November 23rd, 2005

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Spill the wine

What relatively inexpensive, yet suitably impressive-to-relatives wine should I buy for Thanksgiving dinner? It must be readily available at either the Forest Grove liqueur store or the Forest Grove Safeway. I was just going to serve Pumpkin Ale and PBR, but the wife put a stop to that. Something regional with a pretty label is what I'm thinkin'.

Hungry for Russian food in Beaverton?

Plug for a neat deli/restaurant:

Valentina's Deli!
4830 SW Scholls Ferry Rd (right near Beaverton Hilldale Hwy, Hwy 10)

Ask for the "raviolis and salad"... they're not really like Italian ravioli, and have sour cream on top, but damn, they're good! They appear to be hand made, too. I am going to try the cabbage rolls today. They also have borcht, and other treats.

The food is to-go as they don't have seating, but to me and my coworkers it's worth it! You can call in orders at 503-297-3452, too.

Great little place! Tons of neat Russian and European groceries, too.

*disclaimer* neither myself or anyone I know works there or owns the place.
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dun dun... dun dun....

Local gourmands and chefs, unite!

Time to pick y'all's brains about the menus for tomorrow.

What's going to be hitting your table this holiday, and who's preparing it?

I'm talkin ideas, dreams, and/or actual items... hell, even a recipe or two would be nice ;)
and I'll be sure to share mine, too, after you've had your turns.

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(no subject)

I need to take my dog in for some intermediate dog training classes.....

where do you recommend for the best/most classes for the least money, while still remaining totally quality?
So Gay

Probe, part Deux

23yo bilingual (French/English) part-time design student seeks full-time employment, with compensation at $12/hr or more. Experience in retail, warehouse, materials handling, customer service, general office work. The closer to downtown, the better.

Know of any openings? Any ideas of places to look? Naturally, I'm scouring craigslist and oregonlive.

(no subject)

I just recently read the Virgin Suicides for the first time, and I got really into it so my plan was to watch the movie after I finished the book. My question is, for those of you who have both read the book and seen the movie...does the movie completely butcher the book?
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(no subject)

Who is playing football tomorrow, especially on the east side?

Who would be willing to allow this handsome fella to break the bones of your family and friends to join you in one of this country's finest traditions in a sportsmanlike and entertaining fashion? I played O- and D-line in high school, so I'm basically a fat lummox, but I've been meaning to get out there and play for fun. My friends are all weak nerds or are on the other side of the country, otherwise I'd just get a game going with them.

Any takers?

all tree-free folks

I'm looking for tree-free Yule cards (in particular those designed by Briar) to use as holiday cards this year. Is there any local retailer for these things? I know Wild Oats sells those Sunshine cards, but I'm looking for the Tree Free brand in particular.

Thanks muchly!