November 15th, 2005

Dear Smoking Portlanders..

Please Please PLEASE...stop throwing your ciggarette butts out the window and on the ground. Ciggarete butts are the leading cause in the enviroment's litter problem. Carry a plastic bag with you and put your butts in their. I know it would make things a lot better.
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who wants to go to death cab for cutie for free?

ive got two tickets to thursdays show to give to whoever wants to go and do some promotional work for dcfc and their label. you would have to show up about an hour before doors and put up posters for the new album inside the venue, on the doors, basically wherever they will let you (ill send you sticky tack to use. omg, you can even keep the leftover for yourself). afterwards, you will need to hand out promotional postcards to the kids piling out of the concert. lastly, you will need to take digital pictures of posters up and people holding their postcards.

cmon! free tickets! and you dont have to sleep with anybody!
resting in the snow

snow driving

it is nice that so many of you are into the winter sports thing. the snowboarders among you might want to make an effort to not reinforce the stereotype of recklessness by driving your vehicles a bit more carefully.

where i come from, snow is everywhere, not just on the mountains. i have driven to and from work in 2 feet of powder. this does not make me a better person, but - since i am alive to talk about it - it does make me a better snow driver.

so, here are some tips for driving for you winter sport enthusiasts out there.

1. go slow with plenty of room between cars. plenty of room means that if the car in front of you begins to spin, you will have ample time to stop. said stopping cannot be accomplished by slamming on the brakes, regardless of your abs. stopping should be accomplished by gentle tapping on the brakes.

2. very easy on the turns. spinning out of control is a very common thing, and can happen to anybody. i know how to drive in the snow, and i've done it so often that i no longer even panic, but ride it out calmly (provided there is no moron barrelling down the road behind me, in which case i'm screwed).

3. there is no race to the top, and caution and courtesy and paramount.

4. this is the place for chains - not the bloody sunset. the best reason for using chains? they require you to keep your speed below 30 mph.

5. if you find it too difficult to maintain a slow speed, put your vehicle in second gear. then, you don't have to think.

6. 4 wheel drive does not render you god-like. really. i promise. the high incidence of serious accidents involving 4wd vehicles indicates that many people think they are. learn from this, folks.

7. if you lose control of your vehicle (if you start to spin out or slide around), pop that fucker into neutral . every 17 year old kid in new england knows this tip, and now you do too.
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Our Citizen-Killing Cops- Now in Stoned!

Anyone seen the Orgeonian this morning? I'm already worried that unarmed peoplpe in this town seem to get killed by the cops on average of once every six months. Now I have to wonder which of Portlands Finest are stoned or high when they reach for that gun.

A sixteen year old has to be drug tested to sell me a fucking hamburger. What gives?
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have any of you ever worked at Buffalo Exchange?
bad/good experiences?

I'm thinking about applying there because I need extra $$ and I'm willing to go as far as selling my soul to the devil...(kidding of course)

for the good of the order...

this is NOT targeted at anyone in particular

but for the love of the gods would everyone take a moment to learn the difference between :

their, there and they're

your, you're, and yore the name of twitchy grammar queens and all that is holy

thank you

Just moved to Portland a couple months ago... still haven't got the hang of it.

The city seems really cool, but more often than not, my husband and I end up watching movies at home with the cat. I can't exactly drink or party (as I'm pregnant), but I imagine there's cool stuff to do. I'm getting tired of spending so much time at home. We used to play pool where we used to live, but it seems like all the billiards places are bars, and allow smoking inside, which I can't really handle for too long. We've been to Harvey's comedy club a few times, and that's fun, but a little expensive (even if you don't drink)... I'm pretty open minded, I just want to get out and enjoy myself, without necessarily driving around for an hour trying to figure out what's around.

Any suggestions?

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Traffic Shmaffic. Please do not move here.

Everone complains about the traffic, but nobody does anything about it.
Here is a nifty link to help you be prepared for your Portland-Metro commute. A coworker pointed this out to me recently. Although it does nothing to ease the actual traffic congestion, it prepares me for sitting in traffic for an hour just to go twelve miles!
I love you, Portland.

Halloween pictures, anyone?

I recall that, a while back, someone suggested that there be a thread made after Hallowe'en to showcase folks' costumes. Since I haven't seen one yet, I hope that no one minds if I take the liberty to make one.

As far as my costume goes, I'm dressed as Baron Samedi, loa of the dead in Voudou.

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Let's see some other nifty costume pictures!
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My mom knows of someone who has recently come to this country from Thailand and knows very little English. This person is having a hard time adjusting to being in her new home. If anyone knows of some Thai community groups in the area (or any other resources that you think would be helpful for this person,) please let me know, so I can pass them along to my mom. Specifically, this person is in Clark county, but anything nearby would be helpful.