November 21st, 2005

Heat Pump?

Any damnportlanders out there use a "heat pump" to aid in heating their home?

More importantly an air-to-air exchange unit?

I have been reading about them, since the climate here seems to be well suited... and given the rise in Natural gas prices (that'll probably continue to rise) I am wondering if these really do save any money?

Any thoughts / insights etc?

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Overheard on the TV regarding this Nike flight thing going on (talking to Steve Johnson from the Port of Portland):

Reporter chick: "Steve do you know when you are going to get that updated ETA?"
Steve: "Uh... What?"

Ever since 9/11, these newscasters have gotten so much worse at the sensationalistic journalism. They just sound like complete morons.


OK... so I just arrived in Portland this weekend (thanks.. I'm quite happy to be here! :) ). Upon arriving, I realized that I'm putting my poor friend out of her apartment (basically) in her attempts to give me a place until I find something of my own. Well, last night I went to look at a place and it seems great. They called me back about 2 hours later and offered me the room. I like the roommates and I would have a big space, etc. etc. The only problem is that it's in an area that when I lived here before, was kinda shoddy. I mean, 10 years ago, North Portland was just bad. Now.. it looks ok although there is a house down the street that they told me is an old busted meth house that is being fixed up. So I guess my question is if anyone knows what this area of town is like and if you can offer any insites into it. The house is on Killingsworth and the I-5.

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The Plaid Pantrification of America, and how it's ruining Woodstock!

Ahem, soapboax, please. I applaud the valiant efforts of those in the Sellwood of neighborhood as they roll back the attempts made by low-price leader Wal*Mart in the construction of a new store in their neighborhood. I happen to live upstream of Sellwood (if you consider Johnson Creek a “stream”) in the Woodstock neighborhood, which is slightly more working class. When social injustice strikes at the core of MY neighborhood, the crying out for fairness is seldom heard.

Those of you who live in Woodstock know what I am talking about. For those of you who do not, here’s our beef. On Labor Day weekend, Plaid Pantry Corps. announced its intention to build one of its Super-Centers in our neighborhood. (In case you don’t know the difference between a “Super-Center” and a regular Plaid Pantry store, the Super-Centers also have groceries and are open 24 hours. There are even a few Pantries in rural areas, like Gresham, that sell gas.)

What’s awful about Plaid Pantry is that after one opens in your neighborhood, next thing you know, they’re on every corner. Before long the mom and pop stores (like 7-Eleven and am/pm) start to disappear. Because Plaid Pantry sells auto fuses and duct tape, they often run locally owned car parts and hardware stores out of business as well. There is also something fishy in that Tim’s Treats closed up shop days after the Plaid Pantry announcement.

There are two recent books on Plaid Pantry I suggest you look into if you want to learn more. The first is How Plaid Pantry is Destroying America and the World and What You Can Do About It, by cake-mix impresario Duncan Hines, and the second is The United States of Plaid Pantry

DP Friends, if you’d like to make a difference in the quality of life in the Woodstock neighborhood, I suggest you contact one of the Sam Adams types in our local government. However, if you want to stir real, grassroots action to support this local cause, I invite you to join me in a groundswell of phone calls and emails to the one soul in this town who can make a huge difference today: Lars Larson. You can reach Lars from 3-6 p.m. weekdays on his toll-free call-in line at 866-509-LARS or you can email Lars. Tell Lars your mad as all hell about the way the little guy is treated in this town, and he will set everything right once and for all. Thank you.

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this article says that there will be no employee affect in portland with the closing of their distribution center. i'm wondering if anyone can explain how that is possible, as i'm unfamiliar with their operation in portland. it just seems that it must affect SOMEONE to close a parts center, no?

also, who buddies up with FIAT when attempting to boost american sales? did they really not see this stuff coming? sheesh.

article along with states affected can be found here

Joey says "Whoa, Blossom"

I used to have a denim jacket that had elastic at the bottom, I was 10

I used to wear a flannel "shirt" with no sleeves and a hood, I was 13

and I used to wear glasses that got darker in the sun, the optometrist called it "photo-grey" but he should have called it "abstinence" I was 16

I have a picture of a friend in a Huarache sweatshirt from when he was 19

what is you BIGGEST fashion mistake?

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A conversation between my friend (itsradiosilence) and I:

ItsRadioSilence: you heard about the tacoma shooter right?
BEAT of FASHI0N: yeah
ItsRadioSilence: one of my friends found him on myspace
BEAT of FASHI0N: omfg
BEAT of FASHI0N: lmfao what let me see
BEAT of FASHI0N: god
BEAT of FASHI0N: I love America
BEAT of FASHI0N: i mean the internet

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I happen to know that Portland has a large number of Perry Mason fans, because every time they change the schedule angry letters are sent to the network.

The point is this: LiveJournal has distressingly few Perry Mason communities, and none of them are active. I recently started my own, and was then too lazy to do anything with it, but now I'm going to.

If you are a fan of Perry Mason, or would like to become one, join att_perrymason!
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November Meetup!

Edit: Yes, I did fail to see earlier posts about meetup tomorrow. I was going to schedule it for a week from tomorrow on account of vacations.

Well, maybe we should do both? Or if you all would rather have it tomorrow, TELL ME HERE. I'll be out of town, but I can call the McMenamins people back for ya at least.

So yeah, I know it's tough for you shy DPers, but...tell me your opinion on this.
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So I guess it's my call?

(Sorry for posting again, but I know y'all are too lazy to go back and check my earlier post. Admit it.)

Okay, I'm gonna say that we never do get quite enough meetup, so we'll do two this month, since I'm guessing that there are a fair few people who will be out of town this week.

Tomorrow night, and the 29th; both start at 8pm, at McMenamins Tavern and Pool (1716 N.W. 23rd), minors welcome, see the FAQ, etc. :)

And yes, I called McMenamins and warned them that they will be getting TWICE AS MUCH OF US. Yes, the guy I talked to cowered in fear. COWERED.
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Cheers from a bike!

tigerlily tattoos

I don't live in Portland anymore... so thought maybe somebody out there might know the answer to this.

Why is Tigerlily's web site suddenly gone? Please tell me they're all still around. I was hoping to get some work done when I was in town over the summer.

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I'm a Portlander (by adoption) in exile, currently living and studying abroad. I'm a little bit homesick and miss pdx. In my gloom had an idea...

In the spirit of Thanksgiving (which they don't celebrate this side of the pond), if you're feeling like you can afford a cheesy postcard and the 70 cent international postcard stamp that goes with it, then send me one! Write something you love about ole' stumptown and then I can read your musings and be happy, and tack the cards up in my little room and smile more.

In exchange, if you include an email address on your postcard I will email you once I recieve your postcard and send you one back! And everyone loves postcards, so how can you refuse?!

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Worky Work!

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Alright...some people are going crazy and apparently aren't too hip to the LJ news. I'll break it down for ya.

LJ moved their data center from Seattle to SF.

Pics and userpics are loading slowly or incorrectly...See Here, and here.

And in case LJ ever goes down, or you need recent information, there is a non LJ site that announces updates / news / unplanned downtimes. Right now, it also states that LJ is having problems with comments being emailed.

Alright? So check it out...and love your LJ. It didn't do anything to you. =P

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hello portland

im looking for some nice individual to donate to me a SAT prep book, preferably something from teh fast 3-4 years. i would actually purchace one, but between my first phone bill, a parking ticket, and the holiday season approaching, i dont have a lot of cash to spare. anyone have a book out there they're willing to donate? ill even come pick it up from you!

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I was curious as to what check gurantee company you all have in Portland? I work for First Data here in Florida and think it would be easier to find a similar job in PDX when I transplant to there.