November 17th, 2005


indian grocery


i googled for a while for an indian grocery, but didn't find anything in SE. do you know of an obvious one i am missing? if you have suggestions, i'd love them. otherwise, i'll be on a quest. my priorities are tender pre-made naan and affordable spices. thanks!
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I really rather like Collapse ) image from the PDX website.

Do you have any pictures of Portland [or anywhere in Oregon, really] that you think are neat, interesting, awesome or .. beautiful?
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The 75 bus is a whimsical bastard which is usually late, but on occasion decides to be 6 minutes early so that the people who follow instructions and go to the bus stop 5 minutes early have the pleasure of seeing it pass them by, causing them to miss their connections to the next bus, which only runs every half hour.

Anyway. Anyone have ideas for good money making schemes?
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no insurance clinics?

does anyone have any experience with the NARA Indian Health Clinic?

i'm currently on my third day of missed work, and my insurance won't start until december (nor do i know what the exact nature of it will be just yet). i really need to get well.

if you guys have other recommendations as well, that'd be great.
looks like outside in doesn't have an MD on thursdays, so that's a no.


tickets, please!

How often do people get their tickets checked on the MAX? So far, I haven't seen it happen. It was like this for quite a while in Vancouver, BC... the skytrain was pretty much run the exact same way, using the honour system. Eventually the transit cops really cracked down on it though, and we would have our tickets/passes checked pretty much every trip. I wonder if it will eventually be like that here? If you don't have a ticket, and you are caught, what happens? They were incredibly strict in Vancouver.
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feel feel feel

Puttin' the ol' feelers out for job opportunities. A couple different directions I could go:

~Anyone out there in the design industry? Know of any full-time openings for assistants or office grunts that are design students on the side?

~I'm fluent (spoken/written/comprehension) in French and would like to use it. Full-time positions based around translation or copy-writing?

~I'm currently in warehousing/supply chain/inventory contorl. Any FT leads there?

Compensation would need to be $12/hr or more and offer some degree of flex-time to accommodate a part-time school schedule.

Thanks all!
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Photographer advice

I'd like to get a nice family portrait taken of me and my son. Do you know of a great photographer or studio? I'd love to hear about them. I can't afford completely outrageous prices, but I can spend probably up to a few hundred dollars on a package deal. I'd like to avoid places like Sears and stuff.


Corporate Wall Flowers

If you're on the hiring end of the job hunt, I was wondering if you could explain a strange phenomena. Everyone I talk to who's interviewing is waiting months and months to get a simple "yes" or "no" answer. It's been going on for the past year. I can tell you that in past years, I always heard back within a week.

Is this a trend?

EDIT: these are skilled jobs that are on a corporate, non-governmental level.
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Okay... so my honey and I just got back from seeing Portland's Advanced screening of RENT. I won't give anything away, don't worry. All I have to say is Thank you Chris Columbus (the director) for bringing such a beautiful story to life on film. It was an amazingly beautiful film, very funny, heart wrenching, and celebratory experience. I had many doubts that the integrity, and story, and heart would be lost in making this film, but to be honest, it is even MORE present than ever before. It was better than I ever imagined.

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I go to PCC, and I need to take some art credits. I was wondering if anyone had taken a photography class (specifically the 35mm darkroom class) and what you thought of the instructor, etc. The only thing that is turning me off from the darkroom class is the fact it is only taught at Sylvania and I am much closer (and would prefer to stick with) Cascade.

Thanks in advance :)
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My boyfriend wants a bunny (rabbit). He doesn't plan to get one until he moves out into a new place which won't be for a while now.
But anyways... if you've ever had a rabbit as a pet, we'd love to hear some advice :-)
And no, we're not gonna eat it.

[And I got scratched by one at a pet store today.]