November 19th, 2005

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I'm writing a term paper arguing the War on Terror is an extension of the Cold War policy of containment, using the War in Iraq as a case analysis. Unfortunately, my writing skills suck so... I'm appealing to you damnportlanders to help me out! So, if you feel like spending a few minutes of your day critiquing a paper, send me an email or an IM or reply here! It's about 9 pages long so if you're only interested in checking a page or two that's cool!
AIM - xmittensofdoomx
yahoo - mittens_of_d00m
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Anyone else planning on going to the Children of Bodom show on Wednesday? Roseland, $16 plus whatever gouging ticketswest or the ticket window charges...
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Shopping Day

Where can I find some cheap, framed Asian art?

Unfortunately, every place I can think of is horribly-oh-my-ass-hurts expensive.

Also, a place we can find cheap home decor stuff in an Asian theme?

Come on, Portlanders, don't let us down!
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Animal Rescues - Crate

I was wondering if you all knew of any local animal rescues that lent out large crates to people taking in sick/quarantined rescue cats? I've found a couple crates on Craigslist, but I thought I'd check in to borrowing one (as I hear it pretty common) to save as much money as possible for vet bills, as he is going to need it, poor baby. The rescues I've called never return my call. I've already tried Google, and will be posting to Craigslist too, but thought I'd check here too since he'll likely arrive with Thanksgiving guests. Thanks for any help!
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Lost backpacks

Hey DPers. This morning some fine person broke into my car and stole two backpacks. Neither contained anything of value to anyone else, except a few CDs. However, in the mix were a couple notebooks and hundreds of handwritten manuscript pages that I would like to have back. Insurance will cover the losses, but I doubt I could read the State Farm guy's handwriting when he tries to reproduce the journal entries and manuscripts. The backpacks are blue and the incident happened near Mall 205. If you see blue backpacks in ditches or dumpsters, please give me a howl out. Thanks. (By the way, this really happened. I only make jokes on Mondays.)
Rainy Day

Am I ready yet?

Thank you to all those who gave me some valuable ideas about my business concept a few days ago. After working toward a business plan, I am ready to take the next step - yay!

I am looking for 5 or 6 people that would be willing to be "guinea pigs" and allow me to come in and practice my "spiel" and then let me organize a living space, home office, or storage space at a discounted rate. The purpose of this is to gauge average organizing times for different projects and square footage of living spaces, so I'm looking for a variety of apartment and home sizes.

The initial consultation would be free for you, and you would receive a 50% discount for my planning and labor rates, at cost for reimbursable expenses (organizing materials that you choose).

If you are interested in meeting with me, please email me at
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What's your favorite?

Okay, I'm shopping for a prepaid cellular plan, and a phone. Looking online, and checking out what's at the stores really hasn't panned out for me yet. What I need is the intangible of real life experience. So, I'm asking you for the good bad an ugly of phone providers and cell phones that are currently on the market.

I'm considering either Cingular or T-mobile, but if anyone has had good experiences with other providers, I'm open to considering other services.
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i'm looking for a quality photographer who is comfortable working with naked folk [and maybe willing to do tfp-type work]. um, not being a crazy serial killer/chimo/scam artist is the most important criterion. folks who are naked on the intarweb, who do you know and who do you trust?
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I just went to see the Hesse Collection at the Museum today, and recommend that you see it before it's gone...

...Please have a look, please do! It's so dog-gone incredible!

If you're put off by the religious imagery on the Portland Art Museum's web site, please don't let this put you off, because you would be robbing yourself of pleasure of all the OTHER incredible paintings and artifacts of the collection.