November 22nd, 2005



OK.. so I know this gets asked a lot and please don't flame me for being the #137428934723842 person to ask, but I'm desparate and tired and I just left a great job because I really, really wanted to move back to my home (Portland) and I'm scared. I've done a search for other posts about it and outside of a job at K-mart, I didn't find much information.

Basically, I'm an ASP.NET programmer, but due to the fact that the holiday is here and this job takes awhile to get hired for, I'm looking for something that will get me on immediately so I have some money coming in. I know there are temp agencies and such, but I remember someone posting up some stuff about immediate hire temp CSR type of work. I don't care if it's sucky, to be honest, I won't be there that long. I just want something that'll start up and be a paycheck. Also, I have applied to some temp agencies, but there are so many listed on dexonline, it's hard to know which ones are good or not. So if anyone has any experience with that?

Thanks so much. I know this gets asked a lot.. but you guys always have some advice. Oh and I also have a LOT of experience as a server, so if anyone knows any server positions open, I'd be happyt to know. Thank you!
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Who is the most giving dp-er? It might not be me, but I offer to you, my friends the two icons I made this morning:

To dance! No way to make a living, masochism, pain, perfection, muscle spasms, chiropractors, short careers eating disorders!

Light her candle baby, yeah!

Okay, so it's not amazing, bite me! Steal away, if you can handle it.

Love u all!


(Ps for the entire script online go here)
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button makers

so i posted a couple days ago asking about button makers. i have this thing coming up that i want to make buttons for, so i can't really wait to have one shipped to me. does anyone in portland have one they'd let me use, if i bought my own parts/brought you cookies/whatever?
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Restaurants near Keller Auditorium?

Or just downtown I suppose?

4 of us will be going to The Nutcracker on a Saturday in December.. what I'm wondering is, where would be a good restaurant to eat at prior to heading to Keller?

Cost isn't really an issue, but food and atmosphere are.. Something semi-fancy would be good, but not black tie by any means :)

Any suggestions?


oh yeah, thanks :)
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Does anyone know the answer to this?
its from esquire: ""as an indirect homage to a hometown celebrity, vandals routinely add the letter d to a street sign in portland. what does the unadulterated sign say?"

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Quick Question:

I'll be leaving for the Roseland pretty soon to go see Fiona Apple (yay!!!), but surprisingly I've never seen a show at this venue. question: if it's an all-ages show with general seating admissions, are there going to be actual chairs that I can sit in? Or is it one of those places where everyone stand the whole time because there aren't actual seats? I know there is a balcony that has chairs, but I think it's usually just 21+ (which I won't be for another two months). Anyways, I ask because I'm feeling a bit under the weather and I don't think I'll make it through a whole show standing.

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Dinner suggestions... Thanks :)

Hey guys - Thanks for all of the suggestions.. I'll also have to keep them in mind for the next time I need somewhere to go downtown :)

At littlebluedog's suggestion, we're going to go to Three Degrees. Despite their ridiculously high price on wine, their dinner menu looks pretty good. Perfect mix of different types of food for all of us :)

Thanks again :)


And if this isn't Portland related, I don't know what is...

Punk-O-Matic! Make your own punk music, no talent required. And if you don't have the ear or patience for it, just try the demos or even 'random'. It still sounds good.

And if you wanna hear my creation, cut and paste the following string, in its entirety, into the 'Load' field:


Turban Varga
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Bodily limb temps

I often have one limb that's cold and one limb that's warm... for example, my left hand tends to stay warm while my right hand freezes (I'm right-handed, btw). Same goes for my feet, almost every day. I wonder what Chinese medicine would say about this? Am I lacking in the yin or yang dep't?

Anyone know?

Share the love, damnportlanders. Thank you kindly. :-D

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i am hoping someone might have some advice regarding passports. i am leaving for Germany in a week and i am waiting for my passport to come back to me via fedex. i just got a notice of a "bench warrant" due to non-payment of a speeding ticket. i am going to go in and pay it tomorrow of course... but does anyone know if this would be grounds for denial of a passport?

last minute servers needed

Hello! I have an awesome job for someone!

I run a small catering and serving type business. I need two servers for Thanksgiving day (1pm until around 6pm). It pay's $15/ hour + tip. It involves setting tables, pouring wine, clearing dishes, possibly washing dishes, and general cleanup all at someone's house just in West Linn.

I need someone with serving experience (resume) and someone who can come to my work tomorrow evening (downtownish) so I can meet you really quick.

This is easy money! Either comment here or email me:
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we're in it for the delivery boys ;-D


I'm looking for restaurants that deliver. Healthy. Ethnic is also good (we like thai, indian, ethopian...) and we are pretty open to things we haven't heard of. Online menu a plus. And relatively cheap (I know a lot of restaurants use a service that does $5 delivery on $15 orders, but usually we're being fancy if we spend $20 on food...).

Go, speedracer, go!