November 16th, 2005


Anyone seen my briefcase?

hi all,
So, I had my briefcase stolen out of the back of a friend's car in the Hollywood district (in the parking lot across from the moon and sixpence to be exact), and wondered if anyone has found it.
It's a black Saddlebag type, kind of cheap. Some things that were in it were my checkbook, a scarf, a pair of leather (black) gloves, a CD player, a digital camera, a purple coffee mug, a really small bible - couple other things.
Anyways, if anyone spots it, I would appreciate it returned to me. I can't offer a reward, other than maybe a beer or a cup of coffee, but you will have my eternal gratitude.

Hate to do this - (Updated - GONE, Thank you!)

*Gone - thanks for looking - appreciate it*

However, if anyone in Livejournal PDX area needs a laptop, I'd rather sell to the community rather than a stranger.

Immediate need for cash - so I'm selling my laptop ASAP.

Behind LJ-CUT is the link to the Craigslist advert. Thanks for your time.

(P.S. - I looked in community information, so I don't THINK I'm breaking rules or such. I hope I'm not. If I am, you can filet me, delete my post, or something. :-) )

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WTF is up with Eddie?

This is for you guys who watch wrestling regularly.

Apparently during my weeklong stint of not having cable tv I missed something.

Is Eddie Guerrero really dead? Or did he just stop wrestling?

And if he is dead, what the hell happened? This is what happens when I don't get the cable bill paid, my favorite people on tv DIE! First it was Jerry Orbach, now Eddie? I'm cursed. Cursed.

Someone please tell me what's going on.
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Alright, ive been here for 2 weeks, and ive seen many sushi places, BUT what i would like to know is this...

Are there any sushi places within walking distance(i dont drive and my roomate who does drive wont go with me) from 33rd and Powell that you enjoy, that will not poison me.

something not too expensive would be great seeing as im low on money and wont get a decent check for another 2 weeks.

if you have any suggestions on what to order from said place, that would help too..


Car Mechanics

My car is turning over but not starting. It really doesn't sound like the battery. I'm not particularly car savvy so I need a second professional opinion. Previously, I've taken my car to Affordable Tire and Automotive on SE 10th? and Hawethorne. They've been very honest with me for some major engine stuff in the past but they've also slowly raised their rates to something I can no longer afford. I trust the work that they do and I'm sure I'm paying for that trust, but right now, it's just not possible to pay that much.
So, do you have any places you'd reccommend as honest and the lower end of affordable? I'd prefer SE pdx, and if it matters, I drive a '95 mercury sable wagon (sexy, I know).
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Seeing as my girlfriend and I won't be having Thanksgiving with our respective families. I am wondering how we are going to spend our wonderful 4 day weekend. Any ideas?

DP Lurker.


Ok damnportlanders, xstormblastx and I are considering driving to Monterey, CA for the week between Christmas and New Years.

I am VERY nervous about going over the mountain passes on I-5 between Roseburg, OR and Redding, CA at that time of year.

Have any of you done it?

Am I overreacting?



Why not fly?: It is MUCH more economical for us to drive down ($200-$300) than to fly and rent a car ($500-$600).

Will your car make it?: We have a 2004 Kia Optima, I plan on aquiring chains anyways since we plan to frequent the mountain this snowboard season.

Thanks a ton guys!

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finding a caregiver for you or your family

What makes a Good Caregiver Seminar
East County Disability Services Advisory Council (ECDSAC) presents: What makes a good caregiver seminar. Seminar is open to the public.

When: November 17, 2005
Time: 1:00-3:00pm -
Where: Multnomah County Aging and Disability Bldg.
600 NE 8th
Gresham, OR 97030
Blue Lake Room
Gresham Central stop on the Max Line

Have you thought about who will take care of you if become disabled? This seminar will help answer some of those questions. Advocating for yourself. These are just a few of the topics to be discussed.

spokes, blokes

I do apologize if this is so on-topic as to be redundant, but as a non-Portland native and a sporadic damnportlanders watcher... is there a website that will map out bike routes? It would be fabulous if one of you lovelies showed me how avoid the highways when I start biking from N. Albina to PSU as I'm pretty sure it's not legal to use highways on a cycle. Or is it? This city is the easiest ever to navigate, but Oregon is a bit different than Washington. Thanks muchly.

Bulk cheap food

Hey dpers,

I'm looking for a place to buy some things in bulk, specifically:
lil smokies
mini quiches

And I can't go to Costco.

I'm thinking of Winco, but I never shop there, so I don't know what they have.

writing process!
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I see dead people!

Fellow DPers, I beseech you! Make some posts! Stir up trouble with cosmicjohn! Prod lokidecat into a trademarked grumble-fest! Tell us about your stolen bike, your quest for the perfect roommate, your jewelry for sale! Boycott something trivial! Protest the sad lack of Druid representation in Portland!

Oh, wait... okay, hold off on the jewelry for sale. :)

My friends page is bereft. dp_snark is hardly worth the visit due to a perilous lack of stupidity within these very pages!

Write an essay!

Post pictures of the sunshine!

Promote your band!

(edit: chimpchampion! chimpchampion! chimpchampion!)
Worky Work!

(no subject)

Alright drjeff, I'll help you out.

Part 1 - Who here would be sad if I left? As in never posted again in DP. Never commented again in DP.

Part 2 - Are you intrigued at the mystery of "Friends Only?" How about when it comes to someone notorious? For instance, my LJ is Friends Only. Cool graphic, go there! Are you curious as to what I write in there? Am I writing about YOU?

I could be...


I was just thinking about this today and was wondering why the area around the Galleria Max stop always reeks of urine? Its not just a few times, but EVERY time I get off the max at that stop there is an overwhealming stink of urine! So tell me, is it an undergroud sewer making the smell? or just the bums marking their territory??

It just smells......weird.
Sometimes Portland has the weirdest smells, like just lastnight i was walking in the warehouse district and smelled the odor of hops being cooked for beer making. That area used to smell like that ALL the time, but now since all of the brewereys are being forced out by sleek metal condo's it rarely smells like hops anymore.

the smell of hops beats out the stinky urine smell any day.

(no subject)

This is for drjeff:

I don't have a band to promote so I'll promote my friend's new book.

She's a terrifc scholar and writer. Buy this book! Buy this book!

Portland related because she lives in Portland.

pink sprouts?

has anyone here ever grown mung beans before? i'm on my first attempt and now it's day three and for some reason some of the beans have turned a light pink... is it mold or are they supposed to do that? the sprout part growing out of the bean isn't pink... just the bean itself. i don't think i overwatered them... i'm just really confused :(
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The case of the waxed up sink part 2.5

I have made it back to florida, and plan to attack my sink with everything i have at my disposal!

Last night i took it apart. there are now pieces all over my kitchen. In hindsight it would have been a good idea to number or take a picture of how everything goes together.

Didn't see a way to open the garbage disposal... pondering a big heavy metal mallet....

hmmm... maybe i should just give in and call the office? NO NEVER!!!

So the pipes were clogged all the way down to the trap. The lovely garbage disposal is a nice solid block. I read somewhere that rubbing alcohol might dissolve the wax, and i plan on going to target and purchasing some tonight. The other option is to heat the garbage disposal in the oven and see if the wax will melt that way... somehow i think that might be a bad idea... the plastic casing and cord and all.

I've been told to take pictures, but i seem to have misplaced my camera...

(no subject)

What's this about the ol' streetcar (that's "ol'" in its literal sense, not the casual sense) not running for the past three weekends? Where's it been? Also, anyone see that van they're turning into a hamster in the garage off NW 16th(ish) and Lovejoy? The hell?... I got nothin. I tried.
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Still in need

You guys this is absolutely ridiculous. In my last post, I asked for some help finding an apartment and also giving someone a referral if we got in their particular complex. Well, Id like to thank everyone who responded, but unfortunately, we keep getting denied because of our (more specifically my husbands) bad credit. Im absolutely at my wits end, I was up crying all night because we are running out of money to put in applications. I have hit every website I can think of, as well as going out everyday this week and driving around looking into places. So I guess my question to you guys is this: do you know of any place at all that wont reject us because of credit issues? I dont want to live in my car :(
Turban Varga
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Boise-Eliot neigborhood organizations

If anyone on here does work for a community organization that does work in the Boise-Eliot neighborhood, I'd love to interview you for a school project. It could be via email, in person, or on the phone, but sometime within the next few days.

I'm specifically looking for someone who works with Housing Our Families (don't know if this is still in existence) and/or Albina Community Development Corporation. Neither of them seem to have a website. Hmph!

Oh, you can reach me via email at dharmabum at livejournal dot com, or just leave a comment here.

Many thanks!!!

Did someone say “promote your band?” Don't Mind If I DO!

This Friday Night!
Slabtown (1033 NW 16th Ave)
9:30 PM
The unveiling of HELL BELLY!

I have this cool band called Hell Belly. It's me and three of my best friends from High School. We all went to Pleasant Hill High School in Pleasant Hill Oregon ('89 RULZ!) and our mascot was a Billy goat. We were the Pleasant Hill Billies, NOT to be confused with The Pleasant Hillbillies. Anyway, we're all in our mid 30s and like it or not, we all got a little paunch going because we're all married, have jobs, and let's face it, when you enter your 30s (and take note all you cool skinny hipsters) that old metabolism just doesn't last (and it can happen to you TOO!). That’s how we got the name Hell Belly. Anyhoo, we got a band, a rock and roll band that sounds like a cross between Guided By Voices and A.C / D.C. It's total kick ass rock and roll played by middle aged men who still think they're in high school! We ever wear our old basket ball jerseys. It's awesome! Come on down and say hello to the drummer, ME!

Ok, I got another band that all you smartest out there might like. It's a project that me and Portland writers Mike Daily and David Moscovich put together. We don't have a name, but if you go to the link, you'll hear the first song we ever recorded. It was written for a publishing company called Fiction Collective 2. Anyway, have a listen and keep an ear out for us when we play live. I'll keep you posted.

Thanks for letting me promote my bands!


So, how did the X-Files end? I tried Googling it. Couldn't find anything.

In the hey-day, in an interview, Chris Carter said that Scully and Mulder would never get together and the show would end with Samantha being returned. We all know those two things never panned out ... or so I heard. I gave up after they moved the filming to LA, and watched half-heartedly (like watching a best friend destroy themselves) as the show just got worse, and worse, and worse.... So painful when you compare to the voodoo chicken plant episode. The redneck mobile home park. Gone. All gone.

Ahem. OK. So, how did it end?
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Me 2

(no subject)

I will be moving back home to the Portland area which means I'm losing my walking partner. I love to walk, but I'm too lazy to go by myself. Is there anyone near North Portland that would be interested in walking with me? I hope to start walking near the beginning of December.
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Boot Specialist?

I am an intermediate skier and have been having problems/issues with my skiing boots. I feel like I am not
getting any better now because of it. I would like to see an expert in this field, someone who knows and specifics in skiing boots. What I am looking for is a name recommended who I should go see (with contact info
if possible), or a recommended place, that would be great. I just need to find someone who knows what he/she is doing so I can get the right equipment to make my skiing a much more comfort. Thanks!
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Where should I go?

I am going to switch to learn how to snowboard, I thought I'd have your opinion on this. What is the best mountain to start practicing on in the Mt.Hood area—Timberline, Meadows, Cooper Spur or SkiBowl?


Okay, so I have a parking question. I live on NW 20th Ave, where the cops love to ticket you and get your car towed! Ever since the first night I moved into my apartment and got my car towed, I've been overly-paranoid about parking. Anyway, I digress.

Right now, I'm scared for my car parked where it is. I have illustrations and everything. I'm the red car. There is a sign where the construction is that says "TOW AWAY ZONE ALL HOURS" in huge nasty letters with the arrow pointing away from my car. However, there is a spot on the end of the curb that is just big enough for a car! It's inbetween the parking barrier with the huge nasty sign and the edge of the driveway for this parking garage (incedentally, you have to live in the somethingoranother apartments to park there, it's not for anyone who lives on the block, or else I wouldn't be having this problem) The nearest parking spot is probably 5 blocks away. I know, not far, but it's this way every night and I'm sick of it. I'm asking you, DP, is it legal for me to park there? What would you do? Repark? Stay?
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