November 18th, 2005


Cab Companies

During the holidays I am having a friend visit. We want to go into Portland to go bar hopping (I live in Tigard near Washington Square) and don't want to drive when we have been drinking. Public transport to/from Tigard sucks. I am hoping that someone out there in DP land knows what I should expect to pay for a cab. Does anyone have any "favorite" cab companies or know of any I should avoid?

Thanks for your help,
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Nostalgia is a funny thing. We have all this technology and all these amazing games...and yet, some of the best times in recent history I can think about is sitting around and playing 80's or 90's video/computer games. Don't get me wrong...I have my PS2 and love that damn thing, but there's something to be said for wanting to play all those old games with the "crappy" graphics and midi sound.

I've been playing Warcraft II, Lode Runner : The Legend Returns (Oh man, this used to run so sweet on my Mac back in the day), Descent and Descent II (Fuck that Star Wars shit...Descent is the true master of space battles), and the like. Hell, I even asked Santa for Super Mario Brothers 3 for my GBA SP (really, one of the best SMB games evar...add Super Mario 64 and you've got yourself 2 incredible games).

What are some games that you used to play, oh wise DP? Get my mind jumping for those oldies but goodies.
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Sorry for the double post...but I really wanted to say something about all this "Christmas crap."

One - The day after Thanksgiving is NOT the biggest shopping day of the year.

Two - Stop bitching about it. You have your own damn mind to make up and decide whether or not to indulge in this commercialism.

Do I think it's excessive? Sure. But the companies want to turn a profit. You would do the same if you owned a business. There are children who love this time of year simply for the fact that Santa is around. I know not all of them care about the gifts...but what is so wrong about seeing a kid smile when he gets that present? You parents out there don't need to be spending $2,000 on Christmas either. There is such a thing as self control.

Enjoy the holidays! Go pick up a carton of eggnog (and add a little Baileys...heh), listen to the people sing on the streets, enjoy the lights that are all around, witness the magic that truly comes alive in a childs eyes. Donate your time and money to kitchens and outreach programs. This is the time of year that most people donate, and rather than bitch about it, embrace what you can get and what people are all about. This is a beautiful time of year...don't ruin it because you have a problem/compulsion to buy buy buy.

Baby Care In Portland?

Can anyone recomend a good day care either downtown or near the Hawthorn/Belmont area that is state certified and takes infants under 1 year old? All suggestions are greatly appreciated.
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A gripe about KINK's news staff

Heard on the way home from a mail run:

Salem police are getting the word out about an accused sex offender in the area. John Doe molested two girls...

So... which is it? Is he accused, or has has it been proven that he molested these girls? That, my friends, is what we call "media bias." Also known as crappy reporting.

And in the interests of full disclosure, the man is supposedly involved with an LDS youth group somehow. Not that that has anything to do with the issue at hand, since it's not even clear if he's actually LDS.

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I leave it to you, the discriminating members of damnportlanders to voice your opinions on this and likely flame me for something I never intended to do.

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I wanted to bitch about something toooooo!!

Why in the hell is it that in portland you must dial the area code when making even local calls? Does anywhere else do this? Where Im from,(arizona) we just dial xxx-xxxx It confuses me (which, incidentally is not that difficult) Ive always wondered. Ive been here 4 years but I never found out why portland does this. Man that was a sorry attempt at bitching about something. It really turned into more of a polite question. I suck, Ill do better next time. Maybe you guys can give me some pointers :D
Original Bitch

I know. Repost. No time to archive dig though, so...

My boyfriend & I usually frequent the Yamhill on Friday nights simply because the Pabst is cheap & the jukey is loaded with awesome music. But we're looking for more places to play at with the following criteria:

1) CHEAP beer/booze

2) Good music on the jukey (we hate kareoke. Hate it. HATE IT)

3) MAX accessible, or bus stop fairly close to MAX accessible (long bus rides when drunk really blow)

Where do you loverly people reccomend we go to get tanked tonight?
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Ok I'm super stuck

I had an apartment all set-up and ready to go, and it turns out now the guy is not going to leave, leaving me with nothing and I have to be out of my place in a week 1/2.

I have been checking every resource possible, and I'm not coming up with much. I have one place I am taking a look at tonight, but other than that coming up empty handed.

I'm looking for something 475 or less, that takes a cat, preferably in SE (I will go around 82nd and Burnside area too) Even NE (Nothing past alberta). At this point, I am willing to take a room if someone has it until I can find something for myself.

I'm really in a bind. Please help?
little blob

the dude in yellow

did anyone else see this guy?

he was dancing enthusiastically on the corner of evergreen and 185th earlier this week .. with no sign for mattresses or cell phones. he was really into whatever it was. ?
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Forget how bitter most of you feel about Christmas. I LOVE the holidays and they don't have to be all about consumerism! In my family holidays are about good food, good laughs, and lots of warmth...

SOOOOO...what is YOUR favorite holiday (and it can be ANY holiday) tradition?

Mine is:

I have a gigantic catholic family and every year, rather than buying gifts for everybody, we all spend about $5 (give or take) on little door prize type things. We put them ALL in a basket and we play Bingo until the prizes are gone. I'm always amazed by how much fun it is to play bingo for silly prizes but we ALWAYS have a good time.



Man, I posted this on craigslist and didn't get a bite ... well, long story short - I have an extra ticket to the Rumi Celebration tonight in downtown with Coleman Barks, and all I want is someone to use it! Of course, it'd be great if we had more then Rumi in common, but really, what else is there? I'm currently online at work but I won't be able to check my email until I get off work at 6pm. The doors open at 6:30pm. If you'd like to come (gelasia are you out there?!) please email me (hypercube @ hell . com) and I'll give you the address ... yeah, I know, short notice - blame craigslist! I hope to see you there :o)

A request of help...

I am trying to find an individual in Portland of whom I have lost contact with....

I have tried all the OL avenues of approach,but to no avail..

The persons name is/was:

Steve Helswig,he lives/lived up by Sandy Blvd,would frequent the clubs,bars around that area,mostly Buehland,and also the Tiger Bar......Sometimes The Ash Street Saloon.

I thought I would resort to asking you 'care bears' on here !

Oh,he is/was old skule punk!

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Restless in SW?

I know there a few damnportlanders who live in the vicinty of Multnomah Village. Who of them besides me is at loose ends this evening and feels like having a beer and maybe a slice of pizza?  I was thinking how much I'd enjoy a pint at the Lucky Labrador Public House in the village (7675 SW Capitol Hwy, not the SE one on Hawthorne).

7:30ish? Anyone?

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Apparently there were some more gang shootings last night in the Portland area and a guy was killed, so I'd like to take the time to send out a message to all of these sheep-like morons that are bringing down great cities like Portland and its suburbs:


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Seeking semisane roommate

Once again, gravemanor is seeking a roommate. Single occupancy, no pets preferred (we already have too many cats), that can pay their bills on time and has no cat allergies. Rent is $130 a month plus share of cable/internet, electric, oil heat, and communal household items (TP, trash bags, etc.). Also, we have no house phone (we all have cells). Roommates 20s-30s, 3 female 2 male (plus one male that lives there about a weekend a month on average). (2 couples, 2 singles) Wifi connection pending. We have one party a month plus Friday game nights in the dining room. HUGE old house in NE near Killingsworth and MLK, yard, garage, basement recroom; washer, dryer, dishwasher onsite. Room is very small, but nice corner view with several windows, hardwood floor, and a dresser built into the wall. On a clear day you can see Mt St Helens. :) Learn more at gravemanor, the Grave Manor Yahoo Group and the Grave Manor tribe on Email me at or post here if interested.

Thank you!
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patsy stone thanxgiving

(no subject)

does anyone know the address of the website with sex ofender/criminal registry where you can look up if there are any in your neighborhood?
I tried googling it but no luck. I remember there being a website however where you can search for such things.