November 26th, 2005



So me being a teenager, i got a rabbit, without my parents permission. He's living with me, but i don't have a proper cage etc;; yet. I was waiting until my parents said whether i could keep Fuzzy or not. Isn't the name original? Well I was wondering, do any of you know some of the basics on rabbits? Or have suggestions? He is a dwarf rabbit, and the most adorable thing. Also where is a good place to get pet supplies? I'm assuming 'Pets on Broadway' but in case there's somewhere better....
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I'm planning on getting another bunny today, yet it can't go in the cage with my other one because they most likely won't get along.

I was wondering if there was anyone on here in the SW area who had a cage lying around that they don't need anymore that I could buy from them for like, 10 bucks. I know, I know... I should post this on Craigslist but I haven't found anything on there successfully and I don't have the time to wait!

Thanks a million,

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I have to renew my OLCC next week and possibly get my food handlers.

Where do I go to attain such a thing?

I live in SE and prefer something in the area if available.


Portland needs a ramen house!

The kind I'm talking about is where the noodles are fresh, the broths are hand made, and they have the big board of 50 ingredients you can have them add to your ramen. I went to one in LA and it was divine. I just got ramen at Koji Osakaya and it was pretty decent, but nowhere near the good shit. Pork, butter, corn, ramen... yum!

I like the song "San Ber'dino" by F. Zappa.

I have had some beers

Happy T-bird day dpers!

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Best place to buy stuffed animals in the Portland Metro Area? Preferably something more traditional and not too Beanie-Baby-ish.

Specifically, I was thinking of looking for a dog... the baby in question is getting a copy of "Good Dog Carl" for Christmas, and I thought a stuffed version of "Carl" would be a nice accessory (I could get an actual Rotteweiler, but I'm not sure mom would approve). I'm open to anything sufficiently cute and one-year-old friendly, though.

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What is going on tonight and where?

Well seeing what you losers are doing tonight inspired me to just go out. I'll be at Biddy's.

That loser comment was a joke by the way, if you happen to show up I'll be telling a lot of them. You're supposed to laugh.

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Hell has frozen over, I've been ticketed on the streetcar. Least I had my bus pass, but still, just thought I'd make the announcement since I recall nobody I knew has ever been ticketed on dat ting.
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