) between 6 & 9 pm to make your own shrink art necklaces, earrings, or keychains! We'll also be signing copies of our new book, Super Crafty, and there will be cupcakes :)

Reading Frenzy is at 921 SW Oak St. and the party also marks the beginning of the monthlong Cheap Art Bazaar--super cool handmade gifts under $50.

More info at and

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Looking for something to do for First Thursday tomorrow night?

evilmannequine has a show that's opening at Backspace (along with some other artists). I'll be heading over there aroun 9pm, after class, so any of you fine people are welcome to join us. The work she has on display is all photography, and it's quite impressive. So come on down! It goes until midnight. Email me or comment with questions or for more information.

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Someone forgot to pay the phone bill and now they have suspended our service. We paid the bill yesterday after we realized it had been shut off. My boyfriend is an idiot. ("I wonder why they're sending us another bill?") He obviously can't read because it says DISCONNECT NOTICE right at the top in bold. So we're extra poor right now because of the holidays and I was wondering if any of you fine people have ever gotten their Verizon land line phones shut off because of late payments.
Here's my question. How much does it cost to get our phone service back? It says we'll have to pay a reconnect charge and a "deposit may be required to restore service". I would call Verizon but, umm my phone's shut off.

Thank you.

Job openings available

Fun and exciting "Virtual Receptionist" company is looking for an experienced receptionist for our fast paced office. We are located in the heart of the Pearl District near downtown Portland. Candidate must have at least 3 years office experience that includes managing a multi-lined phone system. Must have comprehensive computer skills with an emphasis on Microsoft office programs and the Internet. Responsibilities will also include business correspondence and administrative tasks.

Successful candidate must possess excellent organizational and communication skills, be an independent worker who learns quickly and has the ability to provide excellent customer service.

2 Full Time shifts available

Job location is Pearl District

Compensation: $10.00 per hour to start. Medical Insurance is provided after 90 days

Please email resume and cover letter to

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Me and Kermit

If you're following the debate

Public service posting for those of you who are interested in the debate currently in the Supreme Court surrounding two abortion cases. SCOTUSBlog has continuing coverage of course. I'll just cut to the chase form the notes about today's discussions:
Roe v. Wade and its fate never got mentioned. There was not the slightest hint of any agitation within the Court to narrow abortion rights, and certainly no sign that Roe's future was in jeopardy -- at least with this combination of Justices.

Full story is Here

Enjoy! I've just realized that these posts, in addition to my anti-tax screeds make me either the most liberal Republican in Portland, or the most conservative Democrat in Portland.
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Wyndhaven Apartments

185th and Baseline, right off the Max station at Willow Creek.

Just wanted to let you all know that, if you park here, you should be EXTRA CAREFUL that you notice the TINY F*CKING SIGNS that say you need a permit in their lower lot, because you "might" get towed.

Oh, and they're so much more visible at night, too!

I went there to visit a friend, was inside for twenty minutes and my car got towed cause, while the five visitor spots are marked, the rest of the spots aren't (in complete opposition to every other apartment complex I've ever been to, where permit parking was marked on each spot by a number or letter of some sort). The towing company "patrols" the lot every few minutes to pick up offenders. Oh, and before I forget, the lot was more than half empty, there were 30+ spots open, so it wasn't a question of someone who lived there not being able to park.

Twenty minutes? Low visibility "don't park here signs"? Tow Patrols?

I had to pay $250 to get my car back on a Saturday night, because I parked in the wrong spot for twenty minutes. There's got to be something that can be done to get my money back, or get a news channel to investigate or something, right? Do I have any recourse? It seems wrong, somehow, that they can get away with that.

(Seriously, go there after dark and tell me how easy you think the signs are to read. And yes, I realise my friend should have told me, and he admits he should have, too, but I'd like the management to give my money back before asking my friend for it. It just smacks of ... something ... theft?)

I've called and called for the management, but they're either "not there" or they won't return my phone messages.
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Original Bitch

So yeah...

anyone that's going to the Dwarves show who lives in the Tigard-y area feel like giving my boyfriend & I a ride home afterwards?
I can't miss this show. I can't! I can't! I can't!

I will make you cookies, I will give you gas money, I will pay for a beer or two at the Yamhill. Name your price. Oh god I can NOT miss this show!
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posted in LJ-Genie first...

But the DPers are so very smart, right?

here, then:

Attempting to switch over to Semagic for updating, it cannot seem to contact the server for login. In addition, Google Earth says that a firewall is allegedly hampering it. (though Semagic's simple error msg doesn't mention that) Even my Gmail Notifier refuses to connect...
I have shut down all security (I do not use or trust Window's "security", as I am not a complete idiot. for the record.) and gone through them to add filters/exceptions, and rebooted... but nothing.

My questions are these:
Does there exist an app that can seek out any blocks, etc.?
Am I missing something?
Are these three apps suffering from the same problem? (hopefully)

Thanks in advance! :)

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buffy is sleepy
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Any kombucha-growers out there? I want to start making my own kombucha and I need to bum a colony from someone. I'm willing to trade something for it!
So Gay


Just for those who don't keep curren ton LJ proceedings, there are still some issues with the comment notification emails. I missed out on three of 8ish comments today. However, there is a nifty little tool that I found: Recent Comments
profile, pink


Does anybody know of any swing dancing happening in Portland? Every time I want to go, I end up searching the web for half an hour before finding something, which turns out the be for a week later than the night I wanna go. Is there some kind of Portland swing dancing network with a monthly calendar of events??

thanx for your input.
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a ride up to mt. hood!

hey damnportlanders, any of you heading up to meadows or timberline this saturday morning for all day of skiing/boarding? i would like for me to either join or drive (≤3 allowed to join if im driving). will expect little help with gas money either way.

yayhoo for all that snow!


Today is the BF's birthday. I decided to be a good girlfriend and take him out for dinner. Any recomendations?

Something in the realm of Jakes/Chart House/Papa Hayden's/Higgins/VQ -ish, except not.

i apologize in advance

but i figured i had to tap this (ASS!) *ahem* resource, that is.
sooo... anyone want to buy a not quite working moped for say, $100?
shit, i'll go lower if you can come pick the damn thing up today.
because after today it may end up in a dump if i don't find it a happy home.
and that would be a tragedy. it's a 1982 puch newport, has had some work
done on it, but needs some more to get it running. pictures of it can be found at

comment or email me your number and we'll set it up.
seriously, i need this thing to go.

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Can anyone tell me how the I-205 bridge typically fares during snowstorms? I’m still new to this commute and wonder if it gets really icy being so open and exposed to the Gorge winds. Is it generally okay or should I go ahead and alter my route to/from work by 20 minutes to take I-5 instead? Thanks!

I know its early but

I need to find a good place to sit outside (or inside actually...) and look at christmas lights, late on friday night (after 10).
The Grotto is closed, and so is zoo lights by this time. Maybe if there is just a neighborhood that goes all out every year?
Much appreciated.


So i'm coming to visit Portland this weekend! I'm very excited about that and to see the world's largest independent book store!

Anyway. since i know it rains a ton out there what do the girls (or boys) with straightened hair do? I pretty much flat iron mine every day and will probably continue to do so otherwise its ugly. but that's besides the point. is it way too much to ask to keep this up considering the weather, or are there some products you can recommend to keep it straight after i've ironed it?
if not i'll probably just buzz it again.

thanks for your help!

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Do you have a preference for financial management software? MS Money, Quicken, Quickbooks?

Do you know of any financial management software that is less than $30 a pop?

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Going up to Mt. Hood Meadows on Friday!

I'd cross post this in oregon_outdoors but I'm sure that just about everyone in that community is in here too!

So I'm going up to Mount Hood Meadows on Friday morning. I have room for up to 3 more people. Go with me and you'll get:

1) a ride
2) the chance to kick in for gas, but not much.
3) left behind if you can't keep up (no friends on a powder day).
4) More of my brilliant wit and fabulous company.
5) A drink in the bar to celebrate the great day at the mountain.

C'mon, you know you want to.

Apartments and Jobs

Hi, I'm moving to Hillsboro in January and looking for a short-term apartment. My boyfriend has a co-op with Intel and we'll be there from January - July. We're looking for 2 bedrooms, $700 a month max. I don't really know anything about the layout of Portland or the suburbs, so I guess I'm just looking for someplace within reasonable distance of Hillsboro? I'm definitely checking out craigslist but I'd like to hear any recommendations/horror stories. We're from Florida, where everything is ugly, so...I would like something pretty. With wood floors, preferably.

Also, I'm gathering that the job market is really bad...I have retail management experience and am 3 credits away from a BA in English. What are my chances of getting a job, any job? I don't want to be a housegirlfriend...

Thanks for your help!

PS - Y'all are getting SNOW? I've never seen snow before...
happy day

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A while back someone posted a link to performance artists here in Portland... If i remember correctly the people on the site were normally seen at Saturday Market. I can't seem to locate or google the link.
Thank you!

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Something the portland crew of this community might know:

My friend bought a DVD from the UK, and it doesn't work. Aparently, DVDs from other countries don't work in america/american dvd players.

may I say, wtf?!

are there any way to actually get it to work? On computers or something? Jesus, how ridiculous.
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Uh, so say a person decided to be brilliant and send a bunch of files to the recycling bin on his or her computer. He/she decided to further the brilliance and empty the bin of its contents. Only after the deed has been done has the person realized that some important files were just deleted. Is there an easy way of retrieving such files? Hard way? Only through technicians who want a first-born child with a forelimb? Or is it just better to sit down and cry for a very long time? (it's a Windows 98 thingie if that makes a difference).


Remember when....

Last year when hysterical liberals on DP were moaning and crying about how things were going so bad in Iraq that Bush would have to start the draft by spring?

This spring? This past spring?


Note: don't take this as me being a fan of W. I'm still dismayed that so many American were blind or ignorant or foolish enough to vote for him.
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