November 24th, 2005

Le Velo

Well It's Thanksgiving.

I'm surprised this hasn't been asked yet today... therefor... I win.

What are YOU thankful for?


-I'm thankful that I'm still living with my parents. Mostly because of...
-My mom's cooking.
-My cousin Patrick is in town. woooooooooo!
-All my friends (who rock my socks off.)
-My bikes and my car.
-My saxophone and my bass guitarssssssss
-Earl Grey Tea.

Happy Turkey Day.

Eat lots.

I know I will. :D!
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Post Thanksgiving Boredom

I didn't really have a very traditional Thanksgiving, so I'm already bored. Is there anything to do downtown or around town tonight? Anybody else want an impromptu get-together and see a movie, get a drink (is anywhere opened?) or just do something vaguely amusing?

balancing rocks

Has anyone here ever been to the balancing rocks in the Deschutes area? Directions are impossible to find (it's on purpose I beleive... something about vandals blah blah blah...) I'd really love to go and take some pictures. So before I go and get myself lost in the woods... can anyone point me in the right direction??


I'm stuffed as well.

Question: tonight I had (for the first time) Henry Weinhard's Root Beer which was nothing short of awesome. Of course I had it at someone else's place and forgot to ask where they got it. I know it comes from around Hood River but would one of you fine Damn Portlanders care to tell me where I can obtain it locally? Please tell me it's in Fred Meyer or Zupan's or something.

Thanks! Oh, and I hope you're as overfull as I.