November 20th, 2005

arts and crafts fair

bizarre bazaar!
saturday, dec 10th, 10am-6pm
the centerRing
5339 se foster

holiday arts and crafts sale to benefit the centerRing collective ('synergy' alt. health clinic, 'tribe' performance troupe and 'annapurna enlightened foods' organic vege cafe)!

come and check it out!

Room for rent

( Cross-posted to lc_lawschool and reedalumn. )

My roommate is moving to England at the beginning of next year, and I need to find someone to live with by then. I'll keep looking more vigorously as the date draws nearer, but it's good to get started early. The room will be available in early to mid January, and some flexibility is possible.

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portrait thing

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The Lighting of the Tree at Pioneer Courthouse Square - Pioneer Courthouse Square

On the evening after Thanksgiving, Portland gathers at the Square to celebrate the official start of the season by lighting the spectacular 70 foot tree. The program engages professional and amateur talent, a community chorus sing-a-long, a tree lighting countdown, state-wide dignitaries and of course, the arrival of Santa. Big, bright and beautiful, this event unites the community in an evening of celebration and sharing for the whole family.

Is this usually fun? At first I was picturing in my head the scene in Batman Returns, but now I'm picturing hundreds of screaming children.
little blue dog

hmm ...

DP's birthday comes up on my version of this page as April 21.

Does anyone know why? Was DP created on that date? Was it the day in 1843 that Overton and Lovejoy paid a quarter to claim the land on the banks of the Willamette we now call home? Perhaps it is meant to hearken back to the founding of Rome (753 BC), to commemorate the birth of Tony Danza (1951), or to honor France's decision to allow women to vote (1944), all of which are frequent topics of discussion among Portlanders?

Any guesses?
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Take a Hike

I was hoping some one here might know a little bit about the trails between the Pittock Mansion and the Zoo, how long it is and anything else you can tell me.
Also if any one knows of any other good hiking trails in the metropolitain area (what a laugh...), please do share!
Thank you all so much.

restaurant recommendations...

Hey everybody, I checked the memories but didn't really find quite what I was looking for, so I thought I'd give it a try here. Next weekend I will be visiting Portland with my boyfriend and we want to find a really awesome restaurant for dinner. We're tourists, so it'd be nice if it was easy to find, and easy to park at, and we'd be willing to spend between $50 and $80 for a good meal. We're looking for something datey, romantic, cozy, and YUMMY! Good desserts like creme brulee would definitely be a plus. We like almost all foods, but we're thinking of maybe just some really good italian for this night. Thank you so much in advance to any replies!
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Washing my duds

Our washer just broke beyond repair and died a horrible, wet death. Until we can get a new one, I'll be heading to a laundromat. I found 4 near our house, but only one had a review, which mentioned expensive washers. Oh Great DPers who live in SE, have any of you used the following places?

Brooklyn Laundromat - 4350 SE Milwaukie Ave
Wash World - 2731 SE Belmont St
Cleanery-Hollywood - 1925 NE 42ND Ave Ste A
F & I U Wash - 12 SE 28TH Ave

If so, would you recommend or avoid them? I need the best bang for my quarter. Or is there somewhere else in the inner SE area that you'd recommend?

I have a job interview Tuesday, so it's sorta important that I don't show up in stinky clothing....

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Would anyone like to hire me? Seriously. My current employer gives me about 8 hours a week, and I really really need money.

I could be a secretary. I can be very very organized. My organization might frighten you, in fact. I type at a reasonable speed, and my last name is Jackson, so if you needed me to take a memo for you, you'd be able to say "Jackson, take a note!"

I'm trying to save up to go on a two month train trip around the country, writing a book as I go. Right now I'm just living with my parents to save money, working (occasionally) and watching a lot of Perry Mason, The Avengers, and various old movies. It's pathetic.

I have a lot of skills, most of which are useless. I can hop on a pogo stick while reciting the 50 states in alphabetical order. I can insult people to their faces without them noticing. I can attract felines by yelling "CAT! MEOW!". I have a food handler's card, and boy can I make crepes! I'll make you crepes, if you like. I can even do so while wearing an amusing costume, as I have a lot, though nothing creepy, if you don't mind. Nothing worse than a creepy crepe maker.

So, in closing, give me money. Thank you.