November 29th, 2005


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Dear DPers,

You may or may not remember, but I am in PDX exile in England and sent out a request for porscards to combat homesickness and today I got one! My faith in humanity is renewed.


Edited due to popular demand:

Here's my address if you want to send me a postie, it's just 70 cents! And if I get one from you then you'll get one from me, and everyone loves postcards...

Zan Goldblatt
Wadham College
Oxford University
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Caramel update:

The votes are in:
2 syllables: 12 votes
3 syllables: 11 votes

I thank you all for earning me a free elephant ear come folklife.

I'm not sure if I want to open the "soda" versus "pop" can of worms.
dun dun... dun dun....

Oh, DP the All-Knowing, All-Seeing...

Where, oh, where would I find a quirky, argyle sweater-vest for a holiday gift?

In keeping with a theme, I already own a drawer fulla argyle socks... in fact, those are the only pattern of socks I have.

Clue me just a bit, fellow geekage?

edit: this is so that I can send a few images/links to the fam in order that they may refrain from purchasing the generally horrid clothing item(s) for me this year. so... online, please, yes?
ps: don't worry about me, it was at their request that I do this, so the holidays have not quite yet ingrained in me the traditional solipsism ;)

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Tacky holiday stuff

OK, granted this was taken with my cameraphone from a balcony above it. But really... good photography, better lighting and a reasonable angle just wouldn't be enough to even START making this thing any less hideous.

Collapse )

What has YOUR place of work done to add to the tacky factor? Photos, please!!

print job question


i have a cd-rom full of pdf's that i want to print, then bind. however, the best price i could find was $.08 to print and then about $3.50 to bind. instead of paying that, i'm sitting here printing a long document one side at a time, so i can at least conserve paper. then maybe i'll just have to pay for binding. the thing is, one of the pdf's is about 160ish pages, so obviously i'm just going to pick and choose what to print.

my question is whether anyone knows of places that would charge less than $.08 a page to print. or, in the alternative, do you know the name of a place i can look up to call and ask how much they would charge.

i have checked with kinko's, officemax, PIP, and Lazerquick. Thanks in advance for any input. (i'm not a student with access to those types of services either, but if you are, and you'll sell some books back to powell's for a cut...let me know. :D )
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mental health

i have insurance, but its crap for mental health...i have one guys number, but i was wondering if anyone else had any good leads for this, just in case he is too busy...
if youre too embaraced to post it here you can always email me:

thanks in advance...
Rainy Day

Creative Minds...Unite!

I am meeting with a graphic designer tonight to go over a logo and I'm still struggling with a name for my business (organizing homes and offices).

Here are some key words I brainstormed in the short amount of time I had...

order (ly)

And some name combinations that aren't taken yet -

Neat & Tidy
Keeping Organized
Organized Solutions

My fave was Simple Solutions - but it's active as a business name already...

So any ideas? Any fun snappy yet classy name combinations?

I can offer incentives if it will make ya think for me :)


EDIT: Going with Organized Solutions methinks! Thanks so much for all of your help and funny/serious suggestions!
patsy stone thanxgiving


Aside from nonstop Christmas songs at my work, here's another thing I cringe at during this season -- overly done Christmas decorations around the house/property!

my friend's mother transforms their household (as well as everything around it, meaning property) into a crazy Christmas wonderland.
There's all sorts of lights, moving things saying "ho ho ho" and other moving things about five feet away from that saying "ho ho ho" as well..
And then you get the 5000 reindeer that bop their heads up and down.
And let's not forget those huge inflatable "thingies" that represent the snowman, elves, santa, santa's grandma and his two step sisters.
This woman has it all!!! I'm TERRIFIED to go over there during Christmas season..
The lights and decorations on the property shine with such radiance that
if they were to take a satelite photo of the United States, that spot in East Portland would be the brightest....


What are your stories/experiences with uber Christmas decorations???

dentists in portland?

Does anyone have a really good dentist they could recommend? I go to college out of state and am trying to find someone in Portland so I can get dental work on my insurance when I'm back. I haven't been since I was little and I'm realizing how many issues I've accumulated. Anyway, I'm really nervous about having to go to a dentist who will be really mean about the state of my teeth. Please let me know if you have a nice dentist, I'm lost at the moment.

reptile mite meds

I cannot find anywhere that sells mite meds for our blue belly does someone know a place near gresham/portland??

my blue belly will thank you! My last resort is online but that might take too long. damn things
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Don't forget: meetup tonight at 8pm! Details can be found here. This is your final reminder (from me)!

So come, enjoy, chatter, get laid*, etc!

* We in no way guarantee that anyone will ever get laid at one of these things. And by "we" I mean "I." Hey wait, HAS anyone ever gotten laid via meetup? No, seriously?
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Travel Partner

Anyone looking to go on vacation in December or January? I have been saving my money and would like to take a trip but haven't decided where i'd like to go yet. I'm interested in Europe (either Amsterdam, Germany, Isreal, or Turkey(Istanbul)) Asia (anywhere), or South America (Brazil) and stay in hostels. I am having trouble finding a friend who has the funds available to just up and go. Please contact me ASAP if you are free to go on an ADVENTURE!! I am a 22y/o gay male who is well traveled. Definatly like to drink and get crazy, but don't want that to be the focus of my trip!! Look foward to hearing from you.

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Kaiser physician recommendations

hello, all you helpful people.

i'm just starting insurance this week with Kaiser Permanente, and i wondered if you all could recommend any of their physicians/gyno's etc in the Interstate Medical offices.

i have a strong family history of Crohn's Disease (info can be found here for the curious: the NDDIC). i've just reached the age where symptoms may start showing up and i've had a couple minor digestive scares since august, so it would be ideal if my general practitioner has some decent knowledge in Crohn's, what it looks like, how it works, etc. (i know i can't be the only portlander with these concerns, right?) i would prefer a female doctor, but since i know most people have never heard of Crohn's, i'm willing to just go where the knowledge is.

a female gyno, however, is a must. :)

many many thanks. (no more OutsideIn for me, woohoo!)

Turban Varga
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Habitat for Humanity

I'm looking for people to interview (yes, for another paper) who've had some experience with Habitat for Humanity, particularly the Portland branch. Either you work/ed there, or did some memorable volunteer work you can talk to me about, or you have your house through them, etc. ... Or if you know anyone who fits the bill and would be willing to talk to me.

I'd be totally grateful if I could ask you some questions. It could even be via email or phone, whatever is most convenient. Please e-mail me at dharmabum at livejournal dot com ASAP!