November 27th, 2005

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who sells new releases/recently released dvds (not used) in downtown? is there anywhere in pioneer courthouse square? the closest thing i can even think of near that area is fred meyers on nw 20th, but there has to be somewhere in downtown that sells new dvds.
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Here goes nothing!

I left my cell phone in a Radio Cab Friday night around 1am. It's a Verizon Samsung flip-phone and the background on the screen is a picture of E from The Incredibles. I don't suppose any of you fine people people spotted it?

Raise Yer Flag.

My roommate and I determined that we have a mighty need for a Mexican Flag to sport in our window. As we are both half mexican, we make a full mexican and every fully mexican should have a flag in their window. Or so our logic goes.

But we have no idea where to purchase such a thing in this fair city. But being such a lovely city, it has to exist somewhere.

So we are just curious where we could get such an item.

Thanks in advance!

furniture appraisal

Hey kids,
Where's a good place to get an honest appraisal on some funky vintage furniture?
I have these two chairs that I am contemplating getting rid of for lack of space.
I inherited them from my grandmother's estate, and all I really know about 'em is that they were probably purchased in either the Philippines or Hong Kong in the late 60's or very early 70's.
How do I find out if they are worth anything?

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move to move

quick, someone spout out the name of an over-age spot where i can move to some late 80's-early 90's alt/dance/goth/industrial whatever music on a sunday night. ... in the downtown p-town area.

best friends

christmas tree oh christmas tree ......

so does anyone know where i can get a christmas tree in north portland? any churches or schools selling them? about to? i live in albina and killingsworth in an apartment building on the third floor and i've got no car, so my hope is jefferson or some church closeby is selling little 3ft tall trees for me to drag to my apartment. i don't want a fakey. hook me up?

joyeux noel, everybody.
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my boyfriend does not want to "worship a dead tree" and doesnt want a fake one. so tell me portlanders where can i get a potted xmas tree? one thats like waist high, shoulder high at the tallest. and how much is that gonna cost me? i just want to decorate a tree and this is the only compromise we could come to.
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help request, LEECH issues

Does anyone out there play nice with LEECH and want to lend a hand to me? I can't seem to connect! It worked once before but perhaps I am not giving it the information that it needs. I expect it is a user error here. I could offer cookies, animal behavior advice or outdoor gear advice in return.
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I have some DVDs that I am selling. Name your price.

Dungeons and Dragons (never opened)
Matrix Reloaded - widescreen edition (opened but in like new condition)
The Big Lebowski (never opened)
Les Miserables (with Liam Neeson, Uma Thurman) (never opened)
Animatrix (opened but in like new condition)

I also have three VCR tapes to sell (again, if you are interested, name your price):
Hard Boiled (good condition)
Big Trouble In Little China (good condition)
The Killer- Digitally Remastered Widescreen version (good condition)

Yes, I am posting this on craigslist also.