November 25th, 2005

Fall Hap

Wine Whine

We would like to send some family members a bottle of Oregon wine for the holidays. They are wine snobs....we don't really drink, and aren't into the whole wine scene.

What are your favorite Oregon red wines priced under $50.00? Hopefully I can get more than a bottle of Boones for under $50.00?
What would be some labels to avoid?

Thanks for your insight!
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pet shop

Can anyone direct me to a pet shop or aquarium supply store in Portland that has a good selection of items for turtles, including food and heat lamps?

I've gone to a couple pet stores around town but both were geared towards dogs and cats and rabbits and other small mammals, and sucked as far as reptile stuff goes.

In the SW or downtown preferred, but any recommendations are appreciated! Thanks!

housing question

Hey i was wondering if anyone can point me towards any good websites to find a house for rent in between portland and oregon city. I have been checking craigslist and oregonlive but i havent found anything good for three or more people with a garage. Any suggestions would be more than welcome. Thanks!
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On Newspapers

Anybody else have trouble getting their newspaper delivered? I am a new subscriber to the Orgeonian and have missed three papers in the last two weeks.

Also, the West Slope didtribution Center has the worst office hours ever: 7-10:30am M-S, 8am-noon Sundays. Well, that doesn't help me if I leave for work early and come home to find my paper not delivered.


i didn't know where else to ask this. so i'm asking it here. when you get piercings done there is this one type of needle that like cores out a piece of your ear instead of just pushing the skin aside. what is it called? can you buy them? and do you know anything else about them. thanks.

i'm trying to aviod safety pin piercings in my ear.
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minivan and bike for sale

i'm moving to scotland in a couple of months and have a couple of things to sell.

1) a 1998 ford windstar with just 67,100 miles on the clock for $4300

2) a mountain bike which needs new bearings to hold the pedals in place for just $15

in case you are wondering, no, that isn't me in the bike photo. it's a friend!

i managed to sell the bike.
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Boise neighborhood residents/workers/owners

I need to briefly interview a couple of people who live in the NE Portland Boise neighborhood in the next day or two. (The northern border is NE Skidmore, the southern is partially NE Fremont and partially NE Eliott, while the eastern border is NE Rodney, the west is the I-5 corridor. A more detailed map can be found here: This includes the Michigan, Mississippi, Cleveland, Williams, Vancouver, and Albina corridors.

I'm doing a project about the neighborhood for school, and need to do a couple interviews with people who live, work, or own a business there. I've been in touch with the neighborhood association, but I'd like to get some alternative viewpoints. Please leave me a comment or send me an email at dharmabum at livejournal dot com. Thanks - I'd be grateful! (Comments are screened.)
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For entertainment purposes only

I just posted this one to my journal, and it contains some content that is universal regardless of age or location, so I'm posting it here.

I haven't written any essays for a while. Pretend like this is one. :)

The characters: Griffin, my 9-year-old son. Riley, my 6-year-old daughter. Me, the 47-year-old dad and generally antagonized protagonist.
Griffin and I had "the talk" today, at least part one. We were talking about cats getting fixed, and Griffin was asking the difference between how girl cats got fixed and how boy cats got fixed.
Me: How much do you know about how babies are made?
G: My friend Ian says the boy sticks his weenie in the girl's vagina, and sperm comes out and makes a baby.
Me: Hey, that's pretty good, actually!
G: Did you have to do that to have me dad?
Me: Sure did.
G: Ewwww. Oh my god. Sorry, dad.


I went on to explain the fertilization of the egg, and assure him that as you got older, the act of sticking your weenie in a girl actually began to sound more desirable. Then we talked about vasectomy and cat sterilization.

Me: Yeah, I had a vasectomy so you won't have any more brothers or sisters.

And, he told me about finding a condom on the playground.
Me: You didn't touch it, did you? That can cause disease and stuff.
G: No, I told the teacher and she picked it up with a Frisbee.
Me: The condom is to keep the sperm from fertilizing the egg if you don't want to make a baby.
G: But..... why would you do that if you weren't trying to make a baby?
G: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.


We both laughed and laughed over that stuff.

I'd tell Riley, but I figure she's probably already writing Harry Potter slash under an assumed name.
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To the asshole in the silver Toyota Matrix who came | | close to backing into me while I was in crossing Alder at 10th with the walk signal at around 4:45 this afternoon:

Your rearview mirror is there for a reason, fucktard, and I'm not exactly a hard target to see. If you can't handle driving (and parking) downtown, use a park and ride lot and take the MAX in. Do the world a favor and drink bleach so you can't reproduce. Plz die kthxbye.

No love,

PS: I hope your wife/girlfriend/whatever pissed herself when I smacked her window and yelled at you to "FUCKING PAY ATTENTION YOU ASSHOLE!"
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